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Natural way of  Gardening in your home may be more easy way you might have thought,  natural vegetables to grow in your home and the benefits they can bring you will be more.

Most of the people in the world want to grow their vegetables.

Among them, celebrities such as the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, always busy in creating her organic garden,  and “promoting healthy eating

This agricultural passion had shown the ways to people in Hollywood in recent years: actors such as Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, or Julia Roberts claim to have their garden. Others who have their crops are singers Alejandro Sanz and Shakira.

As the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says, home gardens “are becoming an increasingly crucial second source of food and income for low-income families in rural areas. urban and peri-urban areas. ”

Indeed, in addition to the benefits associated with gardening – both physical and mental – growing your garden can help you eat healthier and spend less money.

1.Tomatoes are good VEGETABLES TO GROW

TomatoesThis fruit, initially from Ecuador, Peru, and northern Chile, which despite being a fruit, most people consume it as a vegetable, is one of the most natural foods to grow and is generally shared among those who begin in the adventure of creating a home garden.

The tomatoes which we grow at home compare with markets have a lot of differences in the taste and the nutrition in them, It is a source of high amount of  essential vitamins like A, C, E and nutrients like potassium and phosphorus and added to that it has the antioxidants and helps in preventing chronic diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes, or cancer.

It is important to plant it deeply as it develops long and abundant roots. And the leaves closest to the ground are prone to disease, so they should maintain correctly and regularly, and should be removed periodically.


CarrotsAnother of the most natural vegetables to grow, and with high nutritional properties, is carrot. Although once they start to grow, the risks can be taken care of earlier. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.

It is often said that it is good for the eyes, but, also, if  we eat it raw strengthens the teeth and gums. It also helps fight constipation and invigorates tired minds. They can show throughout the year and grow without great difficulty.


PepperThe most suitable time to grow peppers in the spring season, because it loses its moisture in the cols season. Sun light is necessary to grow peppers, seeds should plant at a distance between 40 and 50 centimeters and maintaining constant irrigation.

Peppers – green, red, and yellow contain nutrients such as fol-ate, thiamine, and vitamins C and B6  and manganese, and fiber; it also includes acid-like substance capsaicin which helps in treating analgesic effects.

4. Spinach

SpinachSpinach is relatively easy to grow at home. They can grow in small orchards, of  30 centimeters apart, or by spreading the seeds in planters.

It prefers rich and moist soils, although it can grow in any type of soil, with enough organic matter. It is a very advisable food because of its high nutritional level, but it’s not recommend in high consumption, since it has oxalic acid, which can lead to kidney stones.

However, it has many advantages and is a significant anti-inflammatory. It has neurological benefits and helps reduce blood pressure and improve the immune system and metabolism. It can survive winter and can consume in spring.


PeasPeas will provide many minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron), fibers, carbohydrates, sugars, and proteins, as well as vitamins A, C.

It is a food suitable for diabetics and helps reduce cholesterol. It also has a calming effect, beneficial to the nervous system, and falls asleep.

They can grow mainly in spring and cold climate, without too much heat, and in all types of soils.

Besides, we will improve the soil structure by fixing nitrogen, so you can continue to expand your home garden.

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