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Technique of Mewing ‘Change’ Your Face And Makes It Beautiful
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Technique of Mewing ‘Change’ Your Face And Makes It Beautiful

Claim to have modified the shape of their face thanks to a technique called “ mewing. “

A “good face” is one that has good symmetry, correct proportions; in the case of men, the chin and jaws should emphasize; and in women, the area of the cheeks or cheekbones.

In ancient times this was not a problem since before food, they have less process than today, it requires to chew longer, which generates a proper development in the facial composition of people.

But with the high processing that our foods receive today, they are now softer and easier to chew, which causes children to present atrophied facial muscles from an early age.

These changes will notice from 7 to 11 years when the change in the appearance of the face in children is most noticeable.

What is Mewing?

before and after of gail from jone mewThe mewing, also known as “orthotropics,” was created by the British orthodontist John Mew, who explains how the posture of the tongue affects our facial and dental structure.

Dr. Mew, with the posture of the tongue, it was possible to have an enlargement of the palate, which would result in more alignment of teeth.

After this, an experiment has carried out with two identical twins, 1 of them was treated with traditional orthodontic methods and the other with mewing.

Over the years, they notice that the twin with mewing had better facial development with a more beautiful facial structure than the twin using traditional methods.

After this, they conclude that this method could correct both the teeth and the facial structure. Now we go to the important thing.

Explanation For How to do the mewing?

If we want to achieve these results, the solution is in an effortless adjustment: the posture of our tongue. This technique is not known by many people and making a small adjustment can have excellent results, both in our facial structure and in our teeth.

Follow the next steps:

  1. The technique consists of “sticking” our tongue to the palate, with the tip of our tongue behind the incisor teeth, applying slight upward pressure. That’s the posture your tongue should be most of the time.
  2. Glue both lips together (without exerting pressure) and try to keep them as long as possible. In this way, you will strengthen all the muscles that surround the lower third of the face.
  3.  You should also have your teeth closed (without clenching), to obtain the horizontal development of the face.
  4. Maintain proper posture in the neck area.
  5. Your tongue should be on the palate in a horizontal position.

With these simple steps, you will achieve results more efficiently and in less time. Train your subconscious so that later you don’t have to think about doing it. The idea is that this is your natural posture. With much practice, you will make that happen.

It is essential especially before the age of 8 since many times they have the habit of breathing or putting their finger in their mouth, which generates a “vertical growth of the face,” that is to say with chin retracted, nose protruding, and teeth projecting outward, which can have a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem.

Some media in YouTube and Instagram

Some media, such as The Coventry Telegraph, have described it as the “new trend in health” that is sweeping YouTube and Instagram.

Which consists of sticking the tongue to the back of the palate— improves breathing, relieves muscular pain in the mouth, and helps to define the jawline and align the upper jaw with the lower.

The truth is that it has recently become a trend: in recent months hundreds of videos appearing on this orthodontic technique with titles such as “ HOW I CHANGED MY FACIAL BONE STRUCTURE with the MEWING, sharp chin, no more dewlap, “or “ How to adopt a more correct posture of the tongue to appear more attractive and healthy .”

According to YouTube representatives,” mewing videos shot up between December 2018 and February 2019, the year the increase was 84 percent in the UK, and a worldwide total of 255 mewing videos were uploaded .”
According to Dr. Mew, it is possible to correct this type of problem by keeping the tongue close to the roof of the palate, something he calls “correct lingual posture.” Austin claims that doing so changed the shape of his face.

Mewing Benefits

before after ladyWith the “mewing” method, they state that the following results can achieve:

  • “Horizontal” development of the face, that is, the chin projected correctly forward.
  •  Straightening of the denture, because the pressure of the tongue upwards, helps to expand the palate.
  • Saying that the extraction of the teeth is not required, and can accommodate a complete denture of 32 teeth.
  • Look beautiful on Toning of the jaw, chin, and cheek muscles by mewing technic.
  • Improve sleep apnea and snoring.
  • The problems can occur in people with chin retracted.
  •  However, these are one of the multiple causes that can trigger the problem can solved.
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem levels since physical appearance depends a lot on it.

Mewing method: Before and After

Here we have two examples above, and the first is a jaw projected forward and the other inward. Both cases can correct with this technique.

In both examples, we could consider the image on the right as a “more attractive” face. Remember that the “mewing” method is to achieve vertical growth of the face, so it could correct both a retracted chin and a chin projected outwards.
You can see more before and after pictures on John Mew’s site. It shows real cases, especially children, who not only manage to improve the appearance of their face with the mewing.

Also straighten their teeth. The method itself emerged as an alternative to “braces” or “braces” since the expansion of the palate favors complete and aligned teeth.

Can Mewing apply for any Age of people?

Yes, it can be used for any age, as it appears, below the age of 8, since it is at this stage that the bones are more “moldable,” so the change could be faster and more effective. Although it also works in older people, the results, in this case, would be slower and less effective. Similarly, doing the mewing is something that we should all practice.

On YouTube, there are many videos “before and after” results, and most are people who are already in their 20s. You can take a look if you have time.

Conclusion About Mewing

We can say that the method does work, but that it takes time to see results. The most important thing is that you teach your mind to maintain the correct posture of the tongue (attached to the “roof” of the mouth, or palate).

Also remember to teach your children, nephews, students, and all you know—about this method. Think about them and their future, since we live in an era where the image is essential. If you teach them to maintain a good posture of very small technique, you will avoid all complications, such as low self-esteem or bullying.

Points to Remember:

  • This information is a simple help in the face of a problem present in current times. However, it does not imply that you should not go to a professional in this area.
  • The results, while usually permanent, take a long time. Do not expect results in a few weeks or months; better form the habit of doing it always and forever.

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