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A Healthy Diet And Exercise To Make a Slim Waist
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A Healthy Diet And Exercise To Make a Slim Waist By Experts

A healthy diet and exercise to make a slim waist is essential for healthy living. Better take a tape measure, measure the circumference of your waist and remember The number well. if you exceed 88 centimeters (for women) or 102 centimeters (for men), you must assume that you have a problem. Abdominal obesity is a source of unique risks to your health.

And now you can go on the scale to find out if you are also overweight. If so, you should immediately start with a Healthy diet and exercise. The dangers of excess fat located around the waist and the formula to reduce it are detailed below.

Reduce Abdominal fat for Slim Waist

Reduce Abdominal fat for Slim Waist Fat deposits that accumulate in the abdomen and waist. And the most annoying thing is that no miraculous exercise can save you from annoying sides and abdomen if it does not fundamentally reconsider your lifestyle. We all know that the extra kilos if the changes are not related to health problems, arise from the lack of movement and excess calories. But, before reducing the waist and abdomen through physical activity and dieting, let’s find out what other reasons can expand the volumes of “hornets” in amplitude.

 What must we do to make love handles disappear?

In any case, because the solution Knows: healthy food and exercise.

The ideal is to take the Mediterranean diet as a reference: proteins must come from legumes and fish, and carbohydrates from fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. The essential fat must be olive oil (no industrial pastries), and red meat should not become abusive.

Also, exercise must be added to adequate nutrition, necessarily. “To reduce abdominal fat, we have to combine muscular work with aerobic exercise, of moderate-intensity but for a long time. And not to decline: it is an issue that has nothing to do with aesthetics, but with health”, concludes cardiologist Beltrán.

How to (finally) remove the tummy to make Slim Waist

Doctors in general and cardiologists, in particular, recommend removing the belly. How is it done?

The diet. The ideal would be to take two or more daily servings of greens and vegetables, as well as four pieces of fruit; whole wheat bread, rice and pasta (one or two servings per meal); olive oil; two servings of vegetables a week; two dairy products a day; two or more servings of white or bluefish; white meat and no sweets.

  • Watch out for drinks. It is not only necessary to eat better (and less) but to watch what is drunk. Sugary drinks (including juices) and alcohol must be banned, and careful with natural juices. They provide vitamins and minerals, but when taken without the fiber that the fruit naturally carries, they increase abdominal fat as a soft drink.
  • Aerobic exercise. It is directly related to the reduction of abdominal fat. It is enough to walk briskly for 45 minutes or an hour, at least three or four days a week. And combine it with some muscular exercise, always with the supervision of a specialist to avoid injuries.

Sleep well. Several studies have shown that sleeping well is not only essential for rest but also helps reduce weight. Consider resting at least seven

Diet for Slim Waist

Diet for Slim WaistTime to talk not only improves your waist but also about how to make your hips 10 cm smaller.  It contains a series of recommendations that allow you to work on your figure successfully

  • Eat three times during the day.
  • Intake of salt cannot be limited, but do not very salty foods, as these foods can cause a different inflammation.
  • Don’t bother with a painful calorie count, relax.
  • You can drink water as much as your body wants.
  • In the morning you can eat what you want, but only until noon.
  • Never skip breakfast. Drink a cup of coffee if you don’t have an appetite, or at least have a sandwich. Think about the proper functioning of your body.
  • Eating cakes is prohibited, but you can enjoy a piece of chocolate, preferably milk.

This diet includes an impressive list of foods you can eat at lunch:

 In lunch, A small amount of plum, two apples, two slices of watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, citrus, various prunes, some pickled or salted vegetables, any type of mushrooms, fresh green peas, corn, and vegetables. It is allowed to add 30 g of cheese to the dishes of noodles, buckwheat porridge, and rice. A great option would be fish, hard-boiled eggs, sausages, or crab sticks. For drinks, prefer green or black tea, coffee, freshly squeezed juices, and enjoy dry red wine.

