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10 exercises with elastic bands for the whole body
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10 Back Exercises With Bands And For The Whole Body

This article presents important Back Exercises With Bands and these elastic bands are the perfect complement to train wherever you want and allow you to train all the muscles of your body.

Those who follow strength routines in the gym will know that modifying and including new exercises in their training program is the foundation for continuing to increase their strength and muscle size.

That is why, for all those who give hard to the machines in the gym, we want to explain that there are alternatives to include new stimuli in training and this can be achieved with elastic bands.

For those who are looking for an exercise routine that can be done in any space, inside or outside of a gym, elastic bands are also the ideal alternative because they serve to train the whole body and can be adapted to any level.

What Types of Elastic Bands are There?

Currently, we have different types of elastic bands or rubber bands, the traditional ones are those that have a plastic handle at each end of the rubber band and are tubular (which are the ones with which we are going to perform the exercises).

There are also flat elastic bands made of rubber that can be both closed (circular) and open.

In the gym and free weight room of the DiR Clubs, you will see how many with different types of elastic bands and even different colors.

The color of the rubber indicates its level of resistance, which is usually yellow, the weakest, followed by red, green and blue, increasing the level of resistance progressively.

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Back Exercises With Bands Guide

 The members of the fitness and product department of Clubs DiR propose up to 10 exercises to perform with elastic bands, we will explain them below.

back exercises with bands1

Press with elastic resistance tapes

We place half of the elastic band on a rigid support that is more or less at the height of our chest. We grasp the two grips with each hand, slightly flex the front leg and stretch the one that is left behind.

Stretch our arms forward, maintaining a 90º angle with our shoulders. It is important to keep your back straight at all times and your palms facing the ground.

Row-Squat with resistance band

This exercise is advisable for those who suffer from back discomfort because rowing is one of the best to strengthen the back muscles. When doing the squat, avoid bending your back forward, bend your knees to 90º and “stick your butt out” out. Remember not to lift your heels off the ground at any time.

Row traction with elastic band

A simple exercise similar to the one performed on the rowing machine, but this time we do it standing up and with the elastic band attached to a fixed point.

In this case, we must perform the traction with the arms little by little, maintaining the final position for 1 or 2 seconds and returning to the initial position without being carried away by the elastic band.

And also, maintaining resistance in our arms to return in a controlled way.

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One hand rowing

We can apply a variant to the previous exercise by performing the movement with only one arm. You must initiate the movement with the scapula before performing the elbow flexion. You can hold the final position for 1 or 2 seconds and return to the starting position by controlling the movement.

back exercises with band 2

Triceps with Back Exercises With Bands

This time we will step on the elastic band with the heel of the foot, grab the handles by placing our hands behind the head next to each other and push up as shown in the image.

Remember to put one leg forward and not bend your back forward when you do the movement.

Front deltoid raise with elastic bands

This exercise is ideal for working all the muscles of the shoulder. Hold the elastic band with one foot and lift it with your hands.

Hence, starting at the height of the quadriceps until it is above the height of the shoulders. Go down in a slow and controlled manner.

Resistance Band Bicep Curl

Standing, with your feet hip-width apart and stepping on the rubber band, you must grasp each end with the palm of your hands facing forward and your arms close to your body.

Bend both elbows in unison as if you were lifting two dumbbells and slowly return to the starting position.

Gluteus medias abduction Back Exercises With Bands

Standing, stepping on the rubber but this time crossing the ends and holding each one with one hand. You should launch a sidekick slowly and keep your supporting leg still on the ground.

The more you stretch the elastic band with your hands, the greater the resistance produced in the legs to raise them.

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Lunge or Canada with elastic bands

Squats with elastic band3

Get into a lunge position, one leg forward stepping on the rubber and the other leg one step behind and only touching the ground with the end of the foot.

You must take the end of the elastic band with both hands and bring them towards the chest, as you can see in the image, keeping them immobile.

Bend both knees until you get a right angle, avoiding bringing your upper body forward or curving your back, always keep it straight.


Squats with elastic band good for Back Exercises With Bands

Although it seems like a simple exercise, many people do not perform this exercise well because they do not maintain a correct posture.

So, you should step on the elastic band with your heels and place your feet at the height of the hips, slightly opening the toes outwards about 45º.

The ends of the rubber bands must be grasped with your hands and carried up to the shoulders as you see in the image. Once in the initial position, descend keeping your back straight and with your glute out, tightening your abs.

Go up keeping your back straight and doing all the strength with quadriceps and glutes.

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Training planning Back Exercises With Bands

We present below the planning with exercises with elastic bands so that you can perform in the gym or anywhere. Our proposal includes 3 circuits with 4 exercises each, performing each exercise for 45 seconds + 15 seconds of rest and repeating each circuit 3 times, in this way each circuit will take you about 12 minutes.

Circuit  (45 ” + 15 ” break) x 3:

  • Row traction
  • Press
  • Gluteus medius abduction
  • Push press

Circuit 2 (45 ” + 15 ” break) x 3:

  • Bicep curl
  • Front deltoid raise
  • Squats or squats
  • Triceps

Circuit  (45 ” + 15 ” break) x 3:

  • Rowing squat
  • One hand rowing
  • Lunge
  • Lateral elevation

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