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Nutrition experts praise the health benefits of egg
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Nutrition Experts Praise The Health Benefits of Egg In Daily Life

The Health Benefits of Egg is one of the foods that are consumed worldwide by the facility to prepare and properties beneficial to health. So egg recipes are our favorites, and this food of animal origin with excellent nutritional and culinary properties.

 The health benefits of consuming eggs became common in countries around the world, which celebrate World Egg Day on Friday, October 11, 2019. The nutritional value of the egg is undeniable, as is the fact that it is an excellent source of protein.


 Since ancient times, a chicken egg is an essential food for man.

Poultry farming originally started 8000 years ago, when villagers in some regions of India, China, and other areas of Southeast Asia began the domestication of chickens that inhabited the jungle.

The chickens crossed Mesopotamia until they reached Greece accompanying the nomadic tribes, and it believes that the period in which the hens had the most dispersion was during the Iron Age.


Egg Structure

 It is from a chicken egg (the yolk) that covers nutritional and protection material (white and shell) before laying. Laying hens do not need to be fertilized to produce eggs. They can ovulate every 24-26 hours, producing almost one egg a day from sexual maturity.

Its structure naturally designs to protect and maintain the future embryo until its birth, so all its content is of high nutritional value.

The Egg  divides into three parts:

  • Shell: It is formed mainly by calcium carbonate; this protects and isolates the content of the egg.
  • Clara: made up of two parts: dense albumen and fluid albumen, and is composed of proteins and water, its texture and firmness indicate the freshness of the egg.
  • The yolk: is the center of the egg, the color varies depending on the diet of the hen, and the most nutritionally valuable, since it is where most of the vitamins, lipids, and minerals are concentrated.

The Health Benefits of Egg


 Consuming many eggs were said to be harmful to health due to its high cholesterol content, so it was only advisable to eat three a week since it currently knows that it does not cause any harm or problem in our body.

Recent research affirms that moderate consumption of eggs provides the body with the right amount of nutrients, which are necessary for a healthy life


Several recent studies have shown that so easy to prepare can consume as much as we want, and egg yolk can include in the diet of patients which will not increase the cholesterol in them,

The consumption of eggs in patients with diabetes will not affect the patient.The food containing egg is beneficial for various degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or senile dementia.

 Nutrition Values And The Health Benefits of Egg

Nutrition Values of  Egg

Experts from the International Egg and Nutrition Center (IENC) have identified five reasons to eat eggs:

1.Eggs are one of the most nutritious

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and an excellent source of protein. A single egg provides six grams of protein and 14 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B, D, and E, as well as being a source of calcium, selenium, and iodine.

2.Eggs are suitable for the brain.

Eggs contain choline, a little-known nutrient that plays an essential role in the construction of cell membranes, and participates in various vital functions

Our body. Eggs are one of the best natural sources of choline. It aids in healthy brain development, plays a prominent role in liver function and metabolism, and has to reduce the risk of breast.

3.Eggs are suitable for the heart.

Various studies have concluded that eating eggs can reduce the risk of heart disease in healthy people. Despite containing cholesterol, eggs do provide a high level of good cholesterol (HDL), and research shows that people with higher levels of HDL generally have a lower risk of developing heart disease.

4.Eggs are suitable for the eyes.

Vitamin A deficiency is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, and eggs are a great natural source of vitamin A. The yolk also contains powerful antioxidants that can counteract some degenerative processes that affect our vision.

5.Eggs keep us healthy at any age.

Eggs provide beneficial components for everyone at any age. And also, they deliver the nutrients that help the fetus develop, keep us active and energized throughout the day, and are a good source of high-quality protein that we need at all ages.

An egg only provides eighty calories, Contains choline, iron, and zinc; most of these will find in the yolk.

Its proteins are of excellent quality:

they provide amino acids that our body requires and contribute to the formation of muscle tissue, Furthermore, these proteins are a vital part of the immune system, carry substances in the blood, and are part of specific enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

The yolk contains lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that decrease visual damage related to age. Its consumption during pregnancy and lactation benefits the fetus in the development of the nervous system. Also, and it prevents congenital disabilities, thanks to its choline content.

The Health Benefits of Egg White and its Properties

Egg white and its properties

The egg white favors the correct development of the muscles. It helps to mineralize the bones, making it perfect for children, as well as for athletes Egg white contains a large amount of water and protein, mainly albumins. Also, it contains sugars and minerals, among which we can find magnesium and potassium, among others.

On many occasions, the egg blamed for increasing cholesterol. Recent research has indicated that this is not true, at least if you consume one egg a day at most.

First, based on data from the US Department of Agriculture, egg whites are fat and cholesterol-free. It also provides B vitamins, such as riboflavin and niacin.

It also contains selenium, betaine, choline, and folic acid. Therefore, the white of the egg is a highly recommending food for women in pregnancy.

Egg whites can help maintain a satisfying feeling of Gut feeling, and in addition to all the nutrients, minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

Since ancient times, they are using it as a home remedy to help repair wounds and broken bones. For this, it should apply topically on the affected parts. However, we have not found scientific evidence in this regard

Benefits of Consuming Egg White

Benefits of consuming egg white

On the one hand, the consumption of egg white is ideal in the growth stage. Since it helps the correct development of the muscles and, besides, to the mineralization of the bones.

On the other hand, egg white would not increase bad cholesterol. Experts Says that its increase the continuity of good cholesterol and the good necessary vitamins for healthy living.

Also, for its contribution of proteins and vitamins,  Experts will recommends with breakfast and, especially, after exercising.

Nutritional values ​​of The Health Benefits of Egg white

To better understand the benefits  with its consumption, we will highlight the approximate dietary values ​​of this food.

  • 100 grams of egg white can provide the following nutritional benefits:
  • Proteins 3.5 g.
  • Carbohydrates  3 g.
  • Calories 49.
  • Vitamins: A (105), B1 (0.5), B2 (0.18), B6 ​​(0.06), D (1.8) and E (0.4).

Finally, as you can see, egg white is a complete food, and the amounts of calories are minimum in it.

In short, this is an excellent reason to include egg whites in the daily diet. With this, we will be sure to provide them with healthy food.

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