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How To Change A Minecraft Nova Skin And The Skin Of Steve

Minecraft has a Minecraft Nova Skin store where you can buy new skins for your character. You can also find texture packs, maps that have been created by the community, and much more. In the store, there are free and paid things.  Pay to need mine coins. However, it is possible to create your skin quickly. Forget about installing programs, many of them challenging to use.

Many online free editors allow you to create Minecraft skins. Today we will see one. It is possibly the most popular and with the most intuitive interface. Making a skin doesn’t take long, and you don’t need to use an external program at any time. Also, you don’t need to make a skin from scratch. You can start from a base model and customize it to your liking.

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How to make a Minecraft Nova skin

How to make a Minecraft Nova skin

One of the best skin editors out there is called Nova Skin. Once in the editor, it is best to choose an already created skin. It saves some time, and if you have never used the editor, it is good to learn how it works. To see the available skins you just have to click on Gallery – top left. Next, you will see a fairly extensive collection. Click on a skin to start customization.

One of the essential parts of the editor is the bar at the bottom. In this bar is everything you need to edit the skin. Let’s say it would be very similar to using Paint, the Windows image editor. You left part of the bar you can select which features you want not to be visible. It is instrumental if you only want to work on a specific part of the character. Now, you just have to let your imagination run wild and play with the toolbar. At first, it may seem complicated, but in a few minutes, you will have everything under control.

At the top of the editor, there is another bar that has some beneficial functions. For example, you can zoom in and out on the skin, view a 3D animation, change the background, and much more. Finally, to export the skin, you have to click where it says Save.

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Minecraft: how to change the Minecraft Nova skin of main Character Steve

Minecraft Nova skin of main Character Steve

Minecraft is a multiplatform game that offers enormous freedom of customization to the player. In the game you can change everything look and feel, from the Map of texture, and the look of animals, monsters and even the main character, Steve. In this technics, you will learn how to make the doll the way you prefer to stand out in multiplayer mode, on the servers and even check out a tip on how to change the skins of the mobs.

Step 1:

Choose a skin! On  internet there are numerous sites that offer customized skins already ready for download that can be used by anyone freely. There is also the chance to create your look on other sites that offer such a tool, or even in Photoshop or Paint, using the base skin that Mojang (company that develops the game) offers the user in the “Profile” area of

Step 2:

Download the skin file with the chosen .png extension. Everywhere you can find characters already ready or in editors, a button is available to download the image file to integrate in your Minecraft;

Step 3:

Go to to upload the image to the system. You will find the area to upload your new appearance by clicking on “Profile”, login and then, in the option “Change how you look in Minecraft”, click on “choose file” and last press on the button to “ Upload”.

Minecraft Nova Skin Availability

Minecraft Nova Skin Availability

Okay, your new skin is already available on your Minecraft, sometimes it can take a while for Steve to change his appearance, however, in a short time it will appear. It is worth remembering that this feature only works for those who have the original version of the game. In addition to Steve it is also possible to change the appearance of animals, monsters, villagers and any existing mob within the game.

To change the skin of the mobs go to your “.minecraft” folder, to find it type “% appdata%” in the bar searching of the start button or in the run window, in the window that opens click on the “.minecraft” folder, inside enter the folder “bin” and open the file “minecraft.jar” as WinRar. Within this WinRar you will find several folders, among them a so-called “mob”, within that folder you will be able to view the skins of all beings in the game, whether they are actually deployed in the game or not (those that are present only in the game code without being made available on maps).

In the same way that you can modify the appearance of your character in any image editor of your choice or in an online skin editor for Minecraft, it is also possible to do this in the case of mobs. The player can use his own .png files in this folder as a base. After modifying it, just name the file with the same name as it appeared inside the folder and paste it inside. After that, if you modified the appearance of a wolf, for example, every time in the game that one of these animals appears, they will have the new skin that you determined.

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