Enough suggestions a good list, right? 

 Following this diet is not very difficult, given the variety of dining options:

  • Fish or meat dishes, shellfish, or hard-boiled eggs, but shouldn’t combine with other products.
  • Garnish vegetables like aubergines, corn, squash, potatoes, mushrooms, or avocados as a garnish.
  • Buckwheat or rice porridge, which complements with fruits or vegetable overuse. Can take in lunch.
  • For dairy products, prefer live yogurts and low-fat cheese.
  • Drinks: unsweetened coffee and milk, sparkling water, freshly squeezed citrus juice.

The words ” super effect.”

Our system based on the principles of proper nutrition Eat-in small portions, Try not to eat after 6 pm. chewing food as long as possible, for which you are patient. For breakfast, you can have a small slice of black bread with cheese, a hard-boiled egg, and a cup of unsweetened tea. After three hours, eat diet cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt. For lunch, prepare 100 g of fish or meat with a vegetable salad. The best option for a snack is fruit. For dinner, allow yourself 150 g of cottage cheese or yogurt, which can replace with a glass of kefir or milk. And if you combine this diet with moderate physical activity, then you are guaranteed a great effect.

How to make a Slim Waist

How to make a Slim WaistAttention should refer to such exercises, which will help to give your silhouette a V shape. And such practices include various oblique twists. A certified trainer from the online fitness school Star Project, has developed a workout for a slim waist, by multiple champions of a fitness bikini.

Circular number 1

Bring the knee to the chest while standing: 15 repetitions on each leg Starting position: legs shoulder-width apart, arms behind head, straight back.


As you breathe out, bring the knee of your left foot to the elbow of your right hand. Breathe back to the starting position. Repeat the same on the other side.

Standing Twist: 15 reps per side

Starting position: legs shoulder-width apart, hold a barbell in your hands, your back straight.

Exhale as far back as possible, trying to place the dumbbell as far back as possible on your back. At the same time, the feet do not fall off the floor, and the hips remain as stationary as possible. Breathe back to the starting position. Repeat the same on the other side.

Without rest, perform these two exercises.  Repeat the circle after 45 seconds.

Circular number 2

Pushing legs up – 12 reps

Starting position: Lie flat on the floor, pressing your lower back firmly to the ground, legs raised, hands resting along your body.

As you exhale, lift your legs and contract your abdominal muscles. Breathe back to the starting position. Pushing your legs up, try to keep them as vertical as possible.

Touch of the opposite leg hand: 12 repetitions on each side

Starting position: Lie on the floor, pressing your lower back firmly to the ground, legs together, arms out to the sides.

As you exhale, try to reach the tip of your extended left leg with your hand. Breathe back to the starting position. Perform the required number of times and repeat the same on the other side, exercise should repeat in two sets after 50 seconds.

Circular number 3

Dumbbell Bar – 10 reps per side

Starting position: Holding the weights in your hands, stand on the bar, in a straight line. Do not bend your lower back or around your back. You should get a straight line from the head to the socks. As you exhale, pull your right hand with a weight toward your belt. Breathe back to the starting position. Repeat the same on the other side. When drawing, try to keep your body as even as possible. Keep the press taut, your knees tight.

Bicycle – 15 reps per side

Starting position: Lie down on the floor. The spine firmly presses against the floor. The feet form a corner with the ground. Hands behind your head. The head rises above the floor. The chin is facing up.

While exhaling, bend your right leg and try to touch the elbow of your left hand with your right knee. Breathe back to the starting position. Repeat the same on the other side. Repeat these sets of exercises in a row without rest for one minute.

Termination – 1 approach

Elbow strap – 15-60 seconds

How to reduce the waist at home? Rest your elbows and toes on the floor. Pull the body in a straight line, lifting the stomach and buttocks. Don’t lower your head below your shoulders; don’t lift your pelvis. Hold this position for a specified period. Breathe gently

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