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Training That Strengthens Your Mind Inwards And Outwards

Managers who produce results, and  who recognize by the organization have fit in mental strength. Conversely, those who have difficulty getting results, and those who not strengthens your mind value by the surroundings tend to have a tofu-like mental that collapses when pressed. I have the ability, or something want to do, but the tofu mentally gets in the way and can’t move forward. I want to escape from such a situation.

The following six pieces of training correspond to the six elements necessary to strengthen your mind. “Breathing,” “Tension,” “Concentration,” “Image,” “Target setting,” “Rhythm.” and few more.

You need to be able to control these six factors to strengthen your mental health. The six elements, to each other, but they have the following relationships when illustrated.

Some people may think of “training mental” as if they had some unique ability. But that is wrong. “Strong mental” means “the true self.” A so-called active person is a person who can accept their strengths and weaknesses and then decide what to do.

On the other hand, a weak person is a person who cannot recognize his strength and hides his weakness or pretend not to see it and cannot move indefinitely.

So what kind of training and what kind of thinking should we do to be active in the real sense?

I will introduce them to below:

Training to know your breathing rhythm

breathing rhythmLet’s start with the training of “breathing,” which is a pipe of five elements. The procedure is effortless.

“Exhale time is twice as long as several hours” “Suck from the mouth and exhale from the nose” “Perform in a calm environment” You only need to breathe 5 minutes a week for one week.

The rhythm of breathing is OK with the “rhythm that I think is the easiest” There is no need to force it to be long or short. With this alone, you can take the first step of mental detoxification and Strengthens Your Mind.

Breathing is an access tool to the subconscious

access tool to the subconscious

You may think “Takagi breathing,” but even first-class athletes start the first step of mental training by familiarizing themselves with their breathing rhythm. Because breathing is an exercise that can access both “consciousness” and “subconsciousness.”

For example, no matter how hard your internal organs work, you can’t control my consciousness. It’s usually challenging to make presentations and discussions at meetings unconsciously. However, breathing can be done unconsciously and can be consciously deepen or swallow. Thus, breathing can access both consciousness and subconsciousness.

Subconsciousness is very important in obtaining mental strength. If your subconscious thinks it may fail, no matter how conscious you say, “I won’t fail. It’s OK!” If you are convinced that the subconscious is “successful,” you will naturally enter the success route. Knowing your breathing rhythm means knowing how to access this subconscious.

Training to control tension and Strengthens Your Mind

control tension

“Tension” is one of the preconditions for a strong mentality. The following method is training to manage this and work on things with “good tension.”

  1.  If you feel nervous, breathe at your rhythm.
  2.  While exhaling, pull your chin, shoulders, arms, chest, belly, waist, thighs, calves, and toes in order.
  3.  Use force when inhaling, and force when exhaling.
  4.  Take about 30 seconds for each part of the body, and do it slowly and carefully.

If you practice 1-4, your tension will reset once, and then your potential will adjust to a “good tension” appropriate to the situation.

As you continue to experience it, you will gradually become “conditioned” if you take this breath, and you will be in a good state of tension.

The right way of thinking “anxiety” and “tension.”

anxiety and tension

You might think that even if you say that, you feel nervous and nervous. But that is because they misunderstand these two concepts.

Anxiety and tension are “serious switches” that are inherent to humanity. When the strain gives the body a warning that “I’ll do something like this, I’ll do something,” the body is tense and switches on “Yes, I’ll do it.” In the primitive era, after all, you have to make the best choice to run or fight.

Although this is the primary role of anxiety and tension, people with weak mentality will try to forcefully turn off the severe switch of subconsciousness with the consciousness of “Do not be anxious” or “Do not be nervous.”  it’s a natural performance drop. Of course, runaway anxiety and tension will work negatively, but if you can control it well, it will be the strongest camphor.

It’s natural to fail if you work in a state of lack of concentration. However, it doesn’t matter if you think you have to concentrate. The consciousness of “need to concentrate” creates the subconscious of “unfocused self.”

To get out of this situation, you train yourself to create a “self-focused.” The method is as follows.

  1.  Breathe at your rhythm.
  2.  Stare at a point in the palm of your hand.
  3. Try not to think for 3.5 minutes.
  4.  If you have any thoughts, accept the “self that has thoughts” and concentrate again.
  5.  Continue this for a week.

By linking “breathing” “concentration” in this way, the subconscious will become conditioned. Turn it on, and you can concentrate. If this training practice regularly in hard-to-focus environments such as cafes and trains, it is proof that concentration has increased considerably.

