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10 Tips To Get Educate Children On Punctuality
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10 Tips To Get Educate Children On Value Of Punctuality

Punctuality is the maintenance and thoroughness in doing things in payable time. Punctuality at school is an attitude a sign of good manners that will acquire from the first years of life through the formation of habits in the family. It is also a reflection of respect for the time of others .

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The Value of Punctuality In Children

Promoting this habit in our children and the importance of being punctual, creates in them a character of respect towards others, and of responsibility and dedication towards what they do. This behavior must be instilled from an early age by example.

Usually the first commitment children make in their early years is to get to preschool on time. Many times, sleep and laziness are obstacles for children to arrive at the indicated time

As defended by the Experts, punctuality is the care and diligence in doing things on time . Undoubtedly a virtue that in the world in which we live becomes an obligation. That is why children must give value, educating them in punctuality will mean a commitment for them to do their homework on time, arrive on time to school or catch the last bus.

For this, nothing better than to setting a model , as is notable, guardians are the mirror where their youngsters will reflects, hence, you must be capable and be timely, else it won’t be feasible to make a vocation in the reason.


Children To Be On Time

Punctuality is the care and conscientiousness in leaving at or arriving a place at the decided time. We adults are aware of the time of day we live in, and the clock is an important part of our day-to-day life in order to organize our time.

However, teaching the value of punctuality to children requires their science, since the notion of time for children is different and also, they still do not understand the operation of the clock hands.

There are some ideas that can help parents and educators to get children to be on time and do their homework on time.

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How to get children to be on Punctuality 

1- It is necessary that the child begins to appreciate the importance of doing a certain thing in a certain time. For this, it is important to dialogue with the child and make him understand, for example, that if we do not arrive at the cinema at the agreed time, the film will have started and we will not be able to see it.

2- Create routines. Routine is not only good since it helps the child feel innocuous. In addition, it helps to create habits for children. Despite not knowing how to measure time, it will guide them to know that after getting out of bed they have to wash, then get dressed, have breakfast and go to school. Little by little, they will learn that this series of small actions have to be carried out in a certain time to be able to get to school before it closes.

3- Children have to know what kind of feelings someone unpunctual triggers. An important value is teaching children not to do to others what they would not like to themselves. Therefore, they have to understand how someone feels when they wait for a person who does not come.

4- Children must teach that distractions will lead them to late . Doing a task requires your concentration, especially in childhood, where abstraction is greatest. The child will not be able to dress well and with agility. Because, if the television is on and their favorite pictures are broadcasting.

5- People learn from experience. So, although parents maintain a constant dialogue with children to educate them in values. Hence, sometimes they have to learn from their own mistakes and experience themselves what happens if they are late.

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Punctuality Teaching to Children

6- Teach punctuality to children by example. If parents tend to arrive late to places, children will not appreciate the importance of arriving at a place at the agreed time.

7- Children have to know that unpunctual people lose credibility and respect for others. If the child does not arrive on time to play his soccer game day after day. So, they may not have him for future games.

8 – Tardiness can make people lose great opportunities . Making the child understand what they can miss if they are consistently late to sites. It will help them understand the importance of this value.

9- The child has to learn that some unforeseen events. It can make someone not arrive on time or that the task is not done in the specified time. To avoid these unforeseen events. Thus, it is convenient to give each task a little more time and not rush to the last minute.

10 – Tardiness gives a bad image of oneself. An impartial person see by others as unserious or with an inability to organize their time. How others see us and that people have a moral imprint of us expresses well of us.

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