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Tricks for Growing Rose Plants in Your Home Garden
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Tricks for Growing Rose Plants in Your Home Garden

In today’s article, we dedicate our space to talk about one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, Growing Rose Plants, and tricks to grow them.

We will talk about rose cultivation, how to care for roses, the possibility of growing roses in pots, how to care for rose bushes from pests. A base that will help you grow roses in your garden and make them grow strong and full of life.

Some Curiosities About Growing Rose Plants

Some Curiosities About RosesWe all know how to recognize a rose with the naked eye, but did you know that there are more than 30,000 different kinds of roses? The rose is the flower par excellence, that flower that has been with us for hundreds of years and that has hundreds of thousands of followers in all countries.

The rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world; many professional horticulturists spend years working to create their ideal variety rose, that perfect rose with unique qualities of texture, aroma, and color.

There are several ways to classify roses, although one of the most widespread is to use time by dividing between old roses – those roses that were cultivated until 1867 – and new or modern roses – roses that began to be creating and cultivating from 1867.

Another way of classifying roses is establishing, taking into account their way of being born and growing: wild – those that grow in nature without human intervention – and garden , those roses that create with certain conditions of irrigation, control temperature, substrate.

Some of the best known wild roses would be, for example, the damascene rose, the canine rose, or the gallica rose . You examples of roses creates in a controlling manner would see varieties of Chinese pink, tea rose, Rosa alba and many more.

A third way to classify wonderful roses is more widely available to new garden and garden enthusiasts: by their color. From this point of view, we find the demanded red roses with varieties such as Dallas or Red Velvet; the delicate pink roses such as Vivaldi or Versilia; the beautiful white roses like Virginia or Ariana; the original two-tone roses such as Simona and Candia.

 Growing Rose Plants In Right Way

The Cultivation of the RoseKnowing how to plant roses at home and, most importantly, how to care for rose bushes, so they don’t last four days is that secret that we all would like to discover, right? Well nothing, let’s do it, let’s see some questions and answers about how to care for the rose bushes in our pots, urban garden or garden.

When are rose bushes planted?

Roseroot ball can plant in virtually any season of the year. However, rose experts advise that it be planted in spring, that season of the year with a mild and temperate climate.

They also advise that the soil be treated and disinfecting before planting the roses to avoid pests that can contaminate our flowers from the beginning.

What is the Ideal Temperature for Roses?

There are several varieties of roses, and each variety is different from others, it is difficult to affirm an average temperature which prefers by these plants firmly. In any case, most of the rose bushes develop better in temperate climates with night temperatures that do not drop below 14 or 15 degrees Celsius and with daytime temperatures below 27 or 28 degrees Celsius.

How Much do you Have to Water the Rose Bushes?

Most roses do not need too much water to grow strong and healthy. Not to thirst our roses and not flood them with water and wait for it to evaporate by magic since Excess water can cause fungi and other pests to reproduce.

The good idea is to mulch around our rose bushes and water the soil abundantly once a week. Another possibility is to install drip irrigation systems that keep our roses well hydrated.

Roses don’t need a special type of water either except if you are thinking of submitting them to a contest.  If you have the possibility of extracting irrigation water from an artesian well full of fresh and pure water.

How much light should the roses receive?

Most of the most cultivated roses develop the better, the greater amount of sunlight they receive. Of course, care must be taken in the summer since the temperature can increase a lot and damage our roses.

Caring  for Rose Bushes from Pests And Growing Rose Plants 

Caring  for Rose Bushes from PestsLike any plant, rose bushes expose to the attack of garden pests that can make them sick and end their lives.

The most frequent pests to which our roses are usually expose:


that arise mainly from excess moisture on the ground, from water accumulated between the leaves of our rose bushes and some other insects.

Red spider:

The red spider plague is one of the most feared by horticulturists because of the serious damage these bugs do to rose bushes and how quickly the damage spreads. The most effective way to prevent this plague is to keep our rose bushes well hydrated and spray them at least twice a month.

Green aphid:

One of the most frequent pests of our roses is a tiny green insect that mainly attacks the buds of future flowers. A fairly effective homemade trick to remove the aphid from our roses is to prepare garlic water and sulfate the roses.

Preparing garlic water is very simple: mash five or six cloves of garlic very well and bring them to a boil in a liter of water. When the water is warm, you just have to strain it, and you have already prepared your special homemade sulfate to combat the aphid on the roses.

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