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General And Most Common Life Styles In Current Human Living

The concept of the everyday common life styles of people purely depends on their routine work in the ratio of regular and variable individual characteristics of the life of various people who belong to different region.

Internet Surfing Is a Common Life Styles

woman-Surfing net

you may think that there is no better way to spend time than browsing the Internet. However, Chinese researchers have revealed that Internet addiction changes the brain in the form of alcohol and drugs. People with Internet etiology (IAD) are more likely to suffer from the same symptoms from withdrawal symptoms and other habits. Most of the people who use Internet-ready smartphones are found that the device is accustomed to hearing “phantom vibrations” to receive the message when they are in despair.

Falling in love with Internet Surfing:

Falling in loveWhen a person moves from one relationship to another, he cannot be alone for more than five minutes. However, according to research, he may have fallen in love! When you fall in love, the heart is palpable, the feeling of excitement. Turn into hooking. According to psychologist Arthur Aaron, who studies love addiction, singing in love stimulates the same system in the brain like a drug, trying to find that love as quickly as possible when the first love begins to fall apart.



We all want the sweet treat we love from time to time, but did you know that you are accustomed to breakfast like chocolates and donuts? If we eat a sugary breakfast, the chemicals called diploids are released into the brain, leading to intense feelings of pleasure, and the lack of sugar often results in an atmosphere of desire. In fact, according to California University research, cigarettes and cigarettes can harm people who have two habits.

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Tattoos Became Common Life Styles:


If you are an expert in tattooing, with no ink and stitching from head to toe, most people who initially intend to get a tattoo or stitch, may want to get more, considering an addiction in searching in internet surfing. It is still debatable whether this is addictive, which is undoubtedly forcing on many people, like endorphins, which, to be somewhat beneficial during tattooing, can be released and help cope with the pain.

Work on Internet Necessary Common Life Styles :


Although many are waiting for the weekend, it is a few days away from the workplace. Most of us jokingly use the word “workaholic,” which is not just “hard work” – research suggests that “health and relationships” are the real conditions that cause harm. According to Spanish studies, about 12 percent of workers in Spain suffer from internet surfing addiction, while in Japan, “deaths due to overwork” are responsible for an estimated 1,000 deaths per year.

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Research results have been publishing in the journal Biology Addiction, in which exposure to ultraviolet rays in the form of sunlight or tanning beds alters brain activity in a similar way to drugs, to keep the skin clean. Author Dr. According to a study by Bryan Aden, the brain responds to UV light in the area of ​​output. Some people develop a habit of tanning despite “health problems” (“t anorexia”).

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Video Games became a Common Life Styles:


Around the world, young people are playing video games in front of computers or televisions in their living room. In a 2006 BBC report speech – 12 percent of online players reported having some addictive behavior, that forced games could harm relationships and careers, and that most gamblers had cases of sunburn.

Shopping On the Internet is a Common Life Styles:


Many people prefer to buy something new for a life-enhancing gadget or a favorite. However, for some people, buying new things is a terrible addiction.

Shopping Addiction (or Monomania) will exacerbate endorphins, and the dopamine shopper wants to experience it again temporarily as “high.” This is a way that many shopping addicts can use to escape the negative emotions and situations of their lives, but addiction can lead to many problems, both financially and psychologically.

Applying Lip Balm is a Common Life Styles

lip balm

Lip balm can become addictive, though not like alcohol and cigarettes.

We use lip balm as a temporary moisturizer for dry lips. Excessive lip balm counteracts the drying effect, which hinders the conversion process and natural moisture production.

Although it is not a life-threatening, major illness, many Web site groups and Facebook groups are too high-cost addictions.

 listening to Music is one of the Common Life Styles


We listen to our favorite songs many times more often, but some people get habitual in looking the same.

McGill University researchers have mentioned that by listening to music more often, our body releases dopamine, which makes our nervous breakers weak.

Dopamine makes our daily routine change methods and causes us to become accustomed to our favorite music

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