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Due to dietary restrictions Last year I had been fasting several times as a diet on food, but this year I gained weight, and the same fasting did not reduce multiplexing. After examining various things, I found the following MUSCLE TRAINING THAT CAN BE PRACTICE AT HOME.

According to “Training to reduce body fat”, intake energy is hugely reduce due to food restrictions, the body will feel hungry and detect a crisis of life, and about 60 % While trying to become a body in an energy-saving mode where you can work with less basal metabolism while saving fat as an energy stock. ”
And as this progresses, muscles decrease and basal metabolism, And it becomes more likely to store fat.


Dieting with muscle training

Dieting with muscle training

Diet is to design a body to improve style and “build muscle and reduce fat.”

Muscles are broadly divided into “quick muscles” with excellent instantaneous power and “slow muscles” with excellent endurance. Fast muscles can be trained and strengthened by so-called anaerobic exercises  and aerobic exercises such as jogging.

Slow muscles by training lose fat, but no matter how hard you train, the muscle itself does not grow very much. Muscles consume 60% of your basal metabolic power, so making your muscles bigger consumes a lot of energy even at rest and makes it harder to store body fat. This means that fast muscle training is indispensable for raising basal metabolism.

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Efficient muscle training

To build muscle, you need a stimulus that makes the muscle feel the need for hypertrophy. The incentives are roughly divide into two types: physical stress and chemical stress.

What is Slot lot

What is Slotlot

Slow training effectively applies chemical stress to muscles.

The point of “Slotted” is that when the muscles keep exerting power with a slow movement, the muscles become oxygen deficient by restricting the blood flow that carries to the whole body.

Exercise is used in the same way as exercise, and the muscle can store the metabolite lactic acid in the same form as when you exercise hard.

In this way, the muscle absorbs the surrounding water to reduce the concentration of accumulated lactic acid, causing a “pump-up” state that spreads over the bread. As stated above, this is a harsh chemical condition that does not occur in everyday life and chemical stress that causes muscle enlargement.

Lactic acid has the effect of promoting the secretion of “growth hormone,” which not only causes a muscle to “grow” considerably but also has the effect of breaking down body fat, breaking down fat and promoting fat loss.

In response to this chemical stress, there is a quick training mention below that applies physical pressure to muscles.

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10 to 30 minutes/time 2 to 3 times a week for better MUSCLE TRAINING

10 to 30 minutes_time 2 to 3 times a week

If you stress your muscles with Slotlot, your body will try to overcome it and, as a result, will be stronger than before training.
The point of this training is to exercise again when the level exceeds the previous physical fitness level.
Resting time is also necessary to grow muscles, and it reacquires for one time is about 10 minutes, and even if you combine several events, you should do muscle training of about 30 minutes long, 2 to 3 times a week, After the training, there will be a rest period of 1-2 days.

In my case, I often go to the mountains on Saturdays and Sundays, so I decided to use Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as muscle training days, and I used RIZAP rhythm training first.

While the movement was relatively slow, the countdown from the remaining three times for each exercise, the preparation from the remaining 3 minutes for the floor program and standing program, and the feeling that I need to do a little more, it is relatively easy to work hard.

However, in some stretches, people with a hard body can not do well, and the timing of inhaling and exhaling breaths is displayed according to the timing of gymnastics using red and blue and color.

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Non-rock throw method

Non-rock throw method

The point of Slot-re lies in blood flow restriction. The non-lock throw method makes this possible.

Do not lock (joint) joints and systems = “non-locking” movement, which means that the elbows and knees do not extend or bend completely, and continue to operate in a halfway posture.

When you work slowly without stopping your movements and continue to focus on your muscles, the blood vessels will compress If you do so, your blood flow will restrict, and you will not be able to supply oxygen in time, producing a large amount of lactic acid.

Fooling muscles as if by intense exercise, growth hormone acts not only on muscle hypertrophy but also on promoting body lipolysis and metabolism.

The vital thing is that we do not release any force during the operation of the throttle, so muscles can continue to press on blood vessels and restrict blood flow while applying power, but if you lose control, you will not be able to restrict blood flow You.

If you move fast, you will inevitably get too much power in or out, so it is essential to move slowly to prevent the powder from coming off.

