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4 Ways Water Hypes Up Your Makeup Game
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4 Ways Water Hypes Up Your Makeup Game By Experts

Water, the ultimate elixir of life, is one thing every healthcare and beauty expert will swear upon. It surely helps us stay hydrated from within and protects our vital organs as well. However, water is also a life-saver from the outside. Read on to find some makeup hacks using water Hypes and how water helps you beautify yourself overall.

Create New Eyeliner Shades

If you don’t want to use the money on costly colored eyeliner, here’s an inexpensive alternative. Simply sprinkle a few drops of water into your favorite makeup color. You now have a handmade colored eyeliner in the color of your choosing. Simply apply it with a pointed makeup brush and prepare to show off your glitzy eye makeup.

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Revive Brittle and Broken Eyeshadow

For an intensive, creamy finish, dampen a thick eyeshadow brush with water. (wipe off excess water with a towel if necessary) Then, spritz a face fog onto the brush, or drop a liquid mixing average on the back of your hand and mix your residue into the solution.

Start packing the product on your lid and extend slightly into the crease for a solid all-over lid color. Pick up the dry powder with a blending brush and swipe it back and forth in the crease for a smooth mix of color.

Seal the Deal With Jamsu

‘Jamsu’ is a Korean beauty trick that entails dipping your completely made-up face (foundation, powder, concealer, the works) in a bowl of cold water to seal it.

This method claims to offer you not just perfect skin but also make your makeup last all day. Huda Beauty, the makeup entrepreneur, tried out the watery method after Bella Hadid, who claims to swear by it for perfect skin, suggested it to her.

So, what’s the secret to this beauty hack’s success? It’s similar to baking and sandbagging, both of which involve applying a heavy coating of powder to your face. Baby powder is renowned for its oil-absorbing properties and the fact that it absorbs moisture like sweat. The cold water is similar to using your favorite fluffy brush to remove the extra powder, but it doesn’t ruin your foundation.

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Keeping Your Makeup Brushes Clean

Skin infections may be caused by not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. Furthermore, unclean brushes may completely ruin your appearance by mixing makeup particles and dust collected in them with your freshly applied makeup. As a result, make use of water to assist you in this area as well.

Simply spritz a piece of tissue with water and whisk the brushes over it. After that, let them dry on their own. You may also immerse them in a hot water solution with a small quantity of baby shampoo. Rinse them with fresh water after a while. This will thoroughly clean and sterilize your brushes, and they will be ready to use once again.

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But, Don’t Forget Drinking Water

Water Hypes Assists In Removing Toxins From The Body

Drinking water flushes toxins out of your system, particularly dangerous ones that may damage your general health. You may enhance the health of your skin and body by increasing your water consumption and flushing out toxins in your body. Many individuals embark on juice diets to flush out toxins, but eating a balanced meal and drinking enough water will do the same.

Water Hypes Helps Prevent Acne

Drinking enough water keeps the oil and water balance on your face in check. This reduces excess oil and sebum production, resulting in fewer blocked pores and acne.

Adult acne is becoming increasingly prevalent these days as a result of hectic lives and dehydration. Adult acne affects 4-6 individuals out of 100 people between the ages of 20 and 40; according to research,

Water Hypes Relieves Sunburn

In the hot summer months, even people who follow sun protection may get a severe sunburn. What’s the good news? Drinking lots of water may help speed up the healing process, in addition to stocking up on aloe-infused products. That water filter countertop is your best friend after a beach day!

Water Helps Hydrate Sagging Skin

Sagging skin may result from a rapid fat loss or severe weight reduction. Many individuals believe that fasting can tighten their skin. However, this is an unhealthy technique that may potentially harm your skin. You can gradually tighten your skin and retain a healthy shine by drinking enough water every day.

Water Hypes Maintains Elasticity

You may be dehydrated if you have a lack of suppleness in your skin. Pinch your skin lightly and observe whether it bounces back to determine its suppleness. If it does not improve, you should drink extra water to hydrate yourself and plump up your cells. If you don’t moisturize and lose elasticity, areas like the skin beneath your eyes may turn dark.

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Finishing Up

Drinking water depends on metabolic rate, weight, height, and daily routine. Adults should drink in the middle of 5 and 8 glasses of water daily, and even more if required. To remain healthy, drink at least six glasses of water each day. What is more? Use these amazing makeup tricks using water to make the most of your makeup regime!

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