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Here Are Some Ideal Home Remedies To Heal Burns
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Here Are Some Ideal Home Remedies To Heal Burns

A burn is an injury to the skin due to contact or exposure to a dangerous agent, such as heat, cold, electricity, radiation from the sun, or certain chemicals. Here are some home remedies to Heal Burns.

The human body tolerates temperatures of up to 40º C. However, above this temperature, the skin loses its natural capacity to regenerate. Burns are very dangerous due to the complications they can cause.

How to Heal a Domestic Burn

The remedy is much simpler than we think and consists of the following steps:

  • Put the wound under a tap with warm running water, pulling it cold for ten minutes.
  • Once cooled, check for a blister, sore, or wound.
  • Take a pain reliever  and apply moisturizer to the area.
  • If there is a sore or blister, take a pain reliever and go to a pharmacy to advise us on which ointment to apply, as it may have to contain antibiotics.
  • If we see that the burn has an incidence beyond the superficial area of ​​the skin, we should not hesitate to go to the emergency room.

 Rinse the Burn

  • Rinse the burned skin with cold water until the pain stops. Generally, rinsing will stop the pain after 15 to 30 minutes. Cold water lowers the temperature of the skin and prevents the burn from getting worse. You can:
    1. Put your arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, or toes in a bowl of cold water.
    2. Apply cold compresses to burns on the face or body.
  • We should not use ice or ice water. By this, there is a chance of tissue damage.
  • Remove all jewelry, rings, or clothing items that may be in our way, or that may become too tight if your skin swells.

Clean the burn Area

  •  Don’t touch the burn with anything dirty wash your hands thoroughly before touching, because open blisters can easily be infected.
  • Do not pop blisters.
  • Gently wash the burned area with clean water. Some of the burned skin may come off with the wash. Pat the area dry with a soft cloth or gauze.
  • We have to strictly avoid butter or aerosols to burns, and It traps heat within the burn.

Bandage the Heal Burns 

  •  If burned skin or blisters that haven’t broken are likely to become dirty or irritated by clothing, put on an application.
  • If burned skin or blisters have opened, bandaging is necessary.
  • To help further reduce the chance of infection, apply a clean bandage whenever the bandage becomes dirty or wet. If an application sticks to a burn, soak it in warm water to make the dressing easier to remove.
  • Use a nonstick bandage if available. There are many bandage products on the market. Be sure to use the right kind of plaster.
  • Wrap the burn tightly to avoid applying pressure to the burned skin.
  • Do not tape a bandage around a hand, arm, or leg. It can cause swelling.

There are many types of over-the-counter burn bandages available.  Follow the instructions on the package.

Leg or arm is burnt, keep the limb elevated for the first 24 to 48 hours to reduce swelling. Move a burned leg or arm naturally to prevent burned skin from becoming too tight when healing, which can limit movement.

Here Are Some Natural and Home Remedies Heal Burns

Home Remedies to treat this type of Injury

Lavender essential oil:

Lavender Oil will provide immediate relief as the oil has analgesic and antiseptic properties. Hence, It is enough to pour a few drops on a gauze and apply it directly to the injury and replace it with a new one every two to three hours, for a couple of days. For Instance, we strictly avoid oils such as cooking oils, coconut oil, and olive oil retain heat and can even cause the skin to continue to burn.

 Honey is Useful to Heal Burns:

In addition to disinfecting wounds and healing burns, honey extracts fluids from tissues and cleans the burn area. Put honey in a cloth bandage and apply it directly to the burn; change it three to four times a day for faster healing, with less pain and scar marks.

Tea Bags Powder:

A tea bag powder can be very beneficial for minor burns. Black tea powder has tannic acid, which helps lower the heat and burning from burns. Take tea powder wrap it in a light wet cloth put them in a cup of cold water; use It cover the burn area, or put the cool, damp tea bags directly over the burn.


With astringent and antiseptic properties, In vinegar helps to treat minor burns and to prevent any type of infection. Dilute vinegar with water before using, use the solution to clean the burned area. It works as a pain reliever by covering the injured area with a cloth soaked in the mixture.  Frequently change the fabric for every three hours.

Onion juice:

Fresh onion pieces and apply on the burn; This will provide some relief and reduce blistering. Repeat the process several times a day.


Place a piece of aloe on the wound, or it better to apply a gel of aloe vera. Both contain analgesic and astringent properties, so the idea is to treat the affected area with cold water or diluted vinegar before rubbing the fresh gel on the burn. Aloe vera is perfect for scars and, therefore, also for burns. We can choose a product that has a gel texture and is light. A good option is to put that same product for a while in the fridge and apply it when it is a little cold.


Let normal and freshwater run over the burn for several times and loner minutes; Or place cold compresses on the affected area. It will help reduce the burning of the burn. Do not put ice, as it restricts the ow of blood, damaging the injured tissues.

Raw Potato Or Tomato Pisces Helps in Heal Burns:

Thanks to soothing properties and its anti-irritants, Therefore, a slice of raw potato or tomato pisces put on the burn will ensure relief on the wound. Potato juice, in contact with the skin, will relieve pain and reduce the possibility of blisters.

Tips A yogurt compress provides a layer of protein, which will help decrease heat on the skin and maintain natural moisture. For use, it should be spread on the skin and then washed with cold water.

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