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Gout Arthritis Symptoms Diagnosis And Treatment In Men

Today, a chronic joint disease called Gout Arthritis is widespread and occurs in approximately 0.1% of the world’s population. Mostly (in 95% of cases), the disease affects the male population aged 35-45 years, even more, this is due to genetic defects.

However, the gout is a severe systemic disease characterized by metabolic (metabolic) disorders in the body, as a result of which crystals of uric acid salts will deposit in the joints. Due to that the gout attacks all joints (knees, elbows, phalanges, hands, feet), but in most cases, while, the main focus of the lesion is the toes.

A quarter of patients, without proper treatment, develop kidney failure or urologists. A timely disease and appropriate started therapy can save the patient from the harmful effects of gout on the body.

The departments of bone specialists of the clinics are set with modern natural equipment, with highly effective new-generation pharmaceutical preparations to achieve positive therapy results. Have developed their approaches to the treatment of gout and effectively apply them, saving patients from unbearable pain and other symptoms of the disease. The right approach to the disease is the key to successful treatment.


  • Acute paroxysmal pain in joints and particularity parts;
  • Aching pain in the joints at night (at rest);
  • General weakness;
  • Itchy skin;
  • Redness of the skin around the affected area;
  • Increased sensitivity of the joint;
  • Severe edema;
  • The skin over the affected joint is hot to the touch;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Chills;
  • Fever and blood pressure;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Bouts of nausea;
  • Feeling unwell;
  • Digestive tract disorders.

Gout is formidable, and if you do not focus on the symptoms, or self-medicate pathology, then you can bring the situation to the final stage. In Addition the inflammatory process encompasses the particularity tissues, persistent deformation of the joints develops, Therefore their mobility is impaired, up to complete disability, Above all, negative effect of gout affects not only the physical condition of the patient but also on the emotional background. Many patients note that the attacks have a severe pain syndrome, not comparable to more than one pain sensation in their entire lives.

Developmental stages of Gout Arthritis

Developmental stages of gout

1. Premonitory stage

In the initial phase of the onset of gout, a blood test can show an increased content of uric acid,  if there are no symptoms. Sometimes it can shoot in the kidneys. This stage can take more than one year without pronounced symptoms but make itself felt already at a later stage. It all depends on the individual characteristics and the number of consumed products with a high content of purine compounds.

2.Intermittent stage

This stage of the disease manifests itself in the form of rotation of the first (premorbid) stage, which is symptom less, and bouts of exacerbation. This stage of gout character by episodes of sharp pain, mainly at night. The duration of an attack of pain can range from 2 to 7 days. The pain will increase and affects area swells, turning it into the red with high temperature. The attack comes to naught as suddenly as it starts.

3. The-neglected stage

This stage is the most dangerous since the amount of accumulated uric acid in the body reaches a maximum, and the kidneys can no longer cope with its excretion. The appearance of tofus will notice – nodules of diameters, formed as a result of a significant accumulation of salt crystals, localized in soft tissues near the joints. Plaques begin to appear on the skin, on the auricles, on the internal organs. With a running condition, fistulas form.

Risk group

  • Men after 40 and women after menopause.
  • Persons who consumes fatty products of animal origin.
  • People with a genetic predisposition. Be careful if any of the relatives suffered from this disease.
  • Obese patients.
  • Alcohol abusers.

Gout Arthritis Classification

Gout Classification

Primary gout

It’s due to genetic defects in the metabolic processes of uric acid, which in the process of utilization and removal of salts from the body. The reasons that triggered the attack of primary gout include obesity, alcoholism, a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, eating much food with a high content of purine bases.

Secondary gout

It can mention by the development of gout on the background of kidney diseases, tumor processes, psoriasis, blood diseases while taking certain medications (diuretics, anti-tumor, and others).

Stages of the disease

Asymptomatic hyperglycemia

As the name implies, it proceeds without symptoms. But at this time, uric acid accumulates in the body. This period ends with the first attacks of gout.

Acute gouty arthritis

First of all, the first attack of gout. Hence, it occurs due to a sharp jump in the level of uric acid in the patient’s body. As a rule, exacerbation happens at night. Probably, during the day, the attack increases and passes only after a few days

Inter-critical period

The period between exacerbation of gouty arthritis. Pain during this period is usually absent, but the joint continues to collapse. This gap is considered the most suitable for the effective treatment of gout. Chronic gouty deposits in the joints.

Appear with a high uric acid content in the blood, which persists for several years. As a result, At this time, gouty seizures become more robust, and the gaps between them become small.

The development of the disease leads to the fact that people, in the end, can not move without the help of crutches or a wheelchair

Gout Arthritis Treatments

Gout Treatments

An acute gouty attack occurs in three visits. After this, the primary treatment occurs.

After completing the full course and restoring the average level of uric acid, the patient can even afford some deviation from the prescribed diet.

A course of treatment diet for the treatment period:
Exclude the use of fatty products of animal origin, offal (canned food, sausages), carbonated drinks, alcohol.

It is necessary to consume enough water and plant products.

Drug therapy for gout aims at reducing the level of uric acid in the patient’s body, stopping the acute inflammatory process, and relieving pain.

Treatment methods are selected individually

  • Innovative drugs aimed at reducing uric acid in the patient’s blood.
  • The use of medicines absorbs the crystals in the body (tofus).
  • Specialized medications that help relieve inflammation and repair tissues.
  • Laser Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Physical activity by a doctor.

Types of Gout

Mono articular

This type of gout characterizes by the accumulation of uric acid salts in one joint. In 60% of cases, gout covers the big toe.

Poly articular

In contrast, it’s a rare form of gout, Similarly, which occurs in only 15-20% of cases in which several joints become inflamed at once. Above all, Poly articular gout is most often found in older people, even more, affecting the feet, knees, wrists, hands, or ankles at the same time.

What is dangerous Gout Arthritis

What is dangerous gout

Without adequate treatment, as a result, gout progresses rapidly, especially in patients of mature and old age, Certainly Serious complications are possible without appropriate therapy.

The main complications

Gouty arthritis

Uric acid, certainly in the form of crystals (tofus), In addition it deposited in all parts of the body, For the reason such deposits get stuck in the joints or particularize tissues, due to severe inflammation occurs, So, it leads to severe pain and fever.


Due to crystals which form with gout settle in the kidneys. Furthermore, they become the leading cause of renal failure and ultimately lead to the death of the patient

With gout, kidney stones can form at all stages of the development of the disease, excluding the first

Tips from the doctor Gout Arthritis

Tips from the doctor

  • Do not stress the affected joint. Because, it is necessary to periodically fix it in an elevated position and also apply ice for 15-30 minutes 2-3 times a day. Due to that the pain subsides.
  • Exclude aspirin.  It can cause jumps in the level of uric acid in the blood and increase seizures.
  • Regularly measure the level of uric acid  – it should not exceed 60 mg / l.
  • Every day, probably, devote at least half an hour to physical education.
  • Consequently, Drink at least two liters of clean water per day so, to reduce the effect.
  • Take a blood test to  the level of the essential minerals and vitamins.
  • If necessary,  supplement the diet with a good vitamin and mineral complex. Patients with gout need to provide themselves with vitamin C.
  • Eliminate carbonated drinks and fructose powder juices.
  • Exclude alcohol.
  • Review your diet in favor of vegetables, fruits, and cereals.
  • Animal protein per day; avoid offal and fatty sausages.

After our course of treatment, the pain w ill go away, the former mobility will return, and if you follow the doctor’s recommendations, you can forever forget about gout.

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