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No Face Mask Using Outdoors If There Is 2m Distance Maintenances

No face mask, rule that makes the use of a  mask more flexible establishes that it will not be mandatory to wear it outdoors, except when the safety distance cannot be kept, so it should always be kept close at hand. Know where it will remain mandatory.

On Saturday, June 26, the new norm on the use of masks comes into force in Spain , which makes their use more flexible and will make it not mandatory to use them outdoors , however, when it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of 2 meters with people with whom you do not live, as occurs in busy streets, while keeping a queue in a small space, or in a large event, it will continue to be mandatory, so you will always have to carry one by hand in case it occurs some unforeseen.

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Regarding No Face Mask Inter Territorial Council of the National Health

These data has offering by, Minister of Health, in the Inter territorial Council of the National Health System, which has confirms that the mandatory nature of the mask will use indoors, on public transport, and outdoor when it cannot be maintained.

The safety distance, although in events held outdoors in which attendees occupy seats separated by a minimum of 2 meters, they may also go without a mask.

The mask will also not be mandatory for people who reside in social health centers in which more than 80% of the residents have the complete vaccination schedule

Specifically, the text indicates that “when people are outside their home, they must have a mask for personal use at all times in case it requires or in anticipation of crowds or unforeseen need in interior spaces or in public transport.” What the minister has not specified is whether leaving home without a mask will be subject to sanction.

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Precautions On Masks in means of Transport

The use of means of locomotion to get to work, day-to-day or on vacation, is one of the clearest exceptions where it is necessary to continue wearing a mask. Specifically, its use will be mandatory in means of air and maritime transport, by bus, rail and cable car, as well as on platforms and passenger stations. Also in the circumstance of public transport and balancing private passenger transport, if the inhabitants of the tourism automobiles do not live at the same address.

In the case of travelers on boats and ships, it will not be essential to use of masks when people are inside their cabin or outside the ship and the safety distance of at least 1.5 meters can be maintained.

When to use a mask and No Face Mask in Residences

The new norm will also exempt people residing in social health centers. Hence, from the mandatory use of the mask in which more than 80% of residents have the complete vaccination schedule.

which in practice includes all residences in our country because almost all the people. Its applicable for who live in them are already vaccinated against COVID-19. However, workers at these centers and visitors will have to continue using them.

Professionals working in essential services (such as a fire station) with the same immunization level of 80%. Will also not requires to wear face masks.

Concerning prisons in which there is movement of prisoners. So, the use of masks, both outdoors and in closed areas. Thus, will be governed by the specific rules strong-minded by the capable prison authority.

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“The improvement of the pandemic, with idealistic figures. Thus drives us on the way to the new regular, in expanding occurrence, however especially in medical clinic occupation information”

The Relaxation of the Regulation 0n No Face Mask

The relaxation of the regulations has justifying by the minister base on the decrease. It Depends, in infections and the increase in the population that has already received the vaccine.

If we look back, one of the basics. That we have most related with the contagion is the compulsory use of the mask. Hence, which is one more clothing with which we leave the house.

It is a non-pharmacological expanse that has been extremely useful in the switch of transmission . But the evolution of the pandemic, with positive figures. So, it is leading us on the path to the new normal, not only in cumulative incidence. But also,  especially in hospital occupancy data, a very sensitive indicator. They all tell us that we are on the right track, he declared.

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