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Easy Dishes With Eggs
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Easy Dishes With Eggs And All Fast and Nutritious

Eggs are one of the least expensive and most versatile sources of animal protein, with a dozen sometimes at such a low price and on sale at $ 1. Some things to keep in mind when cooking eggs: Cast iron cookware can chemically react with egg whites, making eggs harmless, but unappetizing. If possible, use nonstick cookware instead. Easy Dishes With Eggs to test the freshness of an egg, place it in the bottom of a bowl of water. Fresh eggs lie on their side, while questionable eggs float. Eggs come in a wide variety of sophisticated dishes. However, even an inexperienced cook can master these ten simple dishes with ease.

Nine ways to make eggs

Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, fried, poached egg, in tortillas or on the plate, there are multiple ways to cook this food
The egg is complete and versatile food in the kitchen. Did you know that something as simple as a fried egg can prepare in three different ways?
Food with egg can go unnoticed on a plate -when we use it as a binding element, for example-, present itself as a garnish or be the undisputed protagonist of the table. In the kitchen, as always, the limit is personal taste and imagination; therefore, there are many recipes and ways to cook eggs. In this article, we present to you nine.

1. Soft-boiled Easy Dish With Eggs:

Soft-boiled eggs
For its preparation, we put the eggs in a little boiling water and salt and keep them like this for about 3 minutes. The result will be the semi-liquid white and liquid yolk. Since this type of preparation does not allow the eggs to preserve after cooking, they must do just before serving.

2. Mollet (or fluffy) eggs:

PuffyPut the egg in boiling salted water for 5 minutes. The result will be a plain curd and a semi-liquid yolk. This type of eggs can be kept in the fridge for a period of 2 days without peeling. They are used hot, with some sauce, or cold, as a garnish with mayonnaise or derived sauce.

3. Hard-boiled Easy Dishes With Eggs

Hard boiled eggs
We put the eggs in the boiling water with a little salt and leave them for 11 minutes. With this time, we will obtain a bright and curd yolk. The trick here is to control the cooking time since if we go over, the yolk will turn green. These eggs can be kept in the fridge for several days without peeling and are used in salads, to make snacks and in the same way as Mollet eggs.

4. Easy Dishes With Eggs are Poached eggs:

Pouched egg
Put in container water and vinegar (without salt). Once it boils, we introduce the egg gently. The acid in the vinegar in the water will prevent the white from scattering. Meanwhile, we will hold the white with a slotted spoon, and with it, we will wrap the egg. We let the white curdle, but the yolk remains liquid. Next, we take the egg out of cold water, and, out of it, we remove the burrs. The egg is dried, and we place it as an accompaniment to some sauce or as a side dish.

5. Cocotte eggs:

They can prepare in a container. This container (ceramic, silicone, or other heat resistant material) will smear with butter, and, inside it, we will introduce the egg. In turn, we will put the coconut tree in another container in a water bath and put it in the oven for 2 or 3 minutes. If we want it to have garnish, we will put it inside the coconut tree and pour the egg on top.

6. Eggs to the plate:

Eggs to the plate
To make them, we will use clay pots or stainless steel saucers, spread with butter. We will place the ingredients and the broken egg, and we will put it in the oven or on the griddle (according to taste).

7. Fried Easy Dishes With Eggs:

Fried egg
There are three ways to prepare fried eggs :

Making of fried eggs by adding a little fat to the pan (in general, butter), in such a way that, when we cut them, the white will curdle slowly. The white compact to the red yolk. The usual thing is to serve them with garnish.

Spanish style: they are made in the pan with plenty of oil over high heat. The white should be curdled and fluffy, while the yolk should show a white color on top.
They are fried in abundant oil at a high temperature so that when we introduce the eggs, we can turn them quickly with the help of the slotted spoon. The white (curd) will wrap the yolk, which should be liquid.
Cooked eggs, shelled and smoothies

In this section, there are two main techniques, both widely used (and assisted) in our kitchens: scrambled eggs and tortillas.

8. Scrambled Easy Dishes With Eggs:

They are preparations based on a beaten egg (or just beaten), curdled at low temperature, and that at the end has a creamy texture. Within the scrambled, there are two ways of elaboration:
To the pan. We make the scrambled eggs in a frying pan, with little fat, and at low temperature. When we add the egg, we make it without stopping moving. This dish almost as garnishes, which prepares before in the same pan where we will toss the egg. To make the mixture creamier, you can add a little cream.

Bain-marie. The method is the same as the above. The difference is that, with this technique, cooking slows down, and the egg is creamier by this.

9. Tortillas are Easy Dishes With Eggs:

There are two ways to do it:

French (or rolled) omelet. To make them, we toss the egg in a frying pan with very little fat and slightly hot. With a fork, we move circularly, and we also run the container, letting it extend through it. Then, turn half over, roll into a bun and saute as many times as necessary, until curdled. This type of omelet can also garnish, either on the side or inside (it is usual to fill them with York ham and cheese).

Round or potato tortillas of Egg: In our country, they are the most typical, and, of them, there are multiple versions (onion, pepper, state, vegetables, mixed). The first thing is to peel, wash, and cut the potatoes into small cubes. We poach those potatoes in plenty of oil until they are soft, and drain very well. On the other hand, the eggs are beaten and mixed with the potato looking for proportionality. At this point, we add the salt.

After finishing the process, we move the pan a little and let the part that is in contact with the fire set. We lower the heat so that the omelet curdles inside, giving it the necessary turns.

3 Simple Easy Dishes With Eggs

The egg is the most nutritious, Fastest, and most natural foods to prepare. Preparing three recipes that which we can make it faster to give you original taste and teach you to eat healthily is not hard and tasteless.

COOKED: The secret so that you don’t have the black yolk is to boil it with vinegar water, between 8-10 minutes from cold water. In the photo is with mushrooms, peas (peas), and chard peas. All steamed or boiled and then a touch iron with a little olive oil or flaxseed oil. it becomes a complete meal!

SCRAMBLED: Heat your pan well with a bit of olive oil, boil the eggs scrambled egg, and let it spread a little when it begins to stir with a spatula, remove from heat, and We can do with residual heat. Fill an avocado, and you will look like a chef.

FRIED WITHOUT ALMOST OIL: The trick is to do it over low heat with little oil and cover with a lid to concentrate the boiling; this way, they will cook faster. In the photo, we brown the pepper slices a little before, and we carefully pour each egg. We cover. An irresistible dinner!

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