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Important 10 Steps To Introduce The Routine To Children

The psychiatrist and educator for children mentioned in their books that “ the daily routine is for children what walls are for a house, it gives them borders and dimension to life. No kid is agreeable in a circumstance where they don’t have the foggiest idea of what’s in store. The routine normal gives a conviction that all is good. The setup routine provides a feeling of request from which opportunity will conceive.

It is necessary to establish limits for young children for their emotional and personal development (responsibility, security) and at the brain level. Our brain is plastic, and learning in small but continuous doses has a more significant impact than large but occasional doses.

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How Can We Get Into the Routine?

  1. The sooner you start, the better! On the off chance that we stand by until our little ones are of school age to build up their daily practice, it will be significantly more challenging for us to break “unfortunate quirks.”
  2. You are their model. Never forget that an essential part of human learning is observation. Therefore, if he lives in a routine family climate, it will be much easier for him to establish his routine.
  3. Load up on antidotes to possible future complications. Take some time to reflect and fill in the table below for each situation that may arise. Remember that it is always advisable to have our recipe book for the difficult moments of the day.
  4. Sunday, the perfect day to plan your week: Set aside time on Sunday afternoon to plan your week JOINTLY (our little one likes to feel like a protagonist). But how to do it?

Use a large poster board and list all the activities that you have to do each day for Routine:

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Keep in mind:

  • Before starting, explain why his routine is necessary for him. In this way, he will give him meaning and responsibility.
  • It is vital that it is steady. For example, activities like homework or the daily Smart tick session should be at the same time every day.
  • Realistic and flexible hours.
  • At the end of the day, check together if he has met his daily challenge. If so, reward him with 1 point (we can replace it with stickers). Always positive reinforcement!
  • Establish together your weekly prize if you get your 5 points (for example, going to the movies, a special snack, etc.).
  • Reserve a space for their fun activities. It is essential!
  • Put your poster board in a conspicuous place. This way you can see it every day and know what activities you have to do at all times.
  • Special stopwatch. Always use the exact stopwatch to mark your time. It is a good idea that anyone is the one who chooses it, and only this can use to establish their daily routines.
  • Constantly use express like “First X habit  then Y habit.”
  • Last 5 minutes! Let your child know five minutes before the change of activity.
  • Use the “Turtle Technique” for your moments of frustration. Because not everything is rosy, therefore, in times of loss of control (wanting to spend more time in an activity, not wanting to do homework.), you must have your weapons to impose yourself on the situation. This technique teaches children to relax and promote self-control.
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It Consists of 4 Straightforward Steps for Routine:

  • Celebrate your weekly challenge on Fridays. The final count arrives. If you have achieved all the points for the week, it is time to reward you for your excellent work and responsibility.
  • Make changes from time to time. Not every week should be the same. There must be some slight changes so as not to fall into monotony and fulfill the inflexible goals.

But remember. It is an extended way to generate habits and routines in your beloved children. You will require a hefty dose of patience and family work for the result to be successful.

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