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Healthily feeding our children represents a significant challenge because we do not always have the appropriate information to do it well. Sometimes, we get carried away by atomic habits that are not necessarily correct.

Keeping a sound eating habit during adolescence is perhaps the central element in adding to kids’ appropriate development and improvement. The adoption of healthy eating habits in children helps prevent overweight and obesity, chronic malnutrition, growth retardation, and anemia.


It is at this stage in our children’s lives when they will learn the habits and customs that will predominate throughout their lives, hence the importance of acquiring healthy eating habits.

A well-nourished child has more energy to do better in school and physical activity. To facilitate the adoption of good eating habits,

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it would be best if you considered your responsibilities on Atomic Habits:

  • Select and buy food
  • Regulate meal times
  • Offer food in a way that the child can handle
  • Make mealtime enjoyable
  • Support the child to participate in family meals
  • Establish instructions of activities at the table
  • Determine the time and places where you eat

In this sense, your children’s responsibilities consist only of deciding whether or not to eat and the amount of food they eat.

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Some Atomic Habits tips that you should take into Justification are:

  • Consider the variety of flavors, smells, shapes, and consistencies since a well-prepared dish always arouses children’s interest and stimulates the desire to eat.
  • Take in fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your diet (5 servings a day).
  • Help them eat enough cereals, preferably offering whole grains to cover their fiber needs. Remember that cereals provide them with the energy they need to carry out daily activities. Examples of cereals are omelet, bread, breakfast cereals, pasta for soup, potatoes, and cookies.
  • Make sure they consume milk every day and its derivatives such as cheese, yogurt, etc., preferably low-fat products.
  • Get them used to know and consume traditional foods of our country such as beans, tortillas, napalms, tomato, corn, etc.
  • Children learn by imitation, and if parents are not used to consuming vegetables, surely their children will not either.
  • Serve small portions that can finish. Remember that a child should not consume identical amounts as an adult. If you want more, please ask for more.
  • Offer him food without forcing him or conditioning him to consume it. By doing so, you will create a negative attitude towards food. Please give them the freedom to say no, but encourage them to eat everything.
  • Examples of what does not recommend to say: if you eat it, you can eat dessert, go out to play, watch television, etc.
  • Believe in them when they tell you that they are already satisfied.
  • It is essential that while they eat, there is a pleasant and family atmosphere, do not allow the child to play at the table or watch television while eating.
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The best way for a child to obtain the nutrients they need to reach their growth and development potential is by offering them a wide variety of foods. Hence, pleasant to them based on the consumption of a varied diet that includes foods from all groups (vegetables, cereals, fruits, and foods of animal origin and legumes).

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