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Do you want to increase your arms  and biceps diameter? Do you want to know how to look hardened arms? If your answers are yes, look no further because this is your article. Biceps and triceps come into play in this express arm training plan in which, in four weeks, all the shirts will fit you well.

To offer you the best training that allows you to achieve your goals, we have spoken with personal, who has already collaborated with us on other occasions.

Biceps and Triceps Exercise

That the arm is made up of two main muscles, which are the biceps and triceps, several times, I have come across athletes who want to increase the volume of the arms and focus on training only the biceps. In these cases, I comment that the biceps occupy 1/3 part of the arm and the triceps 2/3. That is, if you want to increase the diameter of your arms, you should give the same priority to the triceps as to the biceps.

Since our objective is to increase muscle mass, we must train at high intensities with low repetition volumes. Therefore I recommend performing a series of 10 to 8 repetitions, reaching muscle failure in each row.

Breaks Between BICEPS AND TRICEPS workout Sessions

Another equally important point to achieve our goal is that we must respect the breaks between sessions. As the biceps and triceps are small muscles that are activated when we perform many joint exercises of the dorsal, chest, and three muscles, Hence we must maintain 48 hours of rest between strength training sessions for these muscles. If you want, you can do leg training between upper limb muscles and focused arms.

Another recommendation is not to perform the arms routine that I am going to present to you twice a week so as not to create an overload since you must work in a balanced way your body also stimulating the other muscles of the upper limb, which as I have commented previously They do activate the biceps and triceps.

The routine will have series resting between series and series for two minutes, to recover our muscles at the beginning of each line without having excessive accumulated fatigue. We will train the first two weeks at ten repetitions and the next two at eight repetitions each series. Above all, remember, if you want to have the desired results, it leads to muscle failure in each row but with a perfect technique to avoid injury.

General Warm-Up before BICEPS AND TRICEPS Workouts

I also recommend that one week starts with biceps and the next week with triceps, so we give the same emphasis to both muscles. Think that in the course of training, our performance decreases, therefore the second muscle to be stimulated will always have a lesser stimulus due to some accumulated fatigue.

It’s time to show you the main part of arms training. Before, you must perform a general warm-up to increase body temperature and then go to a specific introduction when you start to stimulate a new muscle group, performing a series of 20 repetitions at low intensity and then an approximate 15 repetitions, slightly increasing the power.

The routine consists of 3 exercises for each muscle with a three sets exercise, that is, a total of 9 sets per muscle.


  • “Z” bar elbow flexion
  • Elbow flexion on a pulley with a straight bar
  • Biceps concentrated on 75º bench with a dumbbell


  • Pulley elbow extension
  • French press with dumbbells
  • Transducer dumbbell elbow extension

Below I will explain the correct technique for each exercise:

Elbow flexion with “Z” bar:

Elbow flexion with Z barStanding up with a slight knee and hip flexion, keep your elbows in the midline of your body throughout the entire journey. Perform an elbow flexion with a grip of the hands at the width of your shoulders. Your back should be elongated towards the sky, avoiding when you feel that you are reaching the muscular failure that your lumbar area arches.

Elbow flexion on a pulley with straight bar:

Elbow flexion on a pulley with straight bar

It is the same technique as the exercise. We can say that the difference is in the grip since the “Z” bar makes us do a little pronation of the arm, in addition to the different characteristics that training with free weight has with the pulley. You must position concerning the pulley at a distance in which the rope of the pulley must be perpendicular to the ground when the elbow flexes at 90º.

Biceps Concentrated on a Bench at 75º with Dumbbells:

Biceps Concentrated on a Bench at 75º with Dumbbells

To perform this exercise, you need a bench inclined approximately 75º. You must place the achila on the top of the bench, back of the head with the elbow also supporting the bench without raising the arm throughout the journey. Perform an extension-flexion of the elbow, ensuring that in all repetitions, the palm faces your shoulder and aligning shoulder, elbow, and hand on the same line.

Elbow Extension in Pulley for Biceps AND Triceps:

Elbow extension in pulleyThe distance between the pulley and you should be when the elbow is flexed to 90º the rope of the pulley must be located perpendicular to the ground. The elbows throughout must be in the midline of the torso (seam line of the shirt) without moving.

French Dumbbell Press Biceps And Triceps :

Freanch Dumbbell press

Lie down on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Your elbows should face forward with your arms parallel without opening your elbows outward. Flex the elbow until the palm of the hands reaches the line of your ears and fully extend the elbow leaving the entire arm perpendicular to the ground.

Transducer Dumbbell Elbow Extension:

Transducer Dumbbell Elbow ExtensionStanding, hold a dumbbell with both hands, placing the palms of the hands facing the sky and with the arms perpendicular to the ground above the head and the arms parallel throughout the journey.

Flex your elbow until you feel your triceps stretch, then extend your elbow until your arms fully extended. Tighten your abs well so that your lower back does not arch and try to keep your shoulders away from the ears without bringing your head forward.

I hope that with the arms routine and the recommendations provided, you develop your arms to your goals that you have set for yourself. “

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