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Fighting Drug And Substance Abuse At The Workplace In 2022
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Fighting Drug And Substance Abuse At The Workplace In 2022

Fighting Drug And Substance: Drug and substance abuse can take a toll on your mental health!

Fighting Drug And Substance, these might be tiny substances, but they have an extreme grasp on your body and mind, and they are known to create a nuisance in every field.

Whether you are a student practicing for SATCs, or someone at work trying to prevent your speech from slurring at a very important presentation. When you find your work derailing, especially when you used to be a start employee, you can sense the red flag!

No matter how much you try to defend your activities and make them look like nothing, this is a time when you should definitely admit that there is a problem. If not, how about we explain a few of the signs and symptoms of addiction in work, and you see how many you check.

Addiction is worse, but no one can help you as long as you are in denial! Once you are out of that stage, it is time to look for rehab. Houston drug rehab such as Infinite Recovery is an excellent choice that you can consider.

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Signs Of Addiction In Workplace

These are some of the tell-tale signs of addiction and that it is heavily affecting your workplace performance.

1. How Many Days In A Week Do You Come Hungover?

Do not try to rig the numbers; it’s just between yourself and your conscience. But, honestly, answer yourself how many days do you come to work hungover or exhausted because of something you are consuming.

2. How Restless Are You All Day?
Are you constantly restless? Do you get frustrated for no reason at all?

Yes, these could be signs of stress, but if you are consuming a substance, this stress can intensify a lot. This is when they start controlling your mind, and you lose a lot of your sense of social behavior.

3. Do you Find Yourself Zoning Out In A Conversation & Slur Your Speech?

One of the biggest side effects of drug and alcohol abuse is your mind zoning out from time to time.

Do you find yourself remembering everything that happened in your office, or are there pieces of information that you cannot recall?

4. When Was That Last Presentation Due?

Addiction drains a lot of your productivity; this is one of the reasons why your hard work is derailing.

If you often find yourself not accomplishing your tasks, or worse, giving to somebody else, then there is a huge problem caused by your substance abuse. It is not recreational anymore; it is regular!

5. Are You Really Burnout, Or Do You Just Need An Excuse?

Do you find yourself giving the excuse of being stressed or burnout each time you consume these substances at night?

Then you are in denial of your problem. A part of you knows that this is wrong, but the chemicals and the euphoria are allowing you to make excuses.

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Ways Addiction Can Affect Your Workplace

There is more than one way that it can affect your job. So, if you are in denial, maybe you need to see these and get alarmed.
1. Demotivation
Let’s say you are a star employee, and you find yourself lagging behind because of your substance abuse. The job still has to go on! So there is a possibility of demotion with your current activities

2. Embarrassment In Job
Your colleagues do not know about you suffering from the painful clutches of addiction, and they will not be able to help you. Because of your constant zoning out and other questionable activities, you can be the subject of embarrassment or disappointment.

3. Unemployment
This is the last and the worst consequence. Getting terminated even though no one knows you are actually suffering from an issue. They will make some of the people in the same field as before.

Recovery is a must-have if you find yourself completely lost from your focus and goal, all the while creating problems in the workplace due to substance abuse.

How To Fighting Drug And Substance Abuse in the Workplace

How To Fight Substance Abuse At The Workplace

Let’s change the point of view a little!

You have an employee who is wasting their potential and completely making a fool of themselves.

Rather than terminating them or complaining about them, you should know how to help them fight this substance abuse in the workplace. These are some of the ways.

1. Talk To Them

The first thing you need to do is address the issue. They are going on and about with their substance abuse, thinking no one can tell and that they are great at hiding.

You have burst things bubble first and let them know that it is pretty obvious. Then, do not charge them; only approach if you have the patience.

2. Talk To You Superiors (Do Not Complain)

Yes, you can talk to your immediate superiors about this problem, but ensure that you are not complaining. The goal is not to make them angry with this person but to make them understand that they need help.

3. Go To The Extra Length

If you genuinely wish to help them overcome this, you have to take the extra length. If, at times, they are unable to complete a job because of their addiction issue, offer to do it.

But, only once because they need to understand that there is a problem after that. So, do not help them more than once.

4. Talk About A Relaxing Room

Talk to your superiors about a relaxing room if this person is going through outpatient recovery and suddenly is attacked by a withdrawal symptom. The relaxing room will help them calm their thoughts and call their therapist or doctor if needed.

5. Try Holistic Activities During Break Time

You can take the initiative to start holistic activities during break time. These are yoga, mindful meditation, and even art therapy. Holistic activities are calming and provide the patient with a good distraction.

Fighting Drug And Substance < Goals & Ambitions!

Your limited euphoria from a tiny chemical reaction is not greater than the goals and ambition you have farmed for years. They are not as important as the sober life, which will serve your right.

The sooner you understand this, the better!

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