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Best Big Brain Time Habits That Anyone Can Practice Right Away

Give And Maintain Big Brain Time

In recent years, there has been an increase in the movement to focus on the power of the “brain,” called “big brain time.”  The main focus was to train the brain with games and quizzes and “brain fitness” that activates the brain with moderate exercise.

Among them, Michelle Schoffro Cook, a well-known nutrition consultant in the United States, advocated “the era when we train the brain with food.” Their research on diets improved brain performance from data on brain science and nutrition. They released a book, “The Complete Diet for the Brain,” which explains the contents.

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He also points out the need to develop a “habit of maximizing the brain” by means other than dietary content while training the brain with diet.

This big brain time, we will introduce an excerpt of this “habit 12 that makes the brain in the best condition” that even busy business people can immediately practice.

Sleep, meditation, games. the habit of “getting the best out of your brain” that anyone can challenge right away

improve your memory

1. Make a super brain with more than 8 hours of sleep a day

Sleeping alone makes your brain healthy, and a lack of sleep reduces your memory. If you can’t sleep well, eat dinner 3 hours before bedtime, and avoid electrical appliances that use blue light such as TVs and smartphones before bedtime.

3. Learn new things and improve your memory

By challenging something that uses your head, you can connect your brain cells and improve your memory. The recommendation is to review the foreign language you once learned. When it is in a foreign language, it strengthens the connections between the brains that will not use normally.

3. Overcome Helicobacter pylori with natural antibacterial substances

Helicobacter pylorus is an infectious bacteria, but in recent years it is associated with cognitive decline and dementia.  It is more effective to use sugar-free cranberry juice, a “natural antibacterial substance,” probiotics “LC1 lactic acid bacteria”, oregano oil, turmeric, etc. together with drug treatment.

4. Do something different than usual to increase big brain time cell connections

You don’t have to try anything extreme. For example, just going home on a different path will make your brain cells strengthen and connect them. Also, small changes such as making your first dish, talking to someone you meet for the first time, going to a museum, or starting a lesson will create a new circuit in your brain and improve your memory.

5. Picking buds of stress to protect the condition of the big brain time

When stress becomes chronic, brain energy will reduce, and memory is impaired. For the brain, it is essential to make “time to do nothing” rather than cramming work and personal schedules. Those who say, “I’m too busy to make that time” should slow down.

6. Prepare the environment of the intestine, which is the second big brain Time to concentrate

A healthy balance of intestinal flora is a guide to determining good memory and resistance to brain disease. In addition to taking probiotic supplements such as Lactobacillus Plantarum, which proving to be effective in improving abilities, we also recommend kimchi, which is rich in probiotics.

7. Improve big brain time and health with Tai Chi and Qigong

According to a University of Florida study, people who incorporated tai chi into their lives had a less cognitive decline. According to the University of Bonn, Germany, Qigong helped improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Both have the effect of adjusting the functions of not only the brain but also the internal organs.

8. Enjoy the various benefits of meditation in engaging with big brain time

Meditation has the effect of suppressing brain-damaging stress and the resulting stress hormones. It has also been found that four areas of the brain are affected, increasing blood flow to the brain. Start by meditating in a quiet place, taking a slow, deep breaths for 10 minutes a day.

9. Improve your memory with stretching and aerobic exercise make a part in big brain Time

Stretching and aerobic exercise have the effect of improving long-term and short-term memory. According to the University of Hamburg, the short-term memory of subjects who stretched for a certain amount of time each week increased. Long-term memory of residents who are exercising cycling for 1-2 hours a week increased after six months. As a guide, stretch for 1 hour on the 2nd floor a week or aerobic exercise for 1 hour or more twice a week.

10. Improve your concentration with games and puzzles

Games and puzzles enhance short- and long-term memory, information retention, and concentration. Even people with brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury can improve cognitive function by participating in memory games and computer-based brain training programs. Also, games and puzzles have the effect of relieving stress.

11. Grow your brain big by walking in a big brain time

Walking at a snappy pace and moderate jogging three times a week for 40 minutes effectively suppressed the adverse effects of dementia. Games and puzzles are suitable for your brain but don’t just stay in your room, make a habit of walking to nearby places in your neighborhood. If you’re commuting by car or public transport, try to find a section you can walk to, or try to use stairs instead of elevators or escalators at stations and businesses.

12. Be careful not to overeat and protect your big brain time

Studies have shown that overeating can lead to memory loss and cognitive impairment. Try to reduce the amount of serving, and avoid buffets, and restaurants with free replacements. It is also significant to eat with someone or while watching TV.

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