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Melatonin Is The Natural Solution To All Sleep Problems
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Melatonin Properties Is The Natural Solution To All Sleep Problems

Lately, everything “natural” is in fashion. If it is natural, it is good, and if it is not, it is terrible. Melatonin Properties is an excellent example of this. Sold as a ” natural way to fall asleep, ” we can find it in supermarkets and herbalists without a problem.

But medications for sleep problems have always been conflicting and even dangerous.

Is it true that melatonin is true?

How can we trust a compound like this?

Is it safe? Does it have side effects?

Should Melatonin Sleep Over Us?

What is melatonin?

what is MelotininMelatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland. It can find in animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. And it participates in a multitude of cellular, neuroendocrine, and neurophysiological processes. It is famous, above all, for its role in regulating the sleep and wake cycle. One of its most characteristic properties: the levels of consolidation of melatonin change throughout the day. That is, during the day melatonin is low in the body and at nightfall levels suddenly rise

When was it discovered?

In 1917, Carey Pratt McCord and Floyd P. Allen discovered the relationship between melatonin and changes in skin pigmentation. And is that the first function that relates to the skin of amphibians. However, we had to wait until 1958 when Aron Lerner and his team manages to purify and characterize the extract of the pineal gland of a cow for the first time. Until then, this gland was considered a cerebral appendix with unclear functions.

Use Of Melatonin

Firstly, to control the ‘sleep clock’ and even restart circadian rhythms ( 2003 ). It is using in the treatment of ‘sleep disorders,’ which improves the quantity of sleep. Or also, and this is interesting, for jet lag.

Second, melatonin also plays an essential role in the ability of cells to cope with radiation; it increases the mobility of the gallbladder stones ( 2008 ), and there is some evidence of their effectiveness against ‘cluster headaches’.

Finally, there was also a series of investigations on its anticancer effect in both 2005 and 2005. However, its results, although positive, were inconclusive. There is still a lot to study in this field.

We can take Melatonin from

Melatonin can be of animal or plant origin. The one of animal origin is obtaining from the processing of the pineal gland of individual cattle. On the other hand, some plants produce an active ingredient very similar to human melatonin. It is what marketing as melatonin of plant origin. Usually, the most common is that extracted from cocoa, but foods such as bean sprouts also contain it.

In principle, and regarding the effects to control sleep, there are no differences between both types of melatonin. Of course, all melatonin supplements are pre-processing, and the compound is still a synthetic hormone.

Why do They sell it Without a Prescription?

Precisely because it is found naturally in many foods we consume, melatonin has a similar status to ‘food supplements’ and can market in supermarkets and herbalists.

That has its right side and its wrong side. On the good side, it is easy to find and that we can buy it in many formats (pills, capsules, creams). On the wrong side, its manufacturing is less controlled, and there may be problems in dosing.

 Recommended Dosage Of Melatonin

Recommended Dosage Of MelatoninThe usual dose is between One and Three mg. With that dose, the blood melatonin level can increase up to 20 times. In any case, no case of overdose or poisoning by melatonin has come to see so far.

Perhaps more interesting than the dose is the way to use it. Melatonin should take at the appropriate time, so it is best to be advised by our GP. In general terms, this hormone ‘restarts’ the sleep cycle, so if we take it after hours, it can even aggravate insomnia and sleep problems or produce irritability.

Does Melatonin Properties Effects Contraindication?

As we said, no cases of overdose or poisoning come to see. Being a synthetic hormone is not dangerous and does not cause addiction like other sleep medications (sleeping pills, among others). However, all that glitters is not gold.

Melatonin regulates not only sleep but many other neuroendocrine and neurophysiological functions. Therefore, specific risk groups should only consume under medical supervision. They include pregnant women, children, and babies. But there is also some evidence that advises against using it for people with depression, diabetes, or bleeding problems.

So, overall, melatonin is a safe thing. Of course, nothing in the world should take before taking the car.

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