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Fat Yoshi Meditation At Home
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How To Get The Most Fat Yoshi Out Of Meditation Even At Home

Fat Yoshi – It is a kind of good and positive energy. Suppose you’re doing meditation on your to-do list and doing it clerically. If you’re not getting the results, you expect from meditation, and you might want to rethink your approach to mindfulness. We can get many positive effects by practicing meditation regularly. However, we will not get the most out of your meditation unless you are preparing to do it.

In other words, you need to learn how to calm and relax before you meditate. But it’s not easy (especially when it’s like now).

Getting the Fat Yoshi Out of Your Meditation At Home

Getting the Fat Yoshi Out of Your Meditation At HomeThey are making space for working from home, which creates an opening for a child to study at home. It will be challenging to create a space dedicated to meditation ( use masking tape to create a workspace). In the past article, I introduced the technique of surrounding and making it a home office, but are you practicing it?)

However, even in a versatile space, you can create an environment suitable for meditation.

Jancer recommends lighting candles and drinking tea before starting meditation. The trick is to use the same candles every time (especially in aroma candles. The scent can be a key to entering the mindset of mindfulness, and you can find luxe) and make tea with the same tea leaves every time.

Changing your mindset will be more comfortable, such as changing your daytime clothes to pajamas or changing to meditation stretch pants.

By performing these small rituals, you will be able to realize that it is time to relax.

Feeling the soft fabric feel on your skin, enjoying the warmth and flavor of tea, and staring at the shimmering flames of the candles that give off a pleasant scent, it seems like you can relax (just listening to it makes you feel relaxed). You feel like you did).

Prepare Your Mind Before Starting Meditation To Get Fat Yoshi

Prepare Your Mind Before Starting

On the other hand, if that is complicated, the idea nor endlessly in the head, the effect of meditation is not obtained.

Now, let’s meditate with the meditation app. If you don’t, you won’t sleep at the scheduled time, and you will get up tired in the morning. We have a meeting at Zoom tomorrow, and we have to get the kids to find five kinds of flowers outside for school assignments.

It is impossible to spend until the end of the school year in such a state.

You don’t know what to do with the children all day long. But lately, You wonder if everyone can’t help it like that. So, let’s meditate quickly with the meditation app.

As with anything, meditation can take some time to be effective. We cannot tune mindfulness on or off according to your schedule.

You should be prepared to commit to the process of meditation before you meditate. Therefore, if the preparation part for starting meditation is also included in the meditation process, it will be a more relaxing and meaningful reflection.

It’s true that many videos and apps that teach you how to meditate start by bringing yourself to a state of mindfulness.

The creators of those videos and apps are aware that most people can’t start meditation in a relaxed state.

However, if you take steps to make your meditation a little different from the other tasks on your to-do list, you will be able to meditate incredibly deeply and improve.

And you may find new ways to maintain the normality, concentration, and clear thinking you gain from meditation in your daily life.

Effect of stabilizing brain waves Before Getting Fat Yoshi

Before Getting Fat YoshiWave vibration meditation is one of the main menus of brain education training developed by Mr. Ilchi Lee, who is known as a world-class brain educator. By vibrating the head and body, it to have effects such as stabilizing brain waves and removing negative emotions.

In Japan, you can experience brain wave vibration and brain education training at 150 “Ilchi Brain Yoga” studios nationwide operated by Dan World Japan and “Ilchi Brain Up Class,” a brain education school for children.

It is divided into the 1st stage to the 4th stage every 15 minutes.

We have to maintain a room in the dark and close our eyes.

By the way,  meditation has music for each type of meditation, so play the music of your favorite ones which should be pleasant and smooth.

In the first stage

On standing and waiting for body to vibrate. However, feel like it was working on it and shaking, so trust your body and vibrate it naturally. Think it would be nice to be able to wait for it to come.

When the music starts playing, you have to vibrate, but if you shake from yourself, it becomes just an exercise. You lose the meaning of meditation, so be careful about that point.

In the second stage

Dance as you felt while standing. This is a feeling you haven’t grasped yet.  If you don’t understand how to dance in meditation, but this time you move your hands and body.

At the 3rd stage

You feel like it was sitting inside. It seems that it is desirable to stay observing, so you think it would be good to keep watching in the future.

In the 4th stage

You lay down and waite, but it seems that you fell asleep on the way.

In the 1st to 3rd stages

There are situations where you are thinking while meditating. So you think it would be good if you could continue to feel without thinking even during meditation.

You woke up naturally after the end of the 4th stage, but you think it affects because your head was refreshing.

So you think it would be great if you could continue to feel the changes.

Everybody thought it was essential to take on all the good and bad things that happened from meditation, and you think this was something you wanted to remember.

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