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Real Reason why Nipples Get Hard And Its Symptoms
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Real Reason why Nipples Get Hard And Its Symptoms

It is a bit embarrassing situation, but more normal than you think. What woman has never happened in your life who is in a relevant condition and has hard nipples?

Excitation Signal?

The first thing we should know is that not all women experience a nipple erection when they are excited, so if it has never happened to you, do not worry, it is very normal and familiar. It just means that the cells in your halo are not as sensitive, and nothing happens.

Most women do respond to this type of stimulus, mainly if manual or mouth contact is applied. The exciting thing is that when these cells will stimulate the same areas in the brain that light up when there is genital stimulation; therefore, orgasms can be had only with stimulation of the breasts.

Imagine this Moment

It is spring-summer, you are wearing a beautiful tight chiffon blouse chosen and meditated for the occasion because you want to create a great impression. Suddenly, the other person appears from the meeting room. He is a lovely and handsome man, and a mischievous smile through on your face.

So far so familiar, but in the middle of the conversation notes us nipples become erect and you just want to scream that of O earth, swallow me! And is that although that man seems handsome, your nipples have not become hard because it excites you sexually, that is clear to you. What is the real reason for the erection of your breasts?

The answer to this question has several options.  We mentioned sexual excitement encounter with the person; also, when it is cold or, a chill runs throughout your body.

The cells that live in the areola of the breasts are susceptible, and, when faced with any contact or even a climatic factor, they become hard. It explains, for example, the fact that rubbing against some tissue makes the nipples harden.

Why is this happening to the nipples? Is this normal

Don’t worry, and the condition does not indicate a particular medical problem or illness. The reason is that every woman has a “hot spot” that is different. It can influence by a variety of things, sexual fantasies, to the sensitivity of the nerves and tissues around the breasts. Also, you may not have found the right breast stimulation movements to deliver sexual pleasure. Random nipple hardness is normal from time to time.

Haloes have very smooth muscle cells within them that contract when we stimulate them.

These cells respond to different factors, from manual stimulation to the weather. Hence, the nipples get hard at apparently random times by direct stimulation, such as that given by clothing or when you collide with someone who brings something hard on his body.

What happens if you don’t get hard nipples?

Women tend to worry when things happen to us, but also when they do not happen to us, and that is that there are girls who do not suffer any type of change in their nipples from the cold or, even, from an over sexual excitement. And it is not a problem, and it is merely that the sensitivity in this area is low.

Nipple tenderness: causes and symptoms

  • One there are other factors related to the sensitivity in the nipples are, for example, the premenstrual syndrome, in which the production of estrogens and progesterone will elevate. Just a couple of days before the rule and during, chest pain increases, disappearing as soon as it finishes.
  • The power, so crucial for optimal health, also influence the behavior of our breasts. The consumption of fatty or caffeinated products causes greater sensitivity in this area of ​​the body.
  • Pregnancy sight? During the first month of pregnancy, the breasts grow larger and harden, due in part to the development of veins that exist under the skin and are known as  Haller’s venous network.
  •  Finally, it is essential that you know that this erection in the nipples is a thing for women and men, but it shows more to us. This summer, when you go to the beach, and there is a slight sea breeze, look at the boys that come out of the water, don’t they have hard nipples?
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Weather changes

Another of the most notorious factors in nipple hardness is cold, from a light breeze to -0 cold. It is due to the pilomotor reflex, a reflex that we humans retain from when we cover in hair.

What this reflex does is that it retracts the tiny muscle fibers that will connect to the hair follicles making the hairs stand up to try to conserve the heat in our skin.

A much-needed reflection for fur-covered animal For us, it only translates into a chill, that second in which the little fuzzies stop, and you feel a little cold. When this happens, the small muscles of our nipples (specifically those in the Montgomery gland) will erect, making it appear that the entire nipple is hard.

Another exciting thing is that it happens to men, only because of their anatomy it is more difficult to notice. Ours usually stand out, especially if we have a thin bra or a very thin blouse.

Hiding Hard Nipples

Although some people don’t mind their nipples showing through clothing, many people prefer to keep them hidden. If you want to keep this part of your body private, making sure to hide your nipples will allow you to feel more comfortable with your clothes and your body.

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