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aking Birth Control Pills Are Safe For Women Health
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Taking Birth Control Pills Are Safe For Women Health

Birth Control Pills or oral contraceptive pills are hormonal medications that prevent pregnancy. These may contain combinations of the hormones estrogen and progestin or single progestin itself. They are one of the methods of birth control and spacing between children.

How does it work?

While the pill obstructs the ovaries from releasing an egg each month(ovulation), it also thickens the mucus inside the neck of the womb, forcing the sperm not to penetrate the womb and reach an egg. Additionally, it lessens the lining of the womb, so that there is less probability of a fertilized egg infusing into the womb and being able to grow.

Safe or Unsafe Taking Birth Control Pills

Safe or UnsafeMany Women that taking a pill does not raise death risk and might even help women live longer. Therefore the birth control pill is accepting and highly effective method of birth control if taken correctly.

Moreover, the pill has less than one percent failure rate. However, for women who miss taking their medicines, the lack of success rate elevates roughly to eight percent; otherwise, eight hundred women become pregnant, unintentionally.

How to take these pills?

Beginning on the first day of the period: if you start the combined pill on the (day one of your menstrual cycle), you will be straight away safeguarding from pregnancy and will not need additional contraception.

Beginning of the fifth day of your cycle or before: In this case, you start taking the pill on the fifth day of your period or ago; you need additional contraception, such as barrier methods, until the next cycle.

Care instructions on the combined pill

Care instructions on the combined pill

In case there are no medical reasons involves and if you don’t smoke, you can take the pill until menopause. However, you should avoid the pill if you are pregnant or you had a habit of smoking. Age is more than 35years if quit smoking less than a year ago, and overweight and taking certain medications.

Additionally, you should avoid the pill if you have below symptoms:

  1. Thrombosis (a blood clot) in your vein, maybe in your leg or lungs.
  2. Anyone in your close family below the age group of 45 with a blood clot.
  3. Stroke or any other disease that reduces the functioning of the arteries
  4. Severe migraines, especially with aura (warning symptoms)
  5. Breast cancer.
  6. Women are effecting the disease of the gallbladder or liver.
  7. A heart irregularity or heart disease, including high blood pleasure.
  8. Diabetes with complications or diabetes for the past 20 years.

 Advantages of Using Birth Control Pills

  1. Women will have lighter periods and also less frequent periods.
  2. The birth control pill will reduce the heavy bleeding, pain, and severity of endometriosis and fibroid tumors.
  3. It can also reduce acne, bone mass density, the possibility of cysts appearing both in the ovaries and in the breasts.
  4. The use of birth control pills also influences women suffering from anemia or iron deficiency.
  5. About certain diseases or pathologies such as cancer in the ovaries, cancer in the endometrium, infections in the fallopian tubes, conditions in the uterus, infections in the ovaries; Contraceptive pills also have a positive influence, either avoiding it or reducing the possibility of their appearance.
  6. It is easily accessible in drugstores or pharmacies, and you can even buy several boxes to guarantee treatment for the months you want (this depends on the regulations of each country). In many cases, it is not necessary to present the prescription or formula of the doctor.

Disadvantages of Using Birth Control Pills

Disadvantages of using birth control pills

  • A general women’s danger of blood clots is approximately one in 10000 but due to the higher risk for blood clots.
  • Women will be in the risk of Strokes, and heart attacks, Estrogen-containing birth control is not advisable if they have the above risks.
  • Women also notice the spotting or bleeding between periods(this is only common with progestin-only pills) Sorer breasts, nausea, or headaches.
  • Acne or premenstrual dysphoric disorder(PMDD)may also exacerbate due to birth control pills.
  • Sexual desire: Laboratory tests have shown that the use of birth control pills can alter a woman’s sexual desire or libido. Hormone consumption makes this little disturbance in the body.
  • Menstrual losses:  the case can arise in which in one of the months you can lose the menstrual cycle. Most cases, due to situations external to the pills such as stress, long trips, conditions with the thyroid, or some disease.
  • Humor: The process of consumption of hormones through contraceptive pills causes the nervous will reflects in the woman’s wit; they usually are changes in which they cannot endure. Nor themselves. If there is a family history of depression, it recommends notifying the specialist.
  • Weight: Weight is one of the consequences that usually pay for the consumption of contraceptive pills. Increasing body weight is an essential factor for many women, so much so that many women who are too thin tend to use tablets as a birth control system and to aid body weight. This weight gain is due in a high percentage of fluid retention, which will reflect in the breasts and hips.
  • Headaches: Widespread, like nausea. Some women may experience a slight headache in the first few weeks, something that will pass after time.

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