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Do Our Luxury Nails Reflect Our State Of Health By Experts
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Do Our Luxury Nails Reflect Our State Of Health By Experts

Since the Luxury nails tell us how our state of health is through their color, do not hesitate to eat a balanced diet to keep them healthy and with a healthy tone.

Did you know that you can know your state of health through the color of your nails? Yes, nails can show the condition of your health, and can often indicate a disease, which will see through marks, lines and colour changes on nails; find out below.




Approximately 3/4 of the nails have turned white, and this is probably due to a nail infection or decreased blood supply to the nail. They are known as Terry’s nails, which are white with red or dark tips and can be a sign of medical conditions, such as cirrhosis mainly, liver, kidney or heart failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and states of malnutrition.


The most common cause of yellow nails is a fungal infection of the nail. However, it can be due to frequent application of nail polishes, nails with psoriasis, inflammation of the skin, damage to the respiratory tract due to lung disease, sinusitis, tuberculosis, inflammation of the thyroid, jaundice, chronic paronychia – infection of the nail fold – and some drugs for the treatment of discoid lupus erythematosus, such as mepacrine.


They will cause by exposure to certain chemicals, such as nail polish, and also in pregnancy, malnutrition, and thyroid disease.


Greenish-black nails will cause by an overgrowth of bacteria called pseudomonas, found under loose nails.


They are caused by drugs to prevent and cure malaria or by Minocycline Hydrochloride, which treats bacterial infections.


When the nail surface is salmon-coloured or appears as a drop of oil on the nail surface, you may have psoriatic skin.


Nails that are half white and half brown near the tips can indicate kidney failure, where the kidneys stop working correctly and cause an increase in small blood vessels in the nail bed. It is the condition can also be seen in people with AIDS or after receiving chemotherapy.


White spots or stripes can be found often and are not worrisome. However, if they are parallel white lines, which extend along with the nails, known as Muehrcke Lines, they indicate low protein levels in the blood, due to malnutrition or disease liver.

Have you noticed any alteration in your luxury nails?

Have you Noticed any Alteration in your Luxury Nails

Do you see a strange colouring on its surface? Now that you know why this problem cannot hesitate to consult your doctor when you have doubts.
However, avoid alarming yourself ahead of time, since in some cases they do not correspond to disease but rather to an aesthetic problem. Keep that in mind!

Tips to avoid brittle nails

In addition to these remedies, there are several tips to avoid brittle nails. The main thing is to keep them hydrated and polish them before applying an impressive base for scaly or weak nails. Likewise, it is also essential to use quality enamels.
Three times a week, you should apply enough moisturizer to nails and cuticles and massage in circular motions. They are then covered with cotton gloves and left to act overnight.

Gel nails look like Luxury Nails?

Substituting gel nails for brittle nails is not a good option. It is always better to keep the natural, and it is advisable to nourish the nails while they grow.

These 8 remedies for brittle nails will help maintain beautiful, attractive hands, the kind that turns heads. It’s just a matter of having a little time to take care of that vital part of our body.

Several factors can influence our nails to weaken. Low diet, lack of nutrients, finger infections, the use of irritating products or illness are among the frequent causes.

If the nails break easily or flake, know that something is happening. The presence of white spots or changes in colour and shape is also a cause for alert.

It is essential to review the daily diet and the chemicals that come into contact with our hands. Continuous use of polish can also be harmful: let’s not forget that the nail must rest from time to time.

These weak nail causes will assist you with defeating the issue:

These weak nail causes will assist you with defeating the issue

1. Coconut oil

The immersed fat in coconut oil saturates the nails and wards diseases off. We can apply it warm on the nail and back rub for five minutes to hydrate and improve flow in the zone; it will prescribe to do it a few times each day.

Another alternative is to add a couple of drops of lemon juice to ¼ cup of warm coconut oil.

Before resting, we will douse the nails for 10 minutes and spread them with gloves short-term for the combination to produce results.

2. Nutrient E oil

The nutrient E cases contain oil that applied legitimately to the nails will give brings about a brief timeframe.

For about fourteen days, we should knead the nail with this oil, each day for five minutes, to hydrate and reinforce. In this manner, we will improve flow in the zone.

3. Castor oil

Its high substance of nutrient E advances the fortifying and sparkle of the nail.

Practically apply a drop to each nail and back rub delicately. Just with that will you see a distinction.

4. Nourishments for more grounded nails

It is critical to eat nourishments with nutrients A and B, which advance the age of keratin. Carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, ringer peppers, and squash will help reinforce your nails. So will meat, fish, poultry, raw grain, vegetables, nuts, potatoes, spinach, and eggplants.

5. Apple juice vinegar

The juice vinegar apple gives us iron, calcium, nutrients, potassium and magnesium. It likewise has acidic corrosive and malic corrosive, which help forestall contamination.

Absorbing your nails, a combination of equivalent amounts of apple juice vinegar and water will immediately reinforce them.

This strategy should be possible once per day for five minutes. While eliminating the nails, we will delicately push the fingernail skin back and dry well.

6. Cucumber

Beta-carotene and nutrients B and C in cucumber are ideal partners for reinforcing nails. It will be sufficient to condense a large portion of cucumber in some water (250 ml) and absorb the nails for a couple of moments the combination.

7. Onion

The substance delivered by the onion is fungicide and bactericidal. To acquire its advantages and shield the nail from diseases and breaks, we can put the fingers for five minutes inside the slices recently made to the vegetable.

8. Garlic

Garlic is plentiful in minerals, for example, calcium, sulfur, zinc, copper, potassium, in phosphoric corrosive and nutrients A, B and C. Every one of its properties can be utilized by basically setting a little squashed garlic in a clear coating.

9. Lager

Lager is an excellent solution for fragile nails. Blending a large portion of a cup of this beverage (125 ml) with a quarter cup of olive oil (62 ml) and another of apple juice vinegar will fix fragile nails.

On the off chance that you splash for 15 minutes, on more than one occasion per week, you will begin to see a distinction.

Solid nails eating right For Luxury Nails

A supplement rich eating regimen will, in general advance solid nail tone and shape. Eating nourishments wealthy in iron —, for example, green vegetables, lean red meat, and nutty spread — can furnish the body with the iron it needs to work well and have delightful nails. At the point when the eating regimen isn’t adequate to cover iron needs, an enhancement might be fundamental.

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