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Five Fitness Salad Recipes to Help You Stay Healthy
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Summer Fitness Salad Recipes to Help You Stay Healthy

Summer is coming, and with it, the urgent need to eat fresh Fitness Salad, healthy, and natural to prepare dishes.  Taking care of our health is too complicated, with the following selection of healthy salads with which we can face any physical objective and satiate yourself most healthily.

We all agree that it is a dish as simple as it is successful for any occasion. Be it an afternoon meeting between friends as a meal after a working day. It is always a good time to prepare a salad.

There is a much larger world away from the classic Greek salad, pasta or tomato, and lettuce. The best salad fitness recipes for this summer. Let’s start!

 Chickpea Fitness Salad

Chickpea saladFor this first salad, you only have to mix chickpeas with your favorite vegetables. Many times less is more, so it can be useful to use green pepper, onion, tomato, and lettuce. Add soft salt, olive oil, and vinegar to the mixture to taste.

If you also prefer to eat real food, in this recipe, you can raise a little more level. At Snap Fitness, we suggest that you change the pot of cooked chickpeas for natural chickpeas.

You just have to leave them to soak overnight until they have acquired the consistency that best suits your taste. You will notice the difference!

Take some boiled chickpeas, cooked and drained, and mix them with onion, green pepper, tomato, lettuce (or whatever vegetable you have on hand in the fridge). And add a little oil, vinegar, and salt. That easy and that fast.

In case you feel like coming up with a new approach, you can always harmonize them with pomegranate, cuckoo, and coriander. It can be the winning combination for that family gathering.

Chickpea Soft Salad Ingredients  are:

  • cucumber
  • yogurt,
  • mint
  • dill sauce

Do not be fooled by how long the name is: it takes longer to pronounce it than to make the salad. It looks a bit like Greek tzatziki, and it’s highly refreshing, but thanks to the chickpea protein and yogurt, it also feeds its own. If the cucumber feels terrible, remove the seeds, and it will be much easier to digest. Or better, look for one that does not have, that we are in summer and you already know what they say.

Freshness level: 8, because the chickpea has a certain forcefulness.

Spinach and Fig Fitness Salad

Spinach and fig salad

In this second salad, we are going to need very few ingredients that, in turn, combine perfectly. You will need baby spinach, figs, mascarpone cheese, and toasted walnut.

You will get the special touch with a dressing made from salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil – better known as EVOO. Some people will add to this recipe a little honey to achieve that taste sweeter.

Lentil Power Salad

Lentel saladAlthough it may surprise you, a tasty lentil salad in the middle of summer is what your body. This food is not only used in that dish, so typical of Spanish cuisine. There are also lentil burgers and meatballs and even cream or puree.

Luckily for everyone, this recipe allows a wide variety of ingredients chosen to taste. In any case, you should cook approximately 300g of classic lentils.

At Snap Fitness, we like to accompany them with yellow or red pepper, cabbage, carrot, tomato, and a little chive. If what you want is to make a difference with the other dishes on the table, take note because this will interest you. With the help of coriander sprigs, lemon juice, and ground black pepper, you can achieve your goal.

Avocado And Melon, Cheese, and Almond Salad

Avocado and lemon saladAlthough a melon salad may seem strange from the start, there is no more mythical old summer appetizer than melon with ham, so nothing to be shocked. It is the combination of the dressing with the sweetness of the fruit and the salty point of the cheese, so coordinates you can use your imagination.

Coolness level: 10, it is purified water

At what point has salted fish gone from being a simple food to a prohibitively expensive delicacy?

The shortage of species such as sardines, since their price in fishmongers, has not changed to picking me up for a long time. Well, thanks to the technique included in this salad – one of those 2X1 recipes that are so cool – we can prepare them at home.

Freshness level: 7, but you can go up to 9 by replacing half of the avocado with three tomatoes.

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