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Do Melt Cosmetics Products Expire? And Making It last Longer

When you open a melt cosmetics or any other cosmetics such as makeup, shampoo, or moisturizer, the countdown of its useful life begins. Know the ‘expiration date’ of these products, their risks if they are expired, and tips to extend their validity.

Assuredly you ever ask yourself this query: have those cosmetics that I have kept in my drawer for months expired? The answer is they can expire.

Since from sun creams or moisturizers to shampoos or makeup products, they all have an applicable life period. And also, after which their effector properties may disappear. In some cases, can pose a risk to your healthy skin.

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We should Aware of Melt Cosmetics

We should know that the validity period will depend on the type of product and its composition, which manufacturers decide based on different variables. As Laura Bey, an organic chemist, and expert in dermo-cosmetics, has explained to us, all cosmetics must pass a safety evaluation that includes tests of pH levels, stability, viscosity …, the results of which will help determine their longevity.

In addition to all of the above, other variables like a vessel in which its presence will also consider into account: if it is with a lid, or if it is air-free or with a plunger, because in this way it will not be able to be contaminated with bacteria, nor will the air affect its composition, if the area where it is to be applied is more or less sensitive, or if it intends for a compassionate group of consumers, such as children under three years of age.

Based on all this, cosmetic products can roughly classify into those that expire according to their manufacture – indicated with an hourglass symbol and ‘use preferably before the end of …’ – and those in which it begins to counting that time from being opened, the method called PAO ( Period After Opening ) –which we will explain later.

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Approximately how long does each Melt cosmetics last?

cosmetics products

The expiration of a cosmetic depends on many factors, and specifications that appear on packaging should always read carefully. The member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV ) explains that standard validity times are depending on the product.

Risks of using expired products

Once the date indicates on the packaging expires. Neither the safety nor the product’s effectiveness is guarantes, so it should end up in the trash. If you decide to continue using it, nothing may happen to you. Still, as Dr. Elena de las Heras explains, there is also a higher risk of irritating dermatitisskin rashes, or phototoxicity if used before sun exposure.

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What is the ODP of Melt cosmetics

According to the European Union Regulation on cosmetics EC 1223/2009. These products with durability greater than 30 months will not require to indicate their exact date of prior use on the packaging. Still, they must necessarily mean the PAO ( Period After Opening ).

Those who have a shorter shelf life will have to show the maximum time to keep their properties once they open them.

This information is usually on a specific date, still, it is also common for it to add the PAO. So, it represents by the number inside or next to the symbol of a jar with the lid open, usually indicated in months.

The reduced ODPs are those of those products, makeup, or creams that contain more water -because they are more prone to developing microorganisms. Those that will apply in sensitive areas, such as the eye contour, or those that have as primary consumers to babies.

According to the Medicines Agency, some exceptions do not require PAO, such as singledose containers – which once opens it, use completely and thrown away.

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Tips to make our Melt Cosmetics Last Longer

melt cosmetic

Experts state, although preferring to use these products on date or PAO.

The conservation is not adequate. The content may deteriorate or lose its effectiveness earlier than expected. Thus, it would happen with any food that needs to be refrigerated if we leave it out of the fridge.

It can manifest by organoleptic characteristics,  such as bad smells in cosmetics.

A different texture or color, or even the presence of mold. An excellent way to know how long a product is open and thus see if it is in good condition. Also, place a label which attaches to the container with the opening date. So, there will be no room for error.


Advice that the Dermatologist On Cosmetics

Some advice that the dermatologist gives us is to try to leave the products at room temperature. So, that they away from extreme cold or heat, to influence the proper closure of the container.

It recommends choosing those with a plunger, airless, or DEFI closure system (exclusive device for intact formula).  Also, wash hands before opening and closing cosmetics.

Furthermore, hygiene can improve improve by picking up the content with a small spatula not to contaminate the rest; remember that the fingers can harbor bacteria that remain and increase in the composition.

It is essential to avoid sun exposure from cosmetic products. Especially sunscreens, as radiation can cause their composition to deteriorate or oxidize. Hence, losing efficacy and increasing the risk of irritation or other damage to the skin.

It only remains to follow these tips.  Hence, to get to work in that forgotten cosmetic drawer and remove the expired ones. Remember that the health of your skin is at stake.

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