Training with all five senses

Training with all five senses

Possessed by bad imagery pulls the subconscious and calls for bad results. On the other hand, if you draw the right image, you can get a good result.

To do so, you must burn the image to the subconscious as actively as possible. Therefore, image training using all five senses is useful. “Secret of the strength of striking and mental training to create a tough mind” is training that imagines yourself taking a bath.

The shampoo scent, the warmth of hot water, feeling of relaxation, sweat on the nose, sound of hot liquid spilling out of the bathtub, and the bathroom filled with steam. At first, breathe in your rhythm immediately after getting out of the bath, and gradually change the time and place.

Image power accelerates subconscious and behavior which Strengthens Your Mind

subconscious and behavior

By using this power of the image, you can freely imagine pictures such as “Yourself after succeeding in the current project” or “Yourself who has succeeded in changing jobs and is fulfilling every day.” Then, the subconscious moves toward that image and leads to actual action.

Kyocera’s founder, Kazuo Inamori, wrote in his book, How to Live, that he should keep thinking until he could imagine a successful image in color. Will be able to High image power brings great success.

 Goal-setting training Strengthens Your Mind

Goal setting

If your image power increases, you can move on to target setting training. Initially, the goal is “to make your heart excited and fun just by thinking.” However, the goal in a society tends to be associated with difficult words such as “No quota” and “YoY decrease.”

It naturally lowers performance and leads to mental weakness. The following four steps are the training methods to escape from this situation.

  1. Without reason, I roughly imagine, “I want to be three years from now.”
  2. Image the details of “I want to be in 3 years”. Who are you, how you feel, what you see, hear, smell, touch, and live?
  3. Connect to “I want to be in 3 years” and “I want to be in 2 years” and “I want to be in 1 year”.
  4. Finally, imagine “what to do today” to become “I want to be three years from now.”

Let’s practice this for a few days a day. Note that this is training only, so you do not have to execute the content you imagined in 4. But of course, you can do it.

Relationship between “Goals,” “Failures” and “Others”

Goals Failures

Nothing beats the mind as much as a goal imposed on others. If your thoughts in mind do not dance, you will not be able to switch on the subconscious, so your performance will not increase.

Healthy mental = you will move away from your true self. This relationship is the same for failure. There is no “failure” if there is no other person. Words and eyes from others, such as “I’m wrong” or “That person can’t do it” or “Why can’t I do it?”, Make me feel, “failed!” And bind us to the results.

Remember when something goes wrong with your hobby. Even if you make a mistake in your world, you may be able to start over immediately and think about how to improve it.

Thinking this way, you can see how to fail, and stupid Trapper by others is.

Of course, you can’t ignore the gaze and opinions of others due to failure at work. But you don’t need to be beaten on the spot, at least trapped in the feeling of “failed!”

Training  “body rhythm” by getting up every morning

Early  Strengthens Your Mind

getting up every morning

The imaging power trained through image training is also useful for creating your rhythm.

For example, some people think “get up early in the morning,” set the alarm at 6 o’clock, and get a wake-up call from their parents’ home.

The reason for this is that only the physical environment will prepare, and the environment with one’s subconscious mind has not been made.

  1.  Letter of “6:00” on the clock
  2.  Alarm sound
  3.  Asahi felt over the eyelid
  4.  Air temperature outside the futon
  5.  A refreshing feeling when waking up

While breathing in your rhythm, if you imagine such “self after waking up” in detail, you should be awake before the alarm. With such image training, you can live without breaking your rhythm even if you go to bed late.

“My rhythm” = “My own pace” to Strengthens Your Mind

My rhythm My own pace

The circadian clock is not only necessary when waking up. There are countless times when you have to switch your mode in your daily life, such as “work mode when it’s time” or “presentation mode when it’s time.”

However, if your body does not keep up with your mind, you may end up lacking concentration, failing to control your tension, and failing, “I’m still useless.”

That’s why you need training so that you can switch modes with your rhythm. In this sense, it can rephrase as “your rhythm” = “your own pace.” Regain your own pace with breathing and imagery. Morning image training every morning is a practice for that.

The training introduced here generally ends in 5 minutes per day. You may want to extend the training time for a more serious person, saying, “That’s not enough! I can do more!”

However, it is a fall in the end. These are sound mental = practice to get back to your true self and get results. Once you have practiced properly, you only need to polish in the actual battle every day. Let’s be careful not to become training for training.

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