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An Essential Treatment of Male Infertility And Prevention

Recently, more and more often, there is a severe problem associated with the absence of pregnancy in a couple because of Male Infertility . And the insidious question – “why does the stork not fly into our house and the long-awaited miracle does not occur?” evokes sadness and disappointment in life.

As a rule, men are much more difficult to tolerate failures in business and sexual relations, and especially not in pregnancy.

When it turns out that the reason for the tragedy is in him and he is responsible for procreation, everything becomes much more complicated.

His psycho-emotional state sharply violates, self-esteem falls, meaning in life is lost, and the man closes himself.

How to help a man who finds himself in such a difficult situation?

Let’s look at the causes of male non-fertile because they are slightly smaller than the causes of female infertility; we will dwell on them in more detail.

Inflammatory processes in Male Infertility

Inflammatory processes

They are the leading cause of impaired sperm production (spermatogenesis). Due to various sperm motility is significantly reduced, and sperm quality will decrease.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Microorganisms can affect the composition of sperm, and gonorrhea and chlamydia can even cause damage to the male genital organs!

It mentions that chlamydia significantly worsens sperm quality. Studies have conduct in which men with a diagnosis of chlamydia took part. None of them could conceive a child for a long time. So, after a course of antibiotic treatment, sperm quality improved by 40%, and most of the participants in the experiment soon became happy dads.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance

As a result of the endocrine deficiency of testosterone, an essential male hormone occurs. As a result – erectile dysfunction, malfunctioning in the production of sperm.

Injuries, tumors, diseases

Yes – yes, injuries and swelling of the testicles significantly reduce the reproductive function of men. And some conditions, such as the back, can make it infertile. By the way, even orthopedics can be the cause of incapacity and childless.

High temperature

Doctors say that temperatures above 35 C adversely affect testicular tissue. Therefore, in men who abuse sauna and hot tubs, in almost 100% of cases, there are problems with sperm quality. Moreover, tight underwear can increase the temperature of the scrotum tissue.

Bad habits

The Ministry of Health warns not in vain – alcohol, narcotic substances, and smoking affect fertility. Alcohol testicular atrophy, and smoking “stick together” sperm. Therefore, part with bad habits before it’s too late!

Chemical substances

Men in the chemical industry were particularly unlucky. Bad ecology will record in the causes of infertility, and even constant contact with chemicals is even more so. They also adversely affect the quality of sperm and conventional antibiotics, steroids, which many representatives of the more vigorous sex are fond of in pursuit of “cubes” of the press and biceps.


The modern rhythm of life, insomnia, weight hurt the health of the body in general, and reproductive function in particular. We advise you to relax more often, learn to relax, and not be nervous.

There are several types of male infertility

Secretory infertility

The most common form in which, due to impaired testicular activity, sperm quality, quantity, and flexibility will reduce. Treatment consists in finding out the cause of infertility. The following are drug treatment or hormone therapy.

Obstructive infertility

It occurs if there is an obstacle in the way of sperm exit – a cyst, a tumor, or a postoperative scar. Most often, it requires surgery, which in most cases, solves the problem.

Immunological infertility

In the body, as a result of specific reasons (for example, after an injury), the production of antibodies to testicular tissues or the male reproductive system begins.  complex treatment will prescribe after the examination,

Male Infertility Treatment Methods

There are several types of male infertility

An essential stage in the treatment of male infertility is diagnosis. First, you will pass several tests, based on the results of which, you will either be prescribed medication or continue to diagnose. During the examination, blood, urine, and hormone tests, a program by taking an ultrasound of the prostate and genitourinary system. After the doctor identifies the cause of infertility, he will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Drug treatment

If you find an STI, you will have to undergo antibiotic therapy. With hormonal malfunctions, treatment consists of taking hormonal drugs. And if the results of the spermogram showed low sperm quality, vitamins, homeopathic medicines and will treat you.

Surgical intervention

It is necessary in those cases when the diagnosis showed that obstacles arise in the way of the sperm. Medicines here are almost powerless.

ICSI Method

There are situations when sperm can not independently merge with the egg. So, in such cases, micro injections are made – the sperm introduce into the egg cell in vitriol. The egg can fertilize by placing it in the mother’s uterus. The probability of fertilization by this method reaches 60%.

Sperm donation

This method will use if there is no sperm in the partner’s sperm. And also when a single woman wishes to become pregnant. Then doctors resort to the services of sperm banks. Do not be afraid, because every donor undergoes an examination, including genetic.

Alternative treatment methods

These include acupuncture (reflexology), manual therapy, occupational therapy, aroma rooms.

Prevention of Male Infertility


Prevention of male infertility should carry out from an early age. It includes regular visits to the urologist and surgeon to identify diseases and prescribe timely treatment.

A healthy lifestyle, an eight-hour sleep, moderate exercise, walks in the fresh air are also important. Watch your diet. It should contain meat, fish, eggs, nuts, greens.

But vegetarians, lacking in protein, are at risk. Besides, you should not get involved in saunas and baths, wear tight underwear, be nervous, smoke, and abuse alcohol.

Another good recommendation of doctors is to live a regular sex life with a steady partner!

In conclusion: we recommend that you consult a doctor as soon as possible, at the first signals, make it possible to appoint the right treatment quickly.

In parallel with a doctor’s consultation, you can immediately undergo an ultrasound of the genitourinary system on modern devices, pass all the necessary tests, and get competent adequate treatment.

Also, with us, you can take advantage of the passage of a physical room and alternative treatment methods that give excellent results—appointment of procedures individually and only by a doctor.

And finally, never lose hope. Many couples gave birth to a baby, sometimes not even a single one, after the conclusion of doctors about the complete impossibility of conception and pregnancy. Therefore, never despair, and happiness will undoubtedly smile at you!

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