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The Health Care Guardian is Fitness enthusiasts; we should not be considered “law” because science is progressing at a rate at which we cannot keep up; make sure the data is up to date, and if you have any questions, leave us a comment. Starting to write a blog about health and happy living and wellness of humans is a great challenge and also a responsibility.

The aim is implicit in the subject of the blog, there is probably nothing more exciting or take away more hours of sleep than health, ours and that of loved ones around us, it is a field so rich and full of nuances that his knowledge about health is complicated and it is not possible to do it in any other way than with responsibility, clarity, and caution.

We would like this to be a different blog to those that, want to be healthy and finding some or other difficulties to have a regular healthy habits, are more abundant on the web, that is, not a site to look for symptom collections, but to have a better life living based on what has been reading, who already exists a high figure, own a doctor, which, not far, we intend to replace.

No, instead, we would like this to be a place where you can find health tips and peace, and organic living. Practical tricks and natural tips that allow you to maintain your general state of health, feel good and thus, incidentally, contribute to your day-to-day happiness.

The three Areas, in which we will go further investigation into future articles, to keep in good shape and healthy living are the following:

Healthy Food: “We are what we eat” ? that in a literal way, we end up becoming a faithful reflection of our food. A balanced healthy diet, plentiful in vitamins, varied and without excesses is the first step to be healthier .

Regular activity and Exercise: The current pace of life, with its subsequent stress and subsequent fatigue, often prevents us from doing the fitness sport we need, physical activity is essential to maintain a correct physical and mood. It is not that we impose a training that leads us to have a healthy life, that our only daily exercise is to lift the command to see that they put us in the first place than others.

Sound sleeping: Sleep and sleep well enough hours and with enough quality to recover and face the next day. Numerous studies show that the dream, or rather the lack thereof, has a definite influence on the daily routine, which becomes more irascible, shortens life, and is related to numerous pathologies.

Organic Plantation at home: Production of organic plants for healthy living, whose general purpose was to establish the production of natural plants and the conversion of conventional crops for the homely export market, in small farmers region at home.

The main aim of the The Health Care Guardian was to develop an alternative for the production of an organic plantation at home contributing to improving economic profitability themself and also the fresh and natural veggies for consumption, and the support of the Agricultural Research Institute June 2020