The growth hormone’s lipolytic effect is long-lasting, starting 1 hour after slotter and lasting for 5-6 hours.
Adrenaline and nor adrenaline, on the other hand, break down fat immediately after slotting, but only for about an hour. 

Daily fluctuation of growth hormone

It stated on August 14, 2018 in Takeshi’s home medicine “ Department for aging blood vessels ”, but according to Professor Kazumasa Harada of the Tokyo Health and Longevity Medical Center, it is essential for maintaining muscle in the evening It is said that various growth hormones actively secrete.

When exercise breaks down muscles, growth hormone works to repair and regenerate them.
The highest secretions of this growth hormone during the day (11-12 o’clock) are in the evening (16-18 o’clock),  and in the morning (around 7:30).

So, when you exercise in the evening, growth hormone can help repair and build muscle.

Quick training

There is physical stress as another stress that builds up muscles, but fast training effectively applies physical pressure to muscles.
The point of quick training is how quickly you can perform the switching action instantaneously.

Since ” force = weight x acceleration, “squatting with acceleration can apply greater force to muscles.
However, care must be taken as the applied force increases so that careless care may result in injury.

Eccentric contraction for MUSCLE TRAINING

eccentric contraction

The purpose of quick training is to cause minor damage to the muscles and to make the muscles bigger.  The eccentric contraction of the muscle causes minor damage to the muscle.

Two types of muscle contraction

  • Eccentric contraction It acts as a brake that allows the muscles to stretch while exerting their contracting power, as well as descending stairs and lowering the barbell.
  • Concentric contraction the muscle contracts while exerting its contracting power, and acts as an accelerator, such as going upstairs or raising a barbell.

When the muscles are not trained, they will damage by exerting a strong force, and destroy the tissue with a tremendous ” quick ” physical stress, After that, a slow growth chemical stress applies to drive the muscle, and growth hormone applies to them. If a growth hormone shower falls on the tissue, it will recover significantly from scratches. So you can get a muscle hypertrophy effect. Injured muscles take in growth hormone, try to get stronger and fat, and burn more and more body fat.

  • Intensive muscle breakdown occurs due to physical stress in quick training.
  • Blood flow restriction and fast muscle play an active role by the non-rock throw method.
  • Lactic acid will release with quick training, which helps in secretion of growth hormone and acts on destroyed fibers, causing muscle enlargement and breakdown of body fat.

There are tendons at both ends of the muscle, and the cords connect to the bone. Tendons, like muscles, cannot contract and exert their strength, but when stretched, they use a reactive force with strong elasticity.
Quick training is a spring action of the tendon use abundantly by turning back, like springy movement.

Combine with aerobic exercise to improve  MUSCLE TRAINING


The ability to burn fat directly during exercise is characteristic of aerobic exercise.

    • The release of decomposed body fat and release of free fatty acids and glycerol into the blood.
    •  Muscle will take Burning fatty acids and converted into energy.
    • When performing exercises, body fat is “degrade” by the effects of growth hormone and quickly burn into the blood.
    • If aerobic exercise with a high-fat burning effect is performed at this timing, fat can be burned efficiently. For aerobic exercise, a 10-minute walk after training is useful.
  •  Three stages to realize the ideal body

    •  The period of neuron adaptation due to increased muscle fiber utilization, which can take several weeks.
    •  After training begins, the arms and legs feel fat because due to pump-up or swelling mussels by an inflammatory response. During this time, the carbohydrates will restrict, and the fat burns.
    • Exercise twice a week, ensure to take sufficient protein food with 50gs of carbohydrates, and not to lose muscle strength.
    • After reaching ideal weight, gradually ingest carbohydrates, strengthen workouts, build muscle mass, and increase basal metabolism.
    • Continue training for one month fast muscles will begin to grow, and for two months,  body shape will change.

Protein must take firmly, increasing muscle mass and increasing basal metabolism.

  • Body Management Once you have a tight, ideal body, it is time to maintain it.
    Carbohydrate intake 40g per meal, and 120g per day, and adjust within a range that does not cause stress. To maintain muscle, we recommend nutrients such as vitamin B1 to help metabolism.
  • Maintain body without losing  muscles, eat the right balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and convert them to energy efficiency.

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