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Opportunities to see the word “mental health” are increasing, and according to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s Worker Health Survey (2016), workers who feel some stress at work. Does your company have a depression employee and to guide the IMPORTANCE OF MENTAL HEALTH?

A Sickness of the Heart

A Sickness of the Heart

“Sickness of the heart” that develops due to excessive stress at the workplace can be prevented by improving the care system and management system for employees such as supervisors and colleagues.

However, mental illness is different from physical injury and disease, and it is difficult for amateurs to understand symptoms and counter measures.

If the response not attended or delayed, labor problems and lawsuits will be caused, which will have a significant impact on corporate management.

What kind of risks should managers and employees be aware and involved in corporate management and how to deal with them?

 Will refer to what is “mental health problems”?

Specifically, employees’ who’s mental health conditions is low such as depression, anxiety disorders, and psycho disorders which causing long-term employee leave, or retirement, dismissal, suicide, and related lawsuits problems.

Objectives and Importance of Mental Health

Objectives and Importance of Mental Health

Employee’s mental health measures in two primary purposes:

  • maintenance of labor productivity (effective use of human resources)
  • crisis management for emergencies.

Maintenance of labor productivity (effective utilization of human resources) and crisis corporate management must be carried out efficiently with limited human resources, so the working environment and excessive pressure to avoid employees which makes them to have to forced into extended leave or retirement.

Mental Health Science Research

The loss when one employee is absent due to mental illness is vast, and there is only one left due to mental illness such as depression. The average data in 5.8 months. There can be repeated absence for mental illness, so one employee will not be assigned to work for several months or even more than one year.

In particular, if a company with a small number of employees or department employees takes leave or retirees, the loss is massive, so further caution is required.

Crisis Management for Contingencies

The second is “Crisis Management for Contingencies.” However, there is also the risk that It develops into significant labor problems if one is wrong. In cases where employees retire or, in extreme cases, the employee commits suicide, in which lawsuits made from the person or relatives. It is essential to take measures by company  management.


Mental health Measures

In, or more specifically, mental health measures carries out in two main points.

The first is to bring the internal working environment to a level that complies with the law (Occupational  Safety and Health Act).  According to the Act, physicians and hygiene managers must assign according to the company size and the establishment of a health committee.

Depending on the labor-management situation of each company, it is often possible to create a system that adheres firmly to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, especially without investing in high costs and personnel. It’s essential to work with the departments and bring them to legal standards.

The second is to take measures that will not be disadvantaged if a labor problem (such as employee suicide or depression leads to retirement) occurs due to mental issues.

When it comes to issues such as lawsuits regarding mental health, the critical question will raise whether the company has taken decisive measures regarding mental health.

Measures to Take

・ Whether a consultation desk for employees has been established and has fully recognized.
・ Whether employees shave given mental education (1 hour per person per year as a guide).
・If or not various laws and regulations, including the above-mentioned occupational safety and health law        observed.


Depression, such as in the workplace, is easily overlook, especially in mild cases, and tends to efficiently treat it as “bad” at the initial stage.

So conversely, conscious of daily mental health care at the initial level and discovering abnormalities at an early stage, Doing so helps prevent mental illness.

There are Four Main Methods 

There are Four Main Methods 

1.Care by oneself (self-care)

Self-care is the most familiar and vital in taking care of Self Fit. Educate employees so that mental health can be managed by themselves,  by conducting management programs themselves and increasing stress tolerance.

2.Care by managers (care by line)

Over 30% of the causes of stress depend on work and workplace relationships. Therefore, we should take care and prevent it at an early stage by the responsibility of the manager.

Also, many cases trigger by boss’s power harassment and sexual harassment, excessive division of work, human relations with boss and colleagues. It is also essential to reduce mental illness.

3.Care by in-house industrial physicians

hygiene managers, personnel/labor management staff. (care by professional health staff.)
If there is a cause of stress in the workplace, which may increase anxiety and so industrial contract physicians, managers, and personnel seniors from other departments and veteran employees care for them.

4.Care by specialists

Such as psychiatrists, industrial counselors, mental health support companies. (care by resources outside the workplace), Especially when mental health problems worsen, use external resources. It is also necessary to use.

Some medical institutions, clinics, psychiatry, and psychosomatic medicine and constructing a cooperation depending on the situation. Set up an interview in early stage with specialist, and resolve it with the cooperation of the person.

For companies that want to take full-scale measures, it is also an option to use private care services as needed. Some companies that specialize in providing standards care called EAP (Employee Support Program), providing consulting and employee mental health training.

Summary, Importance  Measures and Management Points are as follows.

  1.  The loss caused by mental health problems such as productivity decline and litigation risk is unexpectedly significant.
  2. It is essential to establish a legal compliance system for issues.
  3.  Many of the problems can avoid by educating employees, providing knowledge, and taking action at the field level.

Problems such as mental illness, involve significant risks such as developing a lawsuit problem if one is addressing wrongly. Issues can avoid by taking appropriate measures such as in-house compliance and employee education system. Since it leads to works for company, and positively for corporate management.


Statistical data released by the British foundation, Mental Health, illustrates the magnitude of this problem.

One in six people in the UK workforce has symptoms of heart illness (such as sleep disorders, fatigue, irritability, anxiety.) The possibility that the function is the lower highlight.

As a result of a meta-analysis in 2006 that examined the relationship between psychological songstress at work and general problems,

  1. Busyness
  2. Freedom in decision making too hard,
  3. Low rewards will find in the main song stress associate with mental issues.

Items useful for Stress Management

Items useful for Stress Management

The app

The meditation app “Head space” is the best, but this time we’re introducing a slightly different idea.

The daily app “Karmic” gives small tasks that can improve for those around you. It is suitable for nearby colleagues and your stress level.

Coloring book

Strengthen your mindfulness with an adult coloring book or task diary that is perfect for relieving stress.


Foundation picks up various podcasts aimed at stress reduction and relaxation. For example, The Full Works teaches techniques for dealing with daily pressures.

If these methods and fitness can practice relieving stress, work efficiency can be to increase.

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