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10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Sticks, Properties, And Uses
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10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Sticks, Properties, And Uses

Cinnamon sticks spice extracts from the inner bark of a tree, “Cinnamomic,” has been consumed since ancient times and has always been highly appreciated in the kitchen. Cinnamon (“Cinnamomic zeylanicum”) attributes to health benefits that have to do with its antioxidant character thanks to its content in flavonoids (catechins).

Its antibiotic character ( antimicrobialantifungal, and antiviral ) is also investigating due to its aldehyde content, such as cinnamaldehyde (responsible for its original smell and taste), eugenol, cinnamic acid, linalool, farnesyl, and safrole. It causes it to be used sometimes for preservation purposes in processed foods (either technological or culinary).

Its ability to help inhibit the build-up of protein in the brain promotes the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Another of its qualities is its gastroprotective, immunomodulatory activity, the ability to regulate blood pressure, and control blood sugar and lipid levels.

It stands out for its calcium and potassium content, although it also contains iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium. In addition, it provides vitamin A, vitamin C, and folic acid.

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Is It an aphrodisiac?

The alleged aphrodisiac properties of cinnamon are not scientifically proven, nor is there evidence to associate taking cinnamon with Pereda weight or thinning. Experts say that it is a food myth that is reactivated from time to time.

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Types and uses of Cinnamon Sticks

There are two product classifications: Ceylon and Cassia. It uses as an ingredient in all kinds of dishes, both sweet and savory. It can be part of meat stews (pork, beef, and poultry) or accompany desserts, milk, yogurts, vegetable drinks, or fruit compotes. Its use is also usually related to preparing sweets such as puff pastry, cookies, Quesada, custard, rice pudding, and French toast. It is common in dishes of Arab and Asian culture. It can eat raw or ground.

Cinnamon is a fragrant flavoring that comes from the bark of a tree called cinnamon. This zest utilizes as a powder or on a stick to plan different culinary dishes since it gives a sweet touch to suppers, and it can likewise be set up as a tea or utilizes as a color.

Regular utilization of cinnamon alongside a sound and adjusted eating routine could give different medical advantages, for example,

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10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Sticks,  And Uses

  1. Help control diabetes by improving the utilization of sugar;
  2. Improve stomach related issues like gas, uncontrollable issues and treat loose bowels because of their antibacterial, antispasmodic, and mitigating impact;
  3. Reduce weariness and improve temperament by expanding protection from stress;
  4. Help battle cholesterol and fatty oils because of the presence of cancer prevention agents;
  5. Help in processing, particularly when blended in with nectar. Since nectar has proteins that work with assimilation and cinnamon has an antibacterial, antispasmodic, and calming impact;
  6. Fight respiratory lot contaminations, as it has a drying impact on the mucous films and is a characteristic expectorant;
  7. Decrease the hunger as it is wealthy in strands that increment the sensation of satiety. Figure out how to utilize cinnamon to get in shape;
  8. Reduce the collection of fat since it improves the affectability of the tissues to the activity of insulin;
  9. Improve personal contact since it is a love potion and improves blood course. So, expanding affectability and delight, which additionally favors sexual contact.
  10. Lower pulse, because of its mitigating and cancer prevention agent properties, loosen up veins.

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