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How To Live And Overcome Fear To Enjoy Life
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How To Live And Overcome Fear To Enjoy Life By Experts

Overcome Fear is an indispensable part of our life. Not surprisingly, this is a reaction linked to our survival instinct. For example, it makes sense that water or heights scare some people because both of us and others can have an accident. But when fear paralyzes us, it leads us to inaction, like when we avoid traveling for fear of flying or decline the opportunity to give a famous speech for fear of public speaking, then yes, feeling fear can be a problem.

In his inauguration speech, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said that “the only thing we have to fear is fear.” Because the paralyzing effect of fear prevents us from finding solutions to problems, moving on, and ultimately enjoying life as we would like. But how do we avoid it? How can we live without fear?

Admit Your Fears to Overcome Fear

Admitting your fears

The first step we must take if we want to let go of our fear is to admit what we fear. Try saying out loud, “I’m scared …” and you will instantly see how you feel more relieve. But not only that: recognizing our phobias helps us to discover their origin and, therefore, to find ways to overcome them.

Also, there is a chance that when you name your fears aloud, you will realize that they are not as essential or scary as you thought inside, and that will be another significant step to leave them behind.

On the other hand, talking about your fears openly, sharing them with others will make you feel much better.

Everything is relative

  • Are you afraid that your boss will not accept your proposals?
  • Does your partner reject your new look?
  • Are you going blank in front of a crowded auditorium?
  • Y? What is the worst thing that can happen to you?
  • On firing, to be abandoned, or to laugh?

In the first case, you will have the opportunity to look for another job that does meet your expectations; in the second, you will leave a relationship that perhaps was not the healthiest; and in the third, you will have a bad drink, but you will end up forgetting it.

As you can see, everything has a solution, or in other words, everything depends on the point of view with which you look at it and the attitude you adopt.

In this sense, it is a good idea to visualize the situations that scare you, imagine what the result is, and look for a solution. This way, you will downplay your fears, and this will be another small step towards a fear-free life.

The future has not yet come

We have an average of 50,000 negative thoughts a day. Most belong to situations that have already occurred or are yet to happen. In the latter, fear is the trigger: what scares us creeps into our minds quite often. But the reality is that the possibility that what we fear so much will finally happen is very, very small.

So why waste our thoughts on it?

Cultivate Self-Esteem to Overcome Fear

Self esteem

The best resource against fear is self- confidence, and this will achieve if we cultivate our self-esteem, if we appreciate our qualities and love ourselves a little. An example: Fear of failure comes when we focus on our weaknesses rather than the virtues. And the only way to overcome it is to convince ourselves that we are capable.

There are simple practices to learn to value ourselves and, incidentally, free our minds from Fears and phobias. The mindfulness as a proper relaxation technique is one; also, doing yoga or any other type of exercise helps to promote positive thoughts and banish those that only harm us, and of course, a healthy diet is essential to living without fear.

Overcome Fear of Failure

Overcome Your Fear of Failure

The fear of the unknown is manifesting in various ways. It is something that paralyzes people for no apparent reason or reason beyond the obvious. People are afraid of what is not present in their brains. Therefore, the fear of failure enters into the fear of the unknown; it means leaving the comfort area. The fear of failure, shame, the pain will paralyze people. It is the difference that a person does not pursue his dreams, that he stays at the starting line forever, looking at the goal from afar.

It may be that you want to make a difference this year. You should know that there are a series of tactics that can help you at your crossroads and make you a positive thinker to overcome your fears and helps in achieving your goals.

Remember a situation where you were scared

You must have done something that scared you at first. Think about why you were scared to do it, what you got out of it, and all the hours or days of worry that it caused you.   It’s good to think about the things that scare you or make you feel uncomfortable. If you see them from afar, once you have done them, you realize that you have wasting time and worrying about something which is not so bad.

Imagine the Worst that can Happen to Overcome Fear

It sounds very ominous, but the truth is that it works. Imagine yourself the worst that could happen. Then answer that question. Write down all the possibilities that could come between you and your goal. Surely you realize that when looking at the list, not everything is as wrong as you thought. Maybe you have survived worse things on your way to other goals.

Be more Tolerant of Risks

The only way to make a big difference is to do it once and for all. You can fortify your ability to take risks by choosing small irrigation along the way. It may be that you want to redirect your career; this does not mean that you have to apply for different jobs; you can start by doing small informative interviews. The small jumps will prepare you for the high somersault.

Start taking life as it is: yours and nobody else’s. Don’t let day-to-day fears get in the way of any of your goals.

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