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Choosing The Right And Easy Exercise For Daily Routine

The key to adopting a Exercise as a lifestyle is to choose the right exercise. Most people who leave a physical activity  because they chose  which is not appropriate to them .

First, you must be clear about what you want to get, whether it is to lose or maintain your weight, stylize your figure, or stay active.

You should also consider the characteristics of your personality, if you like to exercise as a team or alone if you prefer music or silence if you prefer open or closed spaces, and so on.

Here we share information about low and high impact practices to take into account when choosing the ideal exercise for you.

Swimming good for Exercise

Swimming 2Swimming is the best and the most effective exercises and is suitable for all ages. It delays aging because the motor capacity increases as well as memory, since coordination and concentration are required.

The body becomes more resistant, as swimming increases the thickness of bones and tissues.

In the water, your muscles work 5 to 6 times more than on land, increases muscle mass, and tones it while lengthening the muscles and improving the figure.

An hour of swimming allows you to burn up to 600 calories.



Walking is a soft introduction to the world of exercise and works very well for all people, especially those who have never practiced physical activity.

The pace of the walk depends on age, fitness level, gender, and even height and weight.

Ideally, you should walk a minimum of 40 minutes so that you can have the impact of physical activity, but it is essential to walk wearing comfortable tennis shoes to avoid injuries.

Start your walk, document your reach, and increase your goals.

Elliptical is Right Exercise


Training on the elliptical machine exerts approximately the same pressure as the walk. However, it provides you with a much more intense cardiovascular workout.

If your goal is to develop leg strength and improve your lung capacity, this exercise will help you achieve it.

Start with 15 to 20 minutes of training to adapt the legs to this movement. As the strength of the legs increases, the pace and duration increases.


DancingDancing causes the heart to pump more blood and activates the entire body by burning more calories than when walking. It is fun and can practice the song you like best.

There are low or high impact dance videos that you can do at home, or you can also look for group dance classes or any of those fashion classes that today mix dance with resistance and weight exercises.


JoggingRunning in the morning will give you energy during the day and will allow you to burn more calories and increase your physical endurance.

It has excellent benefits, including helping to regulate sleep and activate the digestive system. Also, clean your arteries and lungs while clearing your mind and clarify your ideas.

Remember that if you want to lose weight, this is the ideal activity for you

weight routine

Weight RoutineTrain your strength with weights either in a gym or at home with your loads.

An expert must assign you a particular method for you, which if you are constant, will improve not only your appearance but also your health.

Doing weights makes you resistant to disease and fractures because it slows the loss of bone and muscle tissue.

It also significantly reduces fat while improving balance and increasing flexibility.

Bicycling good for Right Exercise

bicycling Whether as a means of transport, in the countryside or mountains side, the bicycle increases endurance by allowing to operate lungs and hearts for a more extended period than when running.

Fight depression, because the brain becomes more oxygenated while secreting hormones that generate a healthy addiction and is a great way to form your legs, making them look robust and well defined.

yoga is a Right Exercise

yogaPracticing yoga also helps with the loss of body fat and maintaining our weight while eliminating the accumulated tension from day today.

It is surprising, but yoga can even help improve your relationship with your partner, your parents, friends, or loved ones; A mind that is relaxed, happy, and happy can face our daily relationships sensitively and sensitively.

we highly recommend it because it allows us to have a brief daily recess when experiencing a healthy inner peace.

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