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Effects and Usage OG Kush Strain By THCG
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Let’s Talk About the Effects and Usage OG Kush Strain By THCG

Most cannabis smokers swear by the og kush strain. Gone are the days when people used to frown upon weed smokers. Scientific research has shown that marijuana and its product are all safe with few side effects. There are different weed strains on the market today. The three most common are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid.

Origin of OG Kush

If you are not new to smoking cannabis, then you must have heard about the OG kush strain. If you haven’t, worry no more. In this OG kush review, we will discuss OG kush. As mentioned before, OG kush is considered the crème of all weed strains. Research has shown that other than its calming effects, OG kush has some medicinal properties.

It also has an earthy flavor, which makes it deliver a feeling of comfort. In short, OG kush is the perfect option if you are looking for a weed strain to manage your anxiety levels without any side effects. The strain is available in multiple flavors with the most common being lime, lemon, and citrus.

Effects and Usage

Most people classify the OG kush strain as a blend of both Indica and Sativa. There isn’t adequate research about its genetic origin. One thing that has made the og kush strain famous is its high THC potency, which is said to have massive medicinal benefits. The strain has a unique earthy scent, which some equate to that of when rain hits the earth.

OG kush is one of the most expensive weed strains available thanks to its flavors and potential health benefits. It is always in high demand in most dispensaries and weed shops.

Research claims og kush has a pain-numbing effect for patients struggling with chronic illnesses. It helps reduce pain in the affected parts while also helping the users relax. However, a high dose of og kush isn’t the best option if you’re using it to manage depression or anxiety. The reason is that og kush has is rich in THC. The og kush strain does a wonderful job in managing insomnia. Smoking og kush can help fight sleeping problems without any side effects.

When using og kush, keep in mind that it has high THC potency. As such, if you overuse or abuse it, you will experience some side effects such as anxiety and euphoria. Besides that, some users report having a dry mouth after using og kush weed. But this shouldn’t be a cause of too much worry, just make sure you stay hydrated before and after smoking.

Bottom Line

The og kush strain is such a big deal. However, finding the original product can be quite a challenge. Most sellers mix it with low-quality weed strains and sell it to unsuspecting customers. You must do your research when looking for the right vendor. There are plenty of online weed shops and dispensaries that sell high-quality og kush. Make sure you read client reviews and ask for referrals from fellow weed smokers.

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