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Foods to Boost Your Libido and Sex Drive By Experts

Foods to Boost Your Libido 30-Second Summary

  • Libido is sex drive, emotions, and mental energy related to intercourse. It is influenced by lifestyle, biological factors, age, and medication.
  • A four-minute FKA Twigs song can help put you in the mood, but what a man consumes has the most significant effect on his sex life.
  • A healthy glass of wine, pomegranate, and dark chocolate are three sources that have long been used to boost sex drive, but other foods can take your sex life to the roof.
  • Dark chocolate. Almonds. You do not need a reason to consume these incredible treats, but it turns, there is one significant one: they, along with other foods, can boost libido and enhance sex drive.

Various lifestyle changes lead to great sex, from exercise to improved sleep. However, the diet has the most significant effect, and here are the foods to keep your sex drive happily humming.

Here are the nine foods for men to boost libido and improve sex life STAT.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, dark chocolate does top the ‘libido-boosting foods list. It is not a myth!

Several studies have shown that it contains phenylethylamine, a compound that triggers serotonin and feel-good dopamine production to improve your mood.

Popping in a few pieces of chocolate has been purported to boost blood flow and relax blood vessels, therefore allowing men to have long-lasting and healthier erections.


Pomegranate was a symbol of fertility in Armenian culture. A recent study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research has also shown that the fruit boosts testosterone levels vital to improving one’s sex life. 

Low testosterone levels can cause serious health issues leading to diminished libido, increased stress, weight gain, and brain fog.

The fruit is also great for getting rid of male performance anxiety, increasing positive emotions, especially self-confidence, and improving sperm quality.


Oysters have an age-old reputation for being natural aphrodisiacs. These salt-water bivalve mollusks brim with zinc, a mineral that improves testosterone levels while also boosting the growth factor hormone – both of which support muscle growth and sexual performance.

If you, however, cannot stand oysters, you can also boost your zinc levels with crab, red meat, and lobster.


Celery packs a punch in the vitamin department. It features an aroma that has two steroids, androsterone, and androstanol. The two compounds’ subtle pheromone travels through men’s sweat glands and works to reel in the opposite sex.

Celery has also been shown to have arginine, a natural amino acid that helps with blood vessel dilation to allow for healthy and firm erections.

Garlic Is good Foods to Boost Libido

Ancient Egyptians used garlic to improve their sex drive and enhance bedroom endurance. While they were not privy to modern-day science, they were indeed onto something.

Research studies have confirmed that garlic inhibits new fatty deposits, nano plaques, inside the arterial walls leading to the genitals.

The herb also features high allicin levels and improves blood flow to help men have solid erections and improved sexual performance. However, it would be best if you remembered that garlic doesn’t do justice to your breath, so keep it out of the date-night meal plan.


Almonds are also a fertility symbol in Greek culture. There is a belief that their aroma induces passion in women.

Well, almonds pack a healthy punch and help reduce heart disease risks, which cause diminished sex drive. When taken together with energy boosters like nuts, almonds can boost libido and reverse impotence in men.


It’s no secret that fatty Coldwater fish like sardines and salmon are brimming with omega-3 fatty acids, but here’s information you might not be aware of. Fish not only does wonders for cardiovascular functioning, but it also increases dopamine levels in the brain.

A dopamine kick, in turn, boosts blood circulation, triggering intense sexual stimulation and arousals. The ‘happy hormone’ also makes you feel more relaxed during sex, making the experience more thrilling.


Yes, seriously. Avocados are rich in vitamin B6, which boosts overall energy, a significant factor against the mood-dampening evening energy crash. B6 has also been proven to regulate prolactin, a libido-boosting hormone.

Avocados also feature healthy fats that help battle against metabolic syndrome. Men with metabolic syndrome are said to be at a higher risk of having erectile dysfunction symptoms.


There’s no need to ditch this breakfast staple. Scientists say that if you want to have better ejaculation control and help your partner reach the big-O, you need to stock your shelves with oatmeal.

Oats are an incredible L-Arginine source, an amino acid that triggers nitric oxide production, leading to improved blood flow and testosterone levels in your body.

Moreover, research has shown that whole grains like oatmeal reduces cholesterol levels. High cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis, a health condition that clogs your arteries, blocking blood flow.

Atherosclerosis eventually leads to cardiovascular issues, but it will diminish libido and kill your sex drive first. The arteries around your penis taper than the coronary blood vessels, meaning they’re more inclined to clotting. Therefore, the better the cholesterol levels, the firmer and healthier your erections will be too.

Should You Consider Taking Supplements?

Yes, indeed. Certain supplements which show that contain organic extracts like L-Arginine, which boosts your testosterone levels. You can, for instance, check out Savage Grow Plus reviews and see how the formula could help with sex life. Also, several other brands are rich in nutrients and vitamins that enhance testosterone levels.


Regular exercise, improved sleeping patterns, low alcohol consumption, and top-rated male enhancement pills play a significant role in improving your sex life.

However, since antiquity, certain foods will use to help boost sexual performance and fertility. Therefore, if you have erectile dysfunction issues, include these foods in your diet and see the sexual impact!


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