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Positioning and Design of an Aquarium at Home to Get Good Luck
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Positioning and Design Benefits of an Aquarium at Home to Get Good Luck

Placing and Benefits of an Aquarium in your home or office is a powerful way to bring prosperity and good luck chi into your space. Having fish in your home can be beneficial for getting the positivist and happiness and good luck.

Benefits of Having an Aquarium

Benefits of having an aquarium

An aquarium with a approach has the potential to have many positive benefits. However, you must adequately position and care for the aquarium to attract the positive flow of energy. With the correct placement, configuration, and care, the aquarium is a perfect combination of harmony and balance.

Movement and Flow of Water

An aquarium brings more than beauty to a home. Water symbolizes the flow of life, growth, and activities of living beings. The movement and sounds of bubbling water as it moves through the fish tank are activated and increase the positive energy of the area that brings good fortune, wealth, and abundance.

Additional Benefits of a Fish Tank According to Experts 

  • Aquarium will help to create moisture in the air where ever it is located in the room, making it Dry free.
  • And it has the power of revitalizing the energy by activating the stagnant and inactive, because of moving water

Where to Place the Aquarium

where to place and not to place an aquarium

It is essential to place an aquarium in the proper location. An easy way to identify the appropriate areas of your home is by using a Bagua diagram.

  • The southeast section of your home is the best location for a fish tank. It is the traditional area that activates wealth and prosperity luck.
  • North or east locations are also suitable for a house. The north represents the luck of the race, and the east represents the luck of health.
  • Set up an aquarium to block the lousy chi, or negative chi, of exterior structures with sharp corners, such as a fence, bridge, or corners of another house.
  • A fish tank placed under a beam reduces stress and mental pressure.

Where not to Place an Aquarium

There are some places where you should never locate an aquarium rules dictate that the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and center of the home are unlikely places for aquariums.

  • The kitchen is not at all the right place for the aquarium, as the fire element is strong in this room, and the water destroys the fire.
  • Don’t put an aquarium in the bedroom. The yang energy of the water and the swimming fish generate too much yang energy for a restful sleep.
  • Don’t put an aquarium in the center of a house. The earth element governs this sector, and the earth destroys the water. This conflict could create conflict within the family and disrupt the family’s abundance.
  • Do not install an aquarium in a bathroom. The wastewater generated in this room is not conducive, and the aquarium will increase negative energy.

The Five Elements in Benefits of an Aquarium

Five elements

When the five elements are present and interact with each other, they are the perfection of chi energy.

  • Water:The water element is the water in the aquarium.
  • Earth:The substrate material represents the earth element. The material can be one or a mixture of stone, earth, gravel, or sand.
  • Fire:The lighting or the fish in the aquarium represent the element of fire. Fish of the following colors represent fire, red, gold, yellow, and orange.
  • Metal:The metallic element is present in most aquarium frames. Two other ways to incorporate the metal element are to place old copper coins under the tank substrate material and add gold-colored fish, such as the golden Arowana or the goldfish. Protect your fish by sealing the coins in a zippered plastic bag.
  • Wood:the element of wood is represented by plants that grow in the aquarium or by decorative driftwood for aquariums.

Does the Shape of the Aquarium Matter?

Shape of aquarium

The shape of your aquarium doesn’t matter as much as having healthy fish and maintaining a clean fish tank. If you want to reinforce the look of the aquarium, you can select a suitable shape.

Rectangular Aquariums

Most of the aquariums sold are rectangular shapes. This shape represents wood, and water nourishes wood in the production cycle. You can place this aquarium in the two wooden sectors of the east and southeast.

Irregularly Shaped Aquariums

Some irregularly shaped aquariums can be fascinating and add a unique design feature to your room. This type of aquarium, especially if it is a wavy shape, is auspicious since this shape represents water.

Round Aquariums

Some experts like the shape of a round aquarium for the northern sector, as this shape represents metal. Metal attracts water, which is the governing element of the northern sector. Some practitioners favor this form of the aquarium for the northern sector.

Inappropriate forms of Aquarium

While the square shape represents earth and the triangle shape represents fire, these shapes are not suitable for a water element environment. Both form a conflict of elemental energies. In the destructive cycle, water destroys fire and earth destroys water.

The Best type of Fish for Benefits of an Aquarium

gold fish or red fish

The lucky number of fish in an aquarium is nine. Traditionally, many practitioners recommend placing five gold or red fish in the tank with one black fish. Most of the negative energy will observe by black fish before it reaches you. Goldfish are one of the most popular and common types of fish for fish tanks. Goldfish are generally colorful, hardy, and cheap. Also popular, but very expensive, are Arowana, the purest Arowana, and dragonfish. You can use any redfish instead of a goldfish if you prefer.

Fish Colors

You are not limited to the colors and numbers of fish, but you certainly want to include them in your aquarium. You can add other fish colors, like white, green, blue, and yellow. When adding goldfish, keep in mind the properties assigned to each color, such as blue being the color assigned to the northern sector (water).

Fish Number and Colors

The total of eight gold or redfish with one black creates an auspicious combination of number nine. Nine is the number of prosperity, good fortune, and longevity. If you want to add other fish, you can add based on your lucky number applications, such as lucky bamboo plants. Another method would be to use only multiples of nine.

Aquarium Accessories for a Suitable Design

Aquarium accessories for a suitable design

The same rules that apply to your home should apply to your aquarium setup. You don’t want to create a messy look with all kinds of accessories scattered around the aquarium floor.

  • If you want decorative items, then opt for just one or two, such as a pagoda tower (luck of education) or a chest full of jewelry and coins (luck of wealth).
  • Live plants are more conducive than plastic ones but will require more maintenance.
  • You can use any color of gravel, but if you want to adhere to the color rules, opt for blue gravel in the north sector and green in an east or southeast sector.
  • The top aquarium light is an excellent complement that will attract auspicious chi energy.

Benefits of an Aquarium and Maintenance

It is vital that you keep your aquarium clean. If you allow your aquarium to become contaminated and the algae begin to grow, your fish will die. Also, the sector where you have placed the aquarium will be negatively affected, such as health (east), wealth (southeast), and career (north).

Sick and Dead Fish

Fish get sick and die, like any other living creature. There are specific rules that govern these instances.

  • If any of your fish get sick, you should remove them and place them in a separate fish tank until you heal them and until they are healthy again.
  • You must remove the dead fish from the aquarium as soon as you discover them.
  • Dead fish should replace as soon as possible.
  • It is quite common for black fish (protector against negative chi) to die more often than red or goldfish and need to replace immediately.

Choose the Location and Design to get Benefits of an Aquarium

Once you decide on the best location and design for your aquarium, you should focus your attention on cleaning. Keeping your aquarium clean, beautiful, and well-taking care helps your fish stay happy and healthy, thereby improving your energy.

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