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Extraordinary Abilities Of The Human Bu Brain, Computers Do Not Have
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Extraordinary Abilities of Human Bu Brain, Computers Do Not Have

BU is a small measurement unit in Japan (3.03millimeters.) There are 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) in the entire Bu Brain.  Neurons have two types of “beards.” There are short whiskers “dendrite processes” around the cell body and long whiskers “axons” extending from the cell body.

Axons are long, tens of centimeters long, and connect to the dendrites of other neurons. In this way, the connection of neurons to one another forms a complex neuron network.

The network will create by using our brains; this neuron network grows thicker, enhances its function, and becomes a new true identity of “memory.”

Factors that Increase the Amount of Calculation

Factors that Increase the Amount of Calculation

When tissues other than the cerebral cortex play a large role.

The number of neurons in the human cerebellum is more than 100 billion, which is higher than that in the cerebral cortex. The cerebellum is involved not only in smooth motor control but also in higher intelligence I know, if you don’t include the cerebellum, human-like intelligence, it may be feasible. (cerebella injury, seriously impairs intelligence.)The above estimate is sufficient with a rough approximation of neurons, such as the firing frequency model.

Assuming a more acceptable model like a spiking neuron If it is essentially necessary to reproduce brain function, The amount of calculation required for the simulation will increase by more than 2 to 3 digits. When analog operations such as chaos and noise are essentially required To perform a simulation with sufficient accuracy It can require a tremendous amount of calculation.

What Extraordinary Abilities Does the Human BU Brain Have?

One is “brain flexibility,” which can change the neuron network in response to external stimuli.

When people are trying to remember something, the corresponding impulses (electrical signals) flow through the neuron network in the brain. At that time, the following things happen at the synapse.

When an impulse arrives, a “neurotransmitter” will emit from its end. The receptor of the next neuron catches it, but when an impulse repeatedly comes, the number of receptors increases, and the sensitivity of synapses increases. It allows information to flow more smoothly through the neuron network.

Also, neurons grow axons to create new synapses that reinforce or create new networks.  The brain can change steadily with external stimuli.

What is the ability of the Human Bu Brain that Computers do not Have?

You can associate, fantasize, and create. When our brain remembers something, we reuse the same neurons for multiple memories. It is because a limited number of neurons will use efficiently.

This mechanism is also the driving force behind the extraordinary abilities of the human brain. Using a single neuron to use multiple different information can create a brain function called “association,” which only humans can do.

By combining and separating “totally different information” on a network of neurons, we can daydream, inspire, and create.

What’s Happening in your BU Brain when You’re Using Your Head?

An electrical signal is flowing from one neuron to another. When the brain works, impulses (electrical signals) flow from the dendrites of neurons (nerve cells) through the cell body, through axons, and to the next dendrite. I will. In this way, impulses flow over the neuron network, and information will transmit.

Electrodes are attached to the head to take “brain waves,” which are the impulses that flow through the neuron network caught from the outside.

How is the electrical signal transmitted to the next cell?

There is a gap between neurons, and signals which are passing there. There is a “gap” in the part axon and dendrite which connects to each other, Connection will not be proper. This gap is called a “synapse.”

When an impulse (electrical signal) reaches a synapse, a chemical substance called a “neurotransmitter” comes out from the cell in front of it. It will receive by something like a glove called a “receptor” in the next cell. When the amount exceeds a certain level, an electrical signal will generate in the next cell, and an impulse will transmit.

Why don’t neurons grow?

Neurons will grow, to prevent the memory from being messed up.

For example, suppose you remember the names of 100 friends. At that time, there is a network of neurons in the brain that stores the names of 100 people. If neurons disappear or are born like “somatic cells,” the network that we have learning will mess up, and “memory” will be in confusion state.

Imagine the following scene. Eleven members of a soccer team have been practicing for a year, and their teamwork has improved. But what if someone suddenly replaces someone who doesn’t even know the rules? If this happens many times, teamwork will rattle. Similarly, this is why neurons do not disappear or be born like somatic cells.

“Shaking the BU Brain” is Essential to train your Thinking Ability

Shaking the BU Brain is Essential to train

People naturally go in a comfortable direction. After becoming a member of society, some people may have been busy with work and study will neglect. To prevent your brain from escaping naturally, you can give yourself 30 minutes each day to do what you find painful.

The best way to overcome “spicy” is “habit.” People naturally run away from pain, so if you don’t make rules and bind them, it won’t take root. However, on the contrary, make a rule and put up with it for 30 days. Then the opposite phenomenon should occur this time. You will gradually find fun in painful acts.

If you don’t have an unfortunate habit, look for it and try it regularly.

The more you grow up, the less chance you have of trying the unknown and the less curiosity you have. On the other hand, children are curious. You’re always working on exciting things. 

How can I get back to myself with an Active Brain?

The best is to pursue adult play. The hobby is a regular practice of interest and is good to have. However, in other words, it is better to input inexperienced information into the brain and stimulate it, not just work. If you find it difficult, start by giving a little stimulation to your mind.

One of the easy ways is to go home on a different road every day. Some may say that they have never walked a path other than their commute route. It’s a good idea to add a habit of putting “unusual discoveries” into your brain, even if it’s a trivial matter. As people get will use it, gradually increase the degree of stimulation. It doesn’t matter if you go to an event or play differently with your child.

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