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The importance of correct PRACTICING KARATE makes the student excel daily, both physically and psychologically. The different exercises raise self-esteem so that the benefits reflects in the practitioner’s daily life, at a personal, family, school, work, and professional level.

Practicing Karate Improves Health in Children

Practicing Karate Improves Health in ChildrenThrough the technique, it is possible to improve physical health and inner body flexibility coordination to achieve the improvement of the kinetic chain. It results in maximum effectiveness and maximum efficiency.

We must have sufficient capacity to positively accept the corrections received, bearing in mind that we will not always be in “our comfort zone.” We train Budo through Karate-do, as Self Defense. Good reading!

Martial Arts provide a series of benefits for the development of the person. Not only physically but psychologically, achieving a direct impact on the social, emotional, and intellectual. The way to raise self-esteem through self-defense is the excuse for comprehensive development.

Reinforcement of security and self-esteem:

children are afraid of doing wrong katas and Kihon exercises, with daily training, support from classmates and the teacher, they will progress with the exercises and advance in level.

Provides confidence and security:

Karate teaches how to strengthen the body and allows you to feel more confident. It also provides the confidence necessary to face other challenges. Use mind control techniques that can help you overcome weaknesses.

Practicing Karate Improves Children Discipline:

Karate characterizes in all stages by procedures and rules of respect and etiquette, its origin in the spirit of Japanese Bushido.

Practicing Karate Increases Respect: 

Teacher and his classmates, of not injuring the classmate, when greeting when entering the dojo, greeting the classmate to start the exercises, greeting the teacher at the beginning and end of class. This respect for not injuring and coupled with physical work, increase self-control of both your own body and your own emotions. 

Exercise concentration:

Provide concentration techniques that can be applied in daily life, in studies, at work, in private life. Teach the secrets of relaxation and to harness and optimize energy

Cathartic function:

From karate, the individual is released from tensions and restores his psychic balance. It is also an effective means of occupying leisure time.

Improves the mental state of the individual:

Karate learning is progressive and is adapted to the limitations of the body and energy and teaches how to manage it. Each person feels how he constantly evolves and teaches flexibility, strength, and agility. It makes you feel better, more active, and awake than in most sports.

Facilitates the Development of the Youngest:

This sport is one of the few that develops the two hemispheres of the body in the same proportion. It helps to overcome any type of fear, providing all children with an effective basis for proper development.

It highly recommends as therapy for some pathologies. Thus, for example, it is recommended for people with aggressive disorders, shyness, laterality problems, to combat frustration, to facilitate social relationships, and many more.

Practicing Karate Controls Capacity of Reaction

Practicing Karate Controls Capacity of Reaction

It improves the  capacity of reaction,  before possible aggressions, helping to be more alert, aware of the environment that surrounds us, and largely avoiding the physical block produced by panic

Karate is a system of the fight and must foresee from the surprise of an unexpected attack to the fear of combat and especially the paralysis of panic.

Imagine a physically well-endowed man, capable of winning in a competition of strength or depth, due to faceing in a real fight (not competitive) or with a wild animal. If this man is unable to focus spiritually, surprise, fear, will immediately reveal itself in his heavy breathing.

These respiratory disorders result in a variation in physiological activity, leading to increased agitation and a decrease in spiritual strength. Without the control of the mind, there are only two alternatives:

  • Pure violence
  • Rapid physical exhaustion
  • Minimal effectiveness
  • Muscle paralysis because due to panic with the impossibility of reaction.

Practicing Karate Controls Your Mind

Control of your mind means knowing who you are and what you want in life. It is important to know what makes you happy, to know what you stand for, and goals are. Since it gives you access to that part of you that knows all your problems and all your solutions.  Karate helps you to take control of your mind so that you are not vulnerable to what others want you to believe or do. So, take control of your mind and your destiny!


Karate is not just another method to develop muscles, an integral practice of human potential, both physical and mental. Hence It is an attempt to coordinate the body and spirit to obtain perfect emotional apathy through meditation on emotional balance and inner calm.

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