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The Reasons For the Waist Rise And Proper Diet for Reducing It

The dangers of excess fat located around the waist are not few. Having a prominent belly equals an increased risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, and other minor ailments, such as erectile dysfunction or insomnia, according to the Harvard Medical School (USA). And the Study of Nutrition and Cardiovascular Risk in Spain (Enrica) indicates that 32% of men and 40% of women are in this situation.   So, Reducing waist size is essential for healthy living.

Stress will Not Help in Reducing Waist

Frequent stresses are plagued not only with broken nerves and health problems but also with the appearance of excess weight, especially in the waist. First, many people prefer to “take advantage” of stress with sweets or other high-calorie foods. Second, during a stressful situation, the hormone cortisone is produced in the body, which contributes to the accumulation of fatty deposits in the abdomen. Excessive stress can increase the level of cortisone in the blood. Therefore, to effectively reduce the waist, you must participate in non-aggressive sports, such as swimming, jogging, dancing. You can book a massage.

If you worry about every little thing, drink herbal tea, take B vitamins, and fish oil, which not only has a beneficial effect on the nervous system but also contributes to burning body fat.

Poor Digestive System

The disturbances in the digestive system are full of discomforts like bloating. Excessive gas formation is both a physiological and aesthetic problem. Experts noted that during the day, and especially at night, his volumes in the waist area increased significantly, and he felt discomfort and heaviness in his stomach.

In many cases, it will work because the body does not tolerate a particular product or products. It’s the gluten protein found in bread, pasta, grits, muffins, and cookies; lactose, found in milk; legumes, mushrooms, and foods rich in fiber: apples, cabbage, onion. Try using the exclusion method to establish what exactly causes the increase in gas formation and adjust the menu.

Slow Metabolism and Lack of Movement

With age, the metabolism in the body slows down. At the age of 30, you can notice the first changes, which will manifest in additional centimeters in the abdomen and sides. Add to this a passive lifestyle and an unpleasant fast and sweet food diet. As a general rule, this is the main reason why the wasp’s waist suddenly disappears below the fat folds.

It is necessary to change the diet by adding more plant foods, to speed up the metabolic processes, fiber, found in vegetables and fruits, is challenging to digest, the body spends more energy processing, which means that more calories will burn.

Most diets will base on the principle of fractional nutrition, which is very effective in fighting excess pounds. However, it is not necessary to follow a diet, just make smaller portions, but eat more frequently, about six times a day. It will speed up metabolism.

How to Reduce the Waist by 10 cm?

how to reduce by 10 inches

Today, many women wonder how to reduce their sides at the waist. To achieve this goal, especially complicated diet, and exercise:

  • “Small” diet.  Start the day with breakfast at ten in the morning. You can eat what you want. Your lunch should consist of a portion of soup and salad. In this case, prepare a salad from any vegetable, but it can only season with vegetable oil. Plan your dinner at precisely two in the afternoon. After three hours, at noon, drink a glass of low-fat kefir and eat fruit, but not a banana, which is high in calories. For dinner, you can afford cookies and a cup of tea.
  • Proper nutrition Exclude from the diet sweet, salty, flour, smoked, and fatty. Replace all the above products with fruits and vegetables, try not to eat at night, especially after 6 hours.
  • Do you want to learn to lose weight at 10 cm in 1 week? Daily use of a hoop in combination with an apple diet is an ideal remedy
  • Exercises with small wheels help in reducing waist. Such interesting sports gear, such as a wheel with bearings with handles, helps to handle extra inches at the core. Grab the handles and, bending over, twist them back and forth.
  • Hula Hoop application. To achieve the desired effect, rotate the ring for 20 minutes at least two times a day.
  • By repeating this exercise 10 times, can you effectively reduce your waist? Lie on your stomach and put your hands behind your head without grasping your fingers. Flatten your shoulder blades and raise your head as high as possible.
  • Use another useful exercise: spread your legs and, leaning forward, take your left foot with your left hand. In this case, the right hand must rais. Stay in this position for precisely three minutes.

Effective Diets for the Abdomen and Reducing Waist

Effective diets for the Abdomen

Several special nutritional rules help remove extra inches from the sides. Such complicated diets allow you to make your waist 60 cm in volume. Do you want to know how they work?

Then try the Following:

  1. First of all, you should exclude animal fat from your diet. Also, don’t eat very high-calorie foods.
  2. It is necessary to eat in small quantity six times a day for better results.

Diet “Week”

This diet allows you to reduce your waist and significantly improve your figure. With such a food system, you cannot drink alcohol, drink as much plain water as possible, avoid everything salty,

Following Menu Should be Planned:

Day number 1:   Prepare 200g of rice and vegetable salad, drink buttermilk 1.5 l during the day.

Day No. 2:   Cook 500g of meat, six medium potatoes on its skin, and do not forget to drink buttermilk 1.5 liters.

From Day no 3:   You can eat any amount of vegetables you want, except for potatoes, to which add 1 kg of fish, but not fat. Drink kefir in the usual volume.

D day no 4:   It is time for fruit salad (without bananas) and cottage cheese (no more than five hundred grams). And of course, we drink kefir already in love.

D day no 5:  The menu consists of two eggs, boiled vegetables, and, of course, removing the kefir from the refrigerator.

D seal number 6   Curd apple diet, consisting of 1.5 kg of apples, 300 g of cottage cheese, and 1.5 l of kefir.

D seal number 7: Finally, there are 250 g of cottage cheese and your favorite kefir(1.5 l) or yogurt.

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