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Training for Your Back Workout with Bands at Home
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Best Resistance Band: Back Workout With Bands at Home

Five simple Back Workout With Bands that you cannot miss. It is relatively complex to work the muscles of the back from home if you do not have the material.

So, for this, we recommend that you try to acquire the cheapest and at the same time most versatile: elastic bands.

If you have rubber bands, congratulations; you will be able to carry out a great workout for your back. If you don’t have them, what are you waiting for to get one?

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Exercises for your Back Workout With Bands

back workout with bands1

Seated row to work the latissimus, Doris

Sit on a relatively comfortable surface that allows you to have your legs extended. Run the rubber over the soles of your feet and hold it so that you hold the ends with your hands while you remain seated.

You do not need to be tense, but you should respect the natural curvature of the back to avoid discomfort. From that position, pull the rubber bands towards your hips causing muscles like your latissimus dorsi to activate to cause shoulder extension.

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Standing 90-degree rowing

Rowing at 90º is a similar exercise to the previous one, with the difference that in this case we will work standing up, and we will continue with the hips flexed and with the knees also slightly flexed.

The movement will be the same as the previous one, although this time the demand at the core level will be greater, so we will have to control our breathing a bit more and we will try to inspire while our arms go down and inspire while our arms go up.


Pulls to the chest

To carry out the pulls to the chest we will need a high place that helps us to support the rubber. If we don’t have any, we can simply use a door frame. And kneel down so the rubber tightens and the range of motion is considerable.

In this exercise, it is convenient that we pull the rubber leaning slightly backward so that we want the rubber to go down towards our clavicle, and not towards our head.


back workout with bands 2

Band pull apart for deep Back Workout With Bands

The band pulls apart is a very useful exercise to slightly correct the possible excessive internal rotation of the shoulder. And also to adequately recruit the deep muscles of our back and our posterior deltoids.

To carry it out, we will have to stand up, adopt a cross posture with semi-flexed arms, and pull back as if we wanted to carry them toward the back. It is an exercise for which you should use a low-resistance rubber.

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Standing pullover to activate the lats

The pullover is an excellent exercise for back work because it allows a fairly high activation of the back. That will also coincide with the point of maximum tension of the rubber.

Once we have placed the rubber on a raised surface, we will have to adopt a good posture. And to carry it out it will be convenient for us to lean forward.

The closer we bring the hip to 90º flexion, the greater range of motion we will have available. Once we have reached that position, we will try to stretch the handles of the rubber toward our hips with a diagonal movement.

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