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Seven Tricks To Sleep Well In Quarantine by Experts
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Seven Tricks To Sleep Well In Quarantine by Experts

Let’s face it: We are all having a hard time sleep well in quarantine a little more than average these days. Nerves, lack of stimuli (or its reverse, sensory overloaded), stress and anxiety,  and dysregulation of hours and meals are taking their toll on us. They are some of the problems (physical and mental) of the confinement. Some will find it harder to fall asleep, and some others will suffer the consequences of intermittent sleep.

During the night and some insomnia will prevent them from sticking their eyes. But it affects all of us, to a greater or lesser extent. And in all these cases, you can pull tricks to sleep well.

“Sleep deprivation weakens us and triggers imbalances in our biological clock that, in the long run, can have negative consequences,” say experts. In the current situation, we must be strong and rested. Therefore, we must rely on everything in our power to sleep better.

some  tricks to sleep well during quarantine:



The ideal is to have dinner at least two hours before going to sleep and avoid large and challenging to digest dinners. Although eating too little is not adequate either. “If we go to bed hungry, the brain remains on alert, and we can wake up in the middle of the night. You have to find the balance, “advises by experts. As a complement to dinner, she advises products that incorporate medicinal herbs such as Valerian or passionflower, which can promote quality rest, as well as supplements and food supplements with which to give the extra push that our body needs Vitamins D and magnesium is essential to incorporate, These days it is in high deficiency state. It helps to produce an enzyme involved in the regulation of sleep


When we have sleep problems, it is tempting to delay the time to go to sleep as much as possible, but staying up late with a series marathon has a ‘snowball’ effect on our sleep. The next day we will be more tired, and we will add one more night of intermittent rest. As far as possible, a sleep routine should establish to help us regulate our patterns and improve the quality of rest. “Creating an exercise routine is positive to release endorphins and thus feel better at the end of the day,” says Navarro. You can try these 1 5 apps to get fit during the quarantine. But excessive exercise and the fatigue it causes are not favorable either, so these higher intensity activities must be combined with other more relaxing ones, such as listening to music or reading a magazine.

Create a Good Environment Conducive to

Sleep Well In Quarantine

Create a Good Environment Conducive

Forget about the smartphone. This way, you will avoid stalker ware, the apps that spy on your mobile. But if you can not pass without it, change the blue light of your mobile device for a less aggressive filter for sight. Do it also on television. And surround yourself with dim, indirect lights to create a sleep-friendly wellness environment. “Aromatherapy with essential oils, especially lavender or tangerine, can help us these days,” says Navarro, “since it acts directly on the nervous system.” Just apply a few drops on the inside of the wrists and take a few deep inhalations before going to bed, or help us with a diffuses that we will turn off just before going to sleep.


“Natural insomnia remedies, such as a hot shower before bed or avoiding caffeine and naps, are still effective right now,” confirms the co-founder of Marmara. A good trick is to find our own ritual, one that we do every night, and that helps us prepare mentally and physically to go to bed, such as having a glass of hot milk, spending five minutes a day alone, and in silence or practice breathing exercises or meditation.

Add Movement to your days To Sleep Well In Quarantine

Physical activity will reduce stress and anxiety levels. There are thousands of online classes to do. What is most useful is to set a fixed time to exercise. Go changing the activity you do at home, so you don’t get bored. You can add your family to the exercise you do so everyone moves around the house. Do meditations or relaxes at least once a day: promoting calm states helps us live more consciously and calmly.

Hot Bath can Help Sleep Well In Quarantine

Hot Bath can Help Sleep Well In Quarantine

Its critical since lowering blood pressure is closely associated with a lower risk of developing heart disease. This study points out the promising effect that can result from passive heating. It also suggests that some of the cardiovascular effects of passive warming may be comparable to those of exercise. Activities that increase heat shock proteins can help improve blood sugar control and offer an alternative to exercise. So we have to do resting out in a hot tub or taking a hot water bath, which can have health benefits for people who can’t exercise regularly.  While passive heating in human health is a relatively new field of scientific research, some exciting results have emerged in recent years. An investigation of Finland, published in 2015, suggested that frequent hot bathing may reduce the risk of having a heart attack or stroke,

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