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How long will your eye health withstand damage from smartphones and UV rays?

As smartphone and Laptop usage Tim, “smartphone increases presbyopia” is rapidly growing.

Presbyopia will create “out-off focus” which is usually appear in people early 20s or late in 30s or 40s because overuse of smartphones and tablets.

By this, there is an increasing number of people who are suffering from symptoms such as dry eyes with extremely reduced tears and eyestrain that does not get tired even when resting.

What kind of life techniques should I wear to keep my precious eyes last and comfortably survive the “100 years of life”?

The Eye is a Sensing Module with a Delicate Structure


When a manufacturer considers extending the life of a product, it selects materials that are unlikely to deteriorate, and devise measures such as designing the parts to reduce the structural load on the elements or periodically replacing parts.

It may increase the life of the product by several percent and allow you to sell higher quality products.

So, if the human life span is about 10% or nearly ten years, will each body function continue to work without repair or replacement?

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Sensing Modules

Our eyes are sensing modules * made by combining delicate parts. It has the same structure as a camera, and the lens, aperture, and film function together to capture images.

If any element fails, it affects the visual acuity and visual field. For example, if a lens, which is a vital part, becomes cloudy, the field of view becomes dark, and the light is dazzling and confusing to see.

It is the so-called cataract. The opacity of the human eye lens begins in the 40s and is approximately 45% in the 50s.

The number of people who become cloudy increases with age, reaching 100% in their 80s. In other words, the lens can say to be a component that will deteriorate in 40 to 50 years.

* Sensing module = A group of components with a single function that detects the state and movement of people, objects, physical phenomena, etc., and outputs them as signals and data

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Use of computer

USE of Computers

Computer images include thousands of small dots, and the eyes are not precisely focused on any individual model. Since, you have to focus several times to keep the image clear, in two hours, the same type of repetitive stress that also applied to the wrist by using the keyboard indirectly involved with the eye muscle.

If you used to follow a few simple rules, you could relieve the effects of eye strain caused by computers

  1.  Keep your eyes 50-50cm away from the computer screen.
  2.  Keep the computer screen below the line of sight.
  3.  Minimize the distance between the document you see while you work and the computer screen.
  4.  Apply eye drops to moisten the eyes and reduce eye irritation and dryness.
  5.  Adjust the amount of light so that the display does not feel dazzling.
  6.  Take a break every 15 minutes and see what’s far away and do Frequent blinking.
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To improve Irreplaceable eye health from everyday diet and activities

Diet for eyes

Research results show that proper nutrition is crucial to maintaining and maintaining eye health in both genders, women, and men.

It essential to have a healthy diet, choose foods rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, leafy green vegetables, and fish.

Many foods, including fish, contain essential omega-3 fatty acids that are important for the health of the macula, which is responsible for vision.

Insufficient intake of antioxidants, ingestion of alcohol and saturated fat, etc. may cause free radical reactions that harm the macula.

Also, a high-fat diet can cause fat accumulation that impedes arterial blood flow. Eyes with small blood vessels are particularly affected.

Vitamins for the eyes

Dietary research has shown that nutrition is vital for maintaining eye health. For most people, diet alone lacks the intake of many essential eye nutrients. In addition to vitamins C and E, which are antioxidants, omega-3, and lute-in are necessary for maintaining the health of the macula, which is responsible for central vision.



Exercise improves blood circulation, increasing oxygen levels in the eyes, and enhancing toxin excretion.

Important points

  1. When using smartphones, tablets, and Pisa long time, take a break once an hour
  2. Look at the screen slightly below the horizontal
  3. The display should not be too bright. Set the text marginally larger
  4. After working close-up, relax by looking at something far away outdoors
  5. If you feel tired, warm it with a warm towel
  6. During work, consciously increase the number of blinks
  7. A practice of yoga, stretching, underwater walking, etc.
  8. Do not use a smartphone before going to sleep, darken the room and sleep well Eating a nutritionally balanced diet

Eyesight can be improved by doing below five exercises

Eye exercise

Stress is the primary factor for causing disorders to the eyes. Due to overly strain, vision problems may occur besides that headache and Anxiety. Regularly practicing eye exercises it will be beneficial us with relieving the eye muscles, the stress, strengthening eye tissues this will further help us in improving visual reaction and for enhancing cognitive performance

Below mentioned a sample 5 exercises to improve eyesight and relieve strain in eye tissues and muscles

Palming gently

Giving warmth to eyesight will make eye muscle relax, and it feels relax in the dark vision. It can practice by rubbing our hands against each other vigorously and continuously until they get warm, and we can place them on our eyes to give pleasant warmth to them. It can reduce muscular tension and suitable for eyesight by doing it regularly and frequently lengthy periods.

Blinking Frequently

Effortless and Frequent blinking lubricates and cleanses the eyes with tears along with relaxing the eye muscles.Sit in the place where ever greenery there, comfortably with your eyes open and then blink 15-20 times quickly. Close your eyes, relax for ten seconds, and repeat 5-6 times.


Sit in the sunlight with closed eyes, and let the rays penetrate the eyelids and ease the tension. Sunning should be done with closed eyes To avoid strain and to avoid direct stab the eyes, rotating the head slightly and with eyes from side to side and up and down is also makes eyes relax.

Shifting or rotating

Shifting is purposely moving or rotating your eyeballs from one right to left and vise versa, Rapid eye-rotating is considered beneficial for all cases of visual difficulties like loss of vision is often regarded directly proportional to loss of eye motion. It makes the tiny eye muscles active by promoting reduces strain, blood circulation, and improves sight of the eye.

Figure of eight

Trace a path along Figure of eight with just your eyes and without moving your body and head. Sit calmly, no external noise to be heard, in front of a white wall, and have thought of a horizontally placed figure of eight on the wall. Repeat in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions for a few minutes.

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