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Knee Scooter Buying Guide: What Scooter To Buy For An Adult?

The knee scooter and the Body Up Evolution transfer and transport system are designed to be used as scooters by people who cannot support a leg due to injury or surgery.

It is much more comfortable to walk than using two canes or crutches since the knee will support the padding and is propelling with the good leg. Thus avoiding that the arms have to bear the whole body’s weight. In addition, the user has to make less effort to move and reduces the risk of falls.

Hence, It is ideal for people recovering from foot surgery, fractures, sprains, and foot ulcers. and also suitable for some other problems like amputees.

It has an aluminum frame with steerable front wheels; brakes on both hands for added safety; central slit leg pad offers stability and comfort and can adjust in height without tools. And also, easy folding system for storage and transport; sturdy double frame adds stability and durability. Because of 8 ″ wheels ideal for indoor or outdoor use, etc.

Thanks to its system of levers and gears, its use for the caregiver is straightforward, and all this with the advantage of greater comfort for the user who does not have to be “hung” as in a traditional crane or subjected to constant and annoying transfers between the crane, house chair, shower chair, etc.

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Find the Perfect Knee Scooter for You

Avoid beginner mistakes when choosing and feel the satisfaction of having bought the best option. There is a wide variety of types of scooters for adults. And big questions you need to answer before choosing:

  1. What scooter to buy for an adult?
  2. How to choose a scooter?
  3. Which scooter is best for me?
  4. Should it have shock absorbers, front brake, suspension …?
  5. Are big or small wheels better?
  6. What are the best-selling adult scooters?

With this guide to choosing a scooter, you can find all the answers.

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How would you like your Knee Scooter to be?

Once you decide what use you will give your scooter, it’s time to determine how you would like it.

Think about what leading quality you want your scooter to have.


  1. want a skate that is comfortable to wear and doesn’t have a lot of vibration.
  2. prefer to be comfortable and not use much effort to have many features and less comfort.
  3. can give up comfort. I am looking for speed and strong emotions.
  4. want a big platform so I can take my little one with me.

Difficulty level

  1. Am I a beginner, am I a mid-level skater, am I a professional?
  2. I’m going to give it daily use, and I want it to be easy to carry.
  3. I want a sports scooter to do sports.
  4. I have never touched a skateboard, scooter, or bike in my life.

Speed ​​and speed

  1. I want him to cover a long distance with each stride.
  2. Faster Faster. I always run everywhere.
  3. I prefer to go slow and safe and move forward little by little.
  4. No matter the speed, the critical thing is to enjoy the road.

Weight and size

  1. The smaller and lighter, the better. I will take it often on the tram, train, or bus.
  2. A proper balance. I don’t want it too small or too heavy.
  3. My priority is comfort on the go. I will seldom carry it on my back.
  4. I don’t have storage space at home, and I want it to take up little space.

We have given you many options. Pick the essential feature and write it down.

You decide which quality is essential.

Now it’s time to see the technical characteristics of the scooters to know which one suits your wishes.


Technical Characteristics of two-wheeled Knee Scooter for Adults

To know which scooter meets your requirements, you have to know its technical aspects.

  • Wheels size
  • Bearings
  • Height and size of the base or platform
  • Suspensions (or lack thereof)
  • Folding system
  • Braking system: brake on the handlebar, rear, or both places
  • Accessories
  • Trademarks
  • Conclusions

Each feature contributes different things.  Below, you have a detailed explanation of how these technical characteristics influence the driver’s comfort, speed, and level.

A scooter with large scooter wheels is better for going faster and riding comfortably (with less vibration). The downside is that when it comes to transporting it, it is more uncomfortable. They take up more space because of more weight.

Table Size Of knee scooter

The size of the platform is usually proportional to the size of the wheels. The bigger the wheels, the bigger the board size tends to be and vice versa.

Larger platforms versus smaller platforms

In this case, the advantages of a large platform are the disadvantages of a smaller one and vice versa.


  • Comfort. In general, a more extensive base is more comfortable. Allows you to change the position of your feet while driving. And it is easier to get on and off the scooter.
  • Ideal for longer trips. Large wheels accompany a larger platform. Having a more extended base helps to keep a straight line with the scooter while riding. When striding, the scooter tends to meander, and the larger platform avoids this zigzag.
  • The best option to travel on a scooter with children is safe. One Saturday morning, you and your little one, enjoying a scooter ride. An unforgettable moment.


  • Greater weight and space. Having an enormous deck increases the size of the scooter. It takes up more space and also increases the final weight.
  • More effort. Due to the weight and size, more force have to use in the stride to accelerate or break the scooter.
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Break system of Knee Scooter

All scooters use the rear braking system. Some models additionally include an extra brake lever on the handlebar (the classic for bicycles).

Back brake

It is a braking system that will activate by stepping on the rear wheel fender. It causes the scooter to stop or brake

Handlebar brake

The classic bicycle braking system. The lever is located on the right side of the handlebar and operates a disc brake located on the scooter’s rear wheel.

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Handlebar brake advantages and disadvantages

You may be buying your first adult scooter, and the handlebar lever braking system is your first choice.

Before deciding, analyze the pros and cons.


  • Faster reaction time. The handlebar brake can save you time when braking hard. Reaction time is generally faster.
  • More intuitive braking for cyclists. If you come from the world of cycling, having a brake lever on the handlebar will give you security.
  • Greater stopping capacity. The disc brake can stop the scooter in a shorter time compared to the foot braking system.


  • Greater weight. Hence, the scooter’s weight will increase due to: the brake on the handlebar, the disc brake, and the brake caliper located on the rear wheel. You will lose lightness.
  • Few models. Most scooters do not include this braking system. You may have more difficulties when choosing.
  • Price increase. As you might expect, scooters with a brake lever on the handlebar have a higher cost.
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Conclusions about which scooter to buy

So, the time to make decisions and choose which scooter to buy is approaching.

Before taking the final step, analyze the conclusions.

Quality or Price?

The quality of the scooter is essential, and now you know what technical characteristics they must meet.

So, there are cheap scooters for adults, but they usually cause long-term problems.

  • Vibration and noise when driving.
  • Parts that do not fit well and require constant adjustment.
  • Low quality bearings.
  • Little comfort in driving.
  • Less stability.

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