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How Much is Botox For Proper Dosage and Medical Applications

Learn the medical uses of Botox and its applications in the field of aesthetics. For example, how much is botox benefit and contraindications, its costs to use services to erase the traces on the skin?

Long before it began to use for aesthetic purposes, Botox, better known as botulinum toxin, was already used to treat specific pathologies.

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How Much Is Botox to Treat Some diseases

Some diseases in which this toxin produces beneficial results are:

  • Treatment of excessive sweating  ( hyperhidrosis )  and excessive saliva formation (hypersalivation):  In the first case, Botox reduces the activity of the sweat glands in areas such as the armpits, feet, and hands. by infiltrating the botulin in these areas so that the effect remains for some time of 7 to 10 months.
  • It ensures reduction of urinary incontinency: In paraplegic people with success in 60% of patients. In addition, it is also usually administered to people with overactive bladder.
  • Visible benefits in the case of focal dystonias affect a muscle: A group of them, causing involuntary and jerky movements. The most common issues are spasmodic torticollis, tics associated with a rare disease called  Tourette’s syndrome.
  • The blepharospasm or constant and involuntary movement of the eyelid: Will also use in the case of tremors, stiffness, and vertebral pain such as low back pain. It is when the patient does not respond adequately to traditional treatments.
  • Notable improvements will observe in strabismus by injecting Botox into the muscles attached to the eye. Thus avoiding surgery, especially in the case of children regarding this issue.
  • Treatment of migraine: Although this application of Botox has caused much controversy and studies, it shows active in some types of migraine.
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Some Approximate Prices for How Much is Botox Treatments are:

  • The perimeter of the mouth and cheekbones: between 200 and 250 euros per infiltration.
  • Eyes: It also reduces the lines of our ‘crow’s feet’ using botox costs just over 250 euros per infiltration.
  • Brow and forehead:  the forehead is the most extensive treatment area. Its cost is also higher. The price is around 300 euros per session.

Although they are not cheap or affordable treatments for all budgets, their application is becoming more and more frequent. It is maybe because many clinics offer payment facilities and offers.

In this sense, the most profitable option is the discounts for Botox treatments for a whole year (2 or 3 injections depending on the amount applying in session and the area that is going to treat.) You will get discount for the entire face (forehead, eyes, and mouth) ,Instead of paying for each session and location individually.

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How much is Botox can be Effective in Treating Migraines

Researchers from the “SkinCare Physicians” in Massachusetts (United States), led by Christine C. Kim, have carried out a study with 18 patients, whose mean age was 50.9 years, who were administered botulinum injections (botox) for aesthetic purposes and who also claimed to suffer from migraines.

Three months after starting treatment, 13 patients reported a decrease in pain caused by their migraines. In addition, among all participants who responded to treatment, the frequency with which they suffered from migraines also decreased, from 6.8 days per month on average to just 0.7 days.

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The botulinum toxin

The botulinum toxin (produced by Clostridium botulinum ) blocks the contraction of the muscle, paralyzing. Hence, the quality by itself does not explain how it could prevent the onset of migraine pain.

However, research results indicate that the toxin administration could affect the mechanism that pain signals use to travel through the nervous system. And also, intervene in blocking pain receptors or reducing inflammation.

The researchers believe that their findings should consider into account to encourage the intervention of dermatologists in the treatment of these migraines. Also, to use botulinum toxin type A injections in therapy. first.

However, they state that controlled trials that confirm your discovery.

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How Much Is Botox improves facial paralysis in children

 The administration of botox injections to children with mild facial paralysis. That causes asymmetry of the lower lip has significantly improved the deviation, with a correction of 61%.

The administration of Botox injections has effectively treating mild facial paralysis, in a group of children aged between 4 and 17 years.

According to the results of a JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery investigation, who had lower lip asymmetry caused by dysfunction of the facial nerve that controls the muscles of that area has improved, thanks to the therapy significantly.

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Botulinum toxin type A has various aesthetic and medical uses

It will use, to correct hyperhidrosis, and treat pathologies related to the jaw muscles.

Pain causes by bruxism – and has also use for Facial paralysis in adults. Especially when the patient cannot close the eyelids completely –what is a lagophthalmos–but few studies on its safety and efficacy in children.

Researchers injected 18 children with botox on applying general anesthesia to those less than ten years old. Firstly, trearment went Into the muscle on the side of the face that was not paralyzed to relax it. Thus, achieving more excellent symmetry.

In the patient’s mouth, a specialist in plastic and rehabilitative surgery at the University of Toronto is in Canada’s mouth.

Noting of capacities before and after treatment using photographic images and with the help of computer software. Due to this, in which the vertical difference between the paralyzing and healthy areas was appreciating. Also, the patients under guidance for two years after the last session.

The mean deviation before botox therapy Is 3.5 millimeters, and after treatment, it will reduce to 1.5 millimeters. Depending on representing a correction of around 61%.

The creators confirm botulinum poison won’t cause complexities in the wellbeing of the minors during the two years.

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