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The Right Combination And Colours to have Olive Skin By Experts

The Right Combination And Colours to have Olive Skin By Experts

A recent study carried out by the researcher and experts. The conclusion that the women olive skin hides a beneficial secret that every woman wishes to make and want to have it more often.

According to this study, the residue from olives. It generates after the olive oil extraction process can be used to create a compound that prevents the appearance of intestinal polyps in the colon and rectum. And also that could end up resulting in a Cancer.

The researcher has carried out her experiment in mice, and the results obtained after giving a compound made from the discarded skin of olives to rodents for six weeks have been surprising. And it is that there was a 45% decrease in intestinal polyps.

The research is ready to start the clinical trial and, if it works correctly in humans, it will improve the lives of people who suffer from these polyps and who have to undergo complete controls and extractions of them. In some cases, it only solves by practising a colectomy.

But, besides, this study has added value, since the residues of the squeezed olives are reuse to extract olive oil, contributing to recycling and maintaining the environment.

What Is The Best Makeup For Olive Skin?

what is the best make up

From the Heberfarma blog, we have been talking to you for months and months about the importance of knowing what type of skin of all existing skin types each of you has. After all, it is a fundamental knowledge when it comes to planning suitable cosmetic routines.

Also, when purchasing products as we have explained on numerous occasions, normal skin, dry skin, oily skin. The combination of leather needs different cosmetics to stay healthy and in perfect aesthetic condition. So get to know yourself!

However, skin types are not classified solely based on their internal characteristics. It is also possible to differentiate specific types of skins based on their colour. And although this is not relevant when selecting the ingredients that we are going to use on our skin.

It is essential to determine the type of cosmetic routines that best suit us. Do you have olive skin? In today’s article, we are going to give you some essential tips to highlight its qualities and get the most out of it.

Colours For Olive Skin

colours for olive skin

The olive skin has very peculiar characteristics the tone and a texture that allows the use of colours which do not usually fit well with other leather.

That’s why we say: Be proud of your skin! Because, if you know how to combine it and how to take advantage of it, it can be your great aesthetically.

However, within olive skins, we can differentiate, in turn, between sallow skins and brown skins. Any different undertones with different makeup need correct combination which  Identifying it is also imperative.

Because if you have fair sallow skin, your best allies are the golden and yellowish foundation. Also, there is a red line: no to the pink foundation.

They produce an unharmonious combination. On the other hand, brown and greenish skins tend to fit very well with salmon-coloured makeup bases. In both cases, the features will highlight with a good bronzer. Of course, in reasonable measures. One of the best things about olive leathers is that they don’t need heavy makeup to stand out.

As for the eyes, the most suitable colours for olive skin are those called earthy. Colours like brown, gold, green, and even orange. Are the colours harmonize wonderfully with the natural colours of olive skin.

Again, the degree of makeup depends on each one and your taste, but we recommend subtlety. After all, these leathers feel great about the natural touch, that there is not much sense of artifice involved. But it’s just a tip!

Lipsticks For Sallow Skin

lipstick for swallow skin

And what about lipsticks for olive skin? We advise two aspects. On the one hand, red lipsticks with very dark and bright tones. They do very well with sallow skins.

On the other hand, even dark purple lipsticks. On many different types of leather, they would be too extravagant and histrionic, but on olive skin, they look great. It is one of the advantages of these skins about lipsticks: dark colours are their best friends.

Of course, you have to find the right balance between the colours used on the lips, eyes and the rest of the face. And just as important as that is to avoid pink tones and pastel tones.

We don’t want your skin to lose power. On the contrary: we want to get the most out of it. You can even use a bronzer to add volume and more colour to your cheeks. Fall in love with your olive skin. It is a skin with much potential. You just have to experiment a little bit.

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