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Right Dumbbells For Home Muscle Training By Best Trainer

Choosing the weight of the Right Dumbbells is a critical decision that will determine the effectiveness of the exercises you do with these tools that can help you achieve the goals you have planned in your workouts. You must decide if some dumbbells have the right weight, starting to work with them and assessing if they fall short for your needs, or they suppose an excessive load that even prevents you from executing the exercises. In uncommon, we offer several tips on

how to choose the weight of the dumbbells Steps to follow:

Execution of the Exercises with  Right Dumbbells

Exercises with  Right Dumbbells

The execution of the exercises with dumbbells is the one that will allow you to decide if you have made a mistake when choosing the weight of the dumbbells. Specifically, you will know if they are cumbersome in case you stop training because you cannot hold the dumbbells. In this case, you should choose to reduce the weight to avoid overloading the muscles or even injuring yourself.

Making a Mistake

Making a Mistake

You can also make a mistake for the opposite reason, that is, because they are not substantial enough for your body structure and your fitness, so that they do not constitute a considerable help when developing the muscles you want to strengthen.

Only by lifting the dumbbells, you will already notice that they are too light if you do not find it challenging to adopt the position to start the exercise. In any case, it is always preferable that you fall short and can increase weight.

Choosing the Weight of Right Dumbbells

Weight of a right Dumbbell

You must take into account when choosing the weight of the dumbbells that the ideal figure will be different depending on the type of exercise you want to perform. Thus, you will need more load if the training involves the work of several muscle groups at the same time, for the apparent reason that more muscles are carrying the weight.

Besides, your needs will increase over time as you progress with your workouts. In this way, you will not always need the same dumbbell weight as this would mean stagnation.

Left or Right Handed Dumbbells

Left and right hand dumbbell

You can do a straightforward test to choose the weight of the dumbbells. Hold one with your left hand if you are right-handed or with your right hand if you are left-handed. Now, do a simple exercise like doing 15 side lifts.

An adequate weight will cause the effort to begin to notice from the execution number 10. If the problems have appeared before, it is that the dumbbells are too heavy and, on the contrary, if they arrived later or, only, it has not cost you effort, the dumbbells are very light.

Appropriate Weight of the Dumbbells

Weight of the Dumbbells

Do not disregard the importance of choosing an appropriate weight of the dumbbells, since it is a fundamental feature of this tool that so many benefits can bring you in your workouts.

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Train at home with Right Dumbbells

 home training 1“Dumbbells” that you want to keep if you train at home. It is a familiar muscle training item for those who wish to train their arms, shoulders, and upper body. However, there are various types of dumbbells, such as weight and shape, and many beginners will not know which one to buy. This time, we will explain the recommended standards for home training, the difference between fixed type and variable type, how to select weights, materials, etc.

Fixed type or variable type

Whether it is a “fixed type” that does not allow weight adjustment or a “variable type” that can change weight

Dumbbells are roughly are of two types. Can you change the load on the dumbbell? To choose the right dumbbells is a challenging point. It is common to call the kind whose weight cannot alter “fixed” and the type whose weight can be changed “variable.” So what are the characteristics of each?

 Fixed dumbbell

Fixed type dumbbellThe “fixed dumbbell,” whose weight is attached and its weight cannot be changed, is easy to understand if you imagine an iron array. Since the weight is fixed, there is no need to change weights, which saves time and effort. However, on the other hand, if you want to change the load, you need to prepare a different weight dumbbell separately.

Variable dumbbell

Variable type of dumbbell

“Variable dumbbell” that can change the weight by changing the plate. Because the load can adjust freely in a wide range of applications. However, changing the pressure can be tedious and can be a bit annoying. Recently, dumbbells called “Power Blocks” and “Adjustable Dumbbells” that quickly replace with weights are also available. These are not only easy to change, but also have a plate so that they can store in a small space.

How many kilograms do I need for home training?

Home training

As much as the type of dumbbell, the weight that gets lost when you buy it is the weight. Muscle training beginners tend to purchase light dumbbells because they can’t handle such heavyweights. However, if you are going to continue your muscle training at home, we recommend purchasing a heavy dumbbell from the beginning.


A dumbbell is a great tool for training your whole body. However, it is necessary to adjust the load depending on the site. 10kg may be enough to train small muscles such as arms. However, when training large muscles such as the chest, back, and legs, 10kg is too low to stimulate muscles.

Also, as you continue training, your muscle strength will increase, and you will want to increase the load gradually. If you buy lighter dumbbells because you think you can’t use heavyweights, you’ll run out of weight when you’re getting stronger. As a result, you may regret later, such as purchasing new dumbbells. Therefore, when buying dumbbells, even beginners recommend a variable dumbbell that weighs at least 20 kg each.

“Do you need a 20kg?”
“I can’t lift 20kg.”

You may be hesitant. However, if it is a variable dumbbell, start with the weight of the shaft only (2.5 kg) and change the plate to 5 kg, 7.5 kg, 10 kg, 12.5 kg, 15 kg, 15 kg, 17.5 kg, 20 kg in small increments by changing the plate Can be Note that the weight division differs depending on the product, so check in advance. If you are not confident enough in physical strength or strength, purchasing a heavy dumbbell will be more effective